Calendula | Magical!

The marigold plant, is an amazing gift to us all. It’s healing powers are extraordinary. I always have the dried herb in the house (shown above), the tincture, and the salve. This is how I use each.

Dried Herb | Organic Only

Taking Internally | The dried herb may be used by animals to consume to help heal their internal body, especially their gut. A lot of horses will take the dried herb along with other remedies to help them heal, especially the horses.

Creating a Liquid Compress | The herb may also be used to place on wounds by steeping the herb in hot water. This is shown in the images below.


The darker the liquid the more potent. It must be thoroughly strained before application on any wound. It can also be used for eye trauma too, if the animal allows, by placing a warm compress of the liquid on top of the closed eye to bring much relief.

I also have soaked fungal / sore feet in the tea. The animals will let you know when enough is enough, and the relief provided will be very apparent.

Sourcing | The herb must be organic, and be free of mold and mildew. Therefore, a reputable supplier is essential. The herb should be golden, very dry and smell wonderful.

CO2 Extract

A lot of animals select calendula internally to heal. Caroline Ingraham’s CO2 extract is a condensed formula which allows the animal to select high potency without ingesting a lot of oil, as the macerate was utilized previously as an offering during Zoopharmacognosey sessions.


Application | The tincture is used heavily when there are open sores which look infected in conjunction with or as an alternative to green/red clay. It is very good for tick bites where the tick has dug in. The alcohol helps disinfect and the calendula works magic on the wound.offering during

It is also fabulous for deep wounds which need to dry out, an alternative to green clay, or selected in conjunction with.

Sourcing | My favourite tincture may be found at Clef des Champs.


The salves have to be pure. Often the marketing is so clever, only to read the ingredients to find a lot of not so nice ingredients have been added. Therefore, it is important to source a really natural, organic, clean blend.

Application | This can be used on wounds that may have not healed properly. Scars, dried parched skin. It is a fabulous healer.

Sourcing | My favourite salve may be found at Clef des Champs.

In gratitude, to this amazing plant and for our amazing planet for supporting it’s amazing healing properties.