Informed Consent

Informed Consent

Where did this safety net go?

This is a very interesting subject, as Informed Consent was a part of the “do no harm” protocol, the oath the medical practitioner took to look after life itself, be it a human, or another species.

It was a very important part of the protocol , because it keeps the practitioner aware, and accountable for the products, and methods they are using, while at the same time informing their client of what they were proposing, and why, with the positives and negatives presented.

From my perspective, this has all, but disappeared. Greed, and complacency have now replaced this important step. Most practitioners are paid to “plug” products, this is a conflict of interest, and the complacency of the humans, the pet owners, who hand over their power to this “authority white coat” no longer demand the details, leaving the very life form they are responsible for, exposed.

People may argue this is not the case. I then ask – how many medical inserts of products have been explained to you? How many Material Data Safety Sheets been presented to you? Or even read by the medical practitioner. I bet most practitioners do not even know Material Data Sheets exist per drug, per chemical, which when looking at most – show “poison”, not safe for application to the body, much less consumption. The anesthesia’s are the worse. But I bet these have never ever been presented, or discussed with any clients either. And this includes all parts, and material used inside the body where knees and the like are a concern. Everyone is by-passing informed consent, and the poison goes into the being.

This is not practising do not harm. This is not practising as an informed practitioner either. As the whole purpose of informed consent is to make sure everyone is participating, and understands completely the options, and potential harm.

What people are getting instead – are long disclaimers to be signed, with the assumption if anything goes wrong, insurance will then take over.

I see vet records, and it is clear the cause, and effect of what is happening to the body. This vets would see too, if informed consent was being practised as the research would have been done.

The synergy between all products, and anesthesia is unknown, and has its own risks. All these spay, and neuter surgeries leave the animals in dire straits not to mention scars which block energy flow. But there is no discussion with the pet owner about the number of drugs going into the body, nor does the pet owner ask, much less the type of sutures being used. This is not practising do not harm. This is a medical money supply-train, well thought out, and implemented over the decades. If you do not believe me, please do your research, there are many doctors warning that the system in place is far from “medicine”.

If the practitioner is not fully informed about the product, and its unknown synergistic effects with other drugs, then this is not practising informed consent much less do no harm.

I see so many drugs going into he body which are not needed, yet are extremely toxic to the body. Some vets are not even placing on the invoice the specific drugs they are using. This is going even further away from informed consent into plain irresponsible.

I asked a client to go, and find out what they used in her dog during surgery, as all the drugs listed were general descriptions, and the vet wanted to know why? Here we have absolutely no informed consent practised, yet the vet was paid, and the client still does not know what went into the dog. This is irresponsible healthcare.

The issue is people think this is not a big deal. But there is a reason vet clinics are growing in number exponentially, it is because clients are not questioning, yet paying exponentially to poison their animal. Thank you, pet insurance for propagating this, which pet owners, the client, have “rolled over” literally to big pharma, and completely consented to.

It is every pet owners responsibility to navigate the services, and drugs potentially to be used on their animal. To ask a lot of questions, and then walk away if something does not feel right. The tricky thing is, there is a lot of bullying, and complete disrespect for the client who is paying for the services when such questions have been asked.

This is because pet owners handed over their power long ago to the “white coat”. But the “white coat” only knows what they know, they are now a lucrative business. The majority are Big Pharma trained, and serve the pharma dollar, as this is a business, make no mistake, your animal is projected Big Pharma revenue.

If the goal was to make animals healthy, live long lives, the number of vet clinics would be diminishing, not growing. But we all, through our lack of questioning, have allowed “poison” to equate to “medicine” really taking the time to fully and completely understand what these products do to the body short, and long term.

It is time pet owners take back their power, make the practitioners give thorough informed consent, and really question, is this the best thing for my animal?

For one, your vet costs will decrease as all these products will no longer jump onto the bill, and secondly, the accountability, and direction will start shifting back to the pet owner, with the partitioner servicing them.

I know vaccines are a hot topic right now with some, mostly because the public has been cleverly maneuvered into polarization – leaving discussion no longer an option with fear constantly via the media. However, for those who have been doing research for decades about the damage being caused by these needles, they have a lot of information to support their distrust. I bring this up, as this is pretty much the first thing to go in to any animals body, the first assault of life, and immediately does harm. The vet records say so. For one thing, no vet is trained in vaccinology yet is their business staple. Two, they have no idea what is in the needle, yet it is their business staple. This means right away they are not practising informed consent, as every practitioner should know the details, the studies. But they do not. And the fact all these needles combine diseases, is not only not logical to do to any young body, actually any organic being, but there is literally no science behind this to prove effectiveness against nature herself. How is this possible?

The marketing of fear, and the social pressure is hugely effective. What people believe is nothing more than an adopted belief, usually inherited, without real data. Informed consent should be supplying knowledge, and actual care. If this was practised, none of these needles, would be injected into any life form as there would be too many questions.

This is where we are today. People have literally given away their power to “white coat” authority which is supposed to be servicing, and protecting them. Informed consent is a crucial step in this process, it protects all parties, especially the important one, your animal. Please make sure this is reinstated / practised your next vet visit, take the time, they are there to serve you, and your animal with real data, and knowledge.