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This is one of the most important pages of this website.
As food is life.
Food with Vital Force

We are all organic creatures of the earth and every being requires food that is fresh and alive directly from the earth.

This means the vital force of the planet is in the food, the energy is transmitted into our animals’ bodies, like ours, to help nourish, heal, and support their cells.

Every particle of a plant has a job function. Even the seeds on a strawberry. The earth’s medicines are designed specially to support us to be healthy. We are not meant to manipulate nature. This we know comes at a cost. We are seeing this with all the disease and early deaths now in humans and our beloved animals.

None of us are meant to process anything coming from a company’s production line. People may seem to think things are tightly controlled and monitored and “of course – nothing would be sold to the public which would harm your health”. But this is far, far from reality. Money and greed, lobbyists, board rooms, and shareholders control what goes into our food. Nothing is as it seems and nothing is safe. And the pet food industry is even worse.

So, what should your animal eat?

A daily variety, rotation of fresh raw meat and organs, fresh vegetables, fresh fruit, for some a little grain and starches. Every being is different and what we are running into now, is because the body has been exposed to so much toxicity, including waste product, and this includes the previous generations, the parents of your animal, the body is kicking back a lot of what it inherently used to eat before we, humans, started manipulating and playing with the food.

This is why “grains” are now an issue. Because the body I believe does not recognize what “these manipulated” grains are. And this is wreaking havoc on our animals’ internal systems. Yet grains have been eaten by all of our ancestors and our animals for centuries and they provide value to the body. They are good cleansers, they ground us to the planet, and they are full of nutrients, especially our Vitamin B’s.

So, what to feed becomes very specific to your animals and what they like too. As every animal is their “own “being and some might like apples and the other might prefer bananas. And this is because of what their body needs at that particular time.

As food is thy medicine.
The Body Always Tells Us What It Needs That Day

When one wakes up in the morning, and assuming you are eating a clean diet with no industry sugar which promotes addiction to certain foods, you might feel like a banana or you might feel like some berries. This is your bodies innate intelligence telling you what it needs to run on to heal, to perhaps purge or cleanse that day or just top up nutrient wise. This is why what we “feel” like eating changes a lot, because food is our medicine. And our body’s cells are telling us “go get this, we need this” to do our job today!

And animals are no different. They are more in tune with their senses assuming they have not been exposed to sugar coated dry food and sugary canned food. As all this food is designed to keep them eating. The stench of it alone is so strong it is incredible. When an animal has been fed this type of diet, their senses have been manipulated, on purpose in laboratories, and there has to be a recalibration of the senses to identify again what innately they know. The tongue, their sense of smell – all this needs recalibration back to nature. The body needs to detox from industry garbage. Literally.

Conversion from Dead Industry Food to Real Life-Force Food

All animals on dry I have converted to fresh food instantly. Even the cats. I believe they are so nutrient deprived inside their bodies that they cannot get enough of the fresh, tasty beautiful food. And when I convert I use a lot of soft foods, not too much raw meat, so their stomach and the lining in the stomach and the intestines do not go into SHOCK. As this toxic food, has ruined their internal walls and their internal systems. So, when we start feeding the body what it knows, it begins to clean and detox so I am very conscious that we slowly give the body fresh food which can help clear out the gunk and bad bacteria without putting the body into SHOCK.

The wet food conversion to fresh and real is a bit trickier because again the strong smell, the sugar and chemical content, is designed purposely to have the animals hooked, addicted, manipulating their senses.

The corporations have spent millions of dollars making sure this is how the product is manufactured to keep the animals eating and to keep you buying. So, the conversion has to be a little of the old and little of the new. If an animal is stubborn, dogs can go days without eating and be absolutely fine. Drinking just water [filtered, of course] is excellent for their health as their digestive system gets a break and can focus on cleaning. And I prefer to do this if the caretaker is able because it gives the body a break from the toxicity and allows the senses to re-calibrate. But I have not experienced a canine walking away from any food I have ever offered. Ever.

Now, cats can be a little trickier – it depends I find how nutrient starved they are I think which drives their hunger, need to eat. And if they think they rule the roost. Many cats are not eating a lot yet they are overweight. And again, I have not had a problem converting cats over to real food in a few days. And once they are converted their appetite soars! Because the body begins “running” properly and starts using all the nutrients to clean and power up the body. The urine output decreases, as does the smell, the body begins to slim and so on…..back to nature we go!

But the amount of internal repair the body has to do is extensive and takes at least 6 months I find, some up to a year.

I always explain to caretakers, when converting off industry onto fresh, their animal(s) most likely will be starving because no more weight is sitting in their system. The food is finally moving through the body properly now and the animals will feel emptier inside and be hungrier. So, more volume is fed until there is a little weight gain beyond their ideal weight and then the food volume is tapered off a little. And this volume then becomes the new norm and the animal establishes their ideal weight naturally.

And if the animal is overweight the same applies. Because the body starts purging the gunk, the weight on the system will begin to reduce with the fresh food. The animal also feels better and begins to move more, so usually they require more food. It is all about the individual being. We watch and adjust accordingly to each being’s needs.

