Green Clay

This is a must-have in the house for a number of reasons.
Wounds including Burns

These referenced websites below are so worth reading. As animals choose green clay to detox their systems, either externally or internally, it is an important mineral for us humans to use too.

On the Eyton’s Earth site, people say they use green clay for healing everything. It is the oldest remedy on the planet. So interesting and so very cool. If you ever have a wound that is deep or any abrasion or burn – throw heaps of green clay in. It detoxes, cools, cleanses and heals. Amazing.

Green clay is also used when there is fungus. You apply to the skin until the absorption stops.  Almost immediately, the inflammation, the redness calms down.  It is incredible.  We use green clay all the time in the house.

Neighbour with Burned Hands

There was a fire next door which was a shock to all. My lovely neighbour tried to use the garden hose while waiting for the fire department, but the hose was so hot if burnt his hands.

We rushed down to my house and poured the green clay into the wounds. Both hands we really burned. He kept applying the green clay and his hands healed. And they do not show any sign of damage. Amazing.

Cat with Ear Pustules

One of my beautiful being clients, while she was healing, developed a new symptom while we were focused on healing her kidneys. She developed pustules along the ridge of her ears. This was the kidneys cleaning vaccine garbage. Green clay was applied throughout the days helping the body detox, cooling the ears making her more comfortable. Everything healed and her ears are looking gorgeous!


Add green clay with a little water and brush thoroughly all through the mouth, including the tongue.  Best toothpaste ever!
How to Make and Use Clay Toothpaste To Clean, Detox, and Remineralize Naturally


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Book:  Upon A Clay Tablet, The Definitive Guide to Healing with Homeostatic Clay by Jason R. Eaton
Mountain Rose