What deeply saddens me, is so many animals are starving for nutrients. They have food, they have been fed according to the corporations’ instructions on the bag – but they are starving inside. I know this, I can feel this.  This one of the many reasons why animals may over eat and eat strange things.

When they start eating real food their whole demeanour, body, energy, face just goes into pure relief. Pure delight. It is a wonderful shift to witness.

Please reach out if you would like to get your animal eating real fresh food it is designed to eat and so desperately needs to run its body pain free. The changes you will witness will be really remarkable.

Cats:  Pottenger Study
This is the famous Pottenger study which demonstrated the generational damage of feeding cooked protein versus raw to cats. More diet resources may be found for cats and dogs in the Healing Resources section of this website.

Food and Water Bowls

Please make sure food bowls are NEVER plastic, as plastic leaches (toxic), and are washed after each feeding. Bowls made of ceramic or glass, lead-free, are ideal. Please use stainless steel as a last resort. Stainless steel conducts electricity and changes the properties of the food.

Food Storage

Please do not store any food in aluminum foil or trays.  This is a heavy metal and leaches into the food.  Aluminum plays havoc on the system, destroys organs, including your animal’s brain.

Food Temperature

Food MUST always be fed at room temperature. Never frozen and never hot. And no microwaving EVER (toxic). If you wish to heat up food, place bowl in sink or larger bowl of hot water and place a lid over it. It heats up pretty fast. Else leave on the counter for a few hours prior to feeding.

Food Detoxing

If you are not able to buy organics, or the fresh food was purchased in plastic – as the food has indeed absorbed the plastic chemicals, and this includes tetra packs, please take the time to “purple plate” your food for 20 minutes to remove all the toxins.  The food will be fresher, taste better and last longer.  The difference is amazing!

To learn more about Purple Plate technology by Nikolai Tesla:  beware of fake plates on other sites.

No Free-Feeding

An animal’s sense of smell is extremely powerful.  Our Lab can bring back a banana peel left from a biker easily from 1 km away!  So, to have food on the floor all the time means you, the human,

are having your animal’s DIGESTIVE tract running all the time.

When we smell food, our system begins preparing to eat.  Everything is in motion to receive food.  When food is left out, this puts an enormous amount of strain on your animal’s system as it never literally shuts down.  This is very destructive to the body as it goes against nature.  Never would your animal be presented food in the wild all the time.  They do not need it, and it would make them very ill to eat constantly. Free feeding contributes to a very sick animal.

Food is always presented after exercise, and is offered and always picked up within a 20-minute time frame with regards to felines and canines.  If they walk away from their food ever, food must be picked up.  For more information on this, please reach out.

The “Do Not Feed” Foods
  • No pet industry products – dry, canned, packaged, treats etc.
  • No raw pork, raw trout or raw salmon, any raw fish to any animal due to debilitating / deadly parasites
  • No cured, smoked, fried or fatty  meats or fish
  • Nothing artificial or from a packet
  • Nothing fried
  • No junk food, fast food or frozen dinners
  • No GMO (Genetically Modified Organism) products
  • No onions /  scallions | If your animal shows interest in onions, please pay attention they are indicating they have toxins they wish to clear. Please read the Applied Zoopharmacognosey page found here.
  • No raisins / grapes many people report, although my dogs eat red grapes no problem at all
  • No macadamia nuts or peanuts (mold/alfatoxin=carcinogen)
  • No nut butters
  • No to all drinks and caffeine
  • No bacon
  • No raw dough of any kind
  • No pits / stones from any fruit including avocados
  • No dairy products
  • No alfalfa seeds
  • No farmed fish, full of mercury and antibiotics
  • No bread
  • No egg whites
  • No skins from baked yams, sweet potatoes or potatoes; boiled are fine
  • And definitely NO SUGAR of any kind including xylitol, chocolate, nor ice cream
This may be fun to do, but is extremely detrimental to your canine’s body. Carcinogenic. You can already see this dog’s body is not okay due to all the inflammation around his mouth. There are so many good food choices one could offer a canine, (see collage below) which do not contain toxic, processed sugar.
The “fake” food above is all “highly processed garbage” full of carcinogenic dyes, chemicals, and waste product. Please understand, pet industry “food” is literally disease sold in a pretty bag.
The “Go to Foods” to Feed and Thrive On

The following collage, found at the bottom of this page, of fresh meat, vegetables, fruit, nuts, and seeds (always grind for absorption), and legumes are what your animals bodies need for nutrition. Nothing in a package, nothing industry.

Ingredients grown in rich soil, preferably locally, and animals pastured on land, who are allowed to raise their young, and have the sun on their backs (Vitamin D). Animals who are respected, and connected to the planet.

This is nature, this is what the body knows.

To summarize, all food should be in real-life force form, fresh from the earth, without any manipulation by mankind. This is ONLY what the body knows, recognizes, to keep itself healthy, detoxing naturally. And diet should ALWAYS change seasonally with the rhythms of the planet. In the summer the animals eat cooling foods, in the Winter they eat warmer foods with their weight adjusting in tune with the seasons.

Muscle Testing

The easiest way to know what you animal needs to eat is to learn how to muscle test. As every being’s body is unique, and is changing all the time. Course for Muscle Testing:

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