Changing nature so our bodies no longer recognize the planet’s food.

Genetically modified organisms are dis-ease promotion, and contribute to the destruction of the planet’s nutrient base, our soil. This technology manipulates all life form’s DNA, and promotes excessive use of pesticides, and herbicides.

Britannia states on their website, “ Herbicide-resistant crops (HRC) have been available since the mid-1980s; these crops enable effective chemical control of weeds, since only the HRC plants can survive in fields treated with the corresponding herbicide.”

From my understanding, every plant on this planet serves a purpose. Nature is designed where nothing happens without a reason. The more imbalance humans create through not only their actions, but their vibrational field, and intention, the more nature tries to recorrect. Weeds have a role, and this is what the conversation is missing completely. What is their message? Why are they surfacing where they surface? Are we questioning, taking the time to listen, and work with nature?

Corporate power, now owns and operates governments. Subsidies are given to lobbyists. Lobbyists, go after the government officials. Why lobbying is allowed at all, from my perspective, should be heavily challenged. The government is supposed to be representing the people, not industry. Yet it is the people, and all life forms on the planet, who are consistently being poisoned by corporations via government not doing its job. The trajectory of this imbalance is easy to see this past century.

All the beautiful organic food is not being subsidized, as there is not enough money to be made here for greedy shareholders, no patents. And people, are too busy being “fed information” versus really doing their own research about what is happening to our food supply. Basic common sense says this is not in alignment with our intelligent, organic structures, and our home.

Food does not even taste like food any more. When one eats a real organic, well looked after, nurtured with love and respect, tomato, the taste is unbelievable. But the lack of respect for the planet, can be felt, seen and experienced in the food where there is no flavor, no nutrients nor vibrancy as a result of our allowance for this degradation of our food. Hence, the use of MSG, and its 28+ aliases it is allowed to hide behind on labels, an excitotoxin, used in vastly in the food supply, to enhance flavor. This is just one example of food being manipulated by the big corporations. It is all about money.

Why is the person above wearing a hazmat suit looking at corn? Because it is dangerous to his organic structure. We, the people, need to really follow the money, and dig into patents to be fully informed about what is really going on. The “news” is not news, it is an owned, and operated propaganda machine by Big Pharma and the like, to service greed, and control the populace. Scientific studies, are also manipulated, and bought, and paid for too. No company is going to invest in a study where the outcome does not produce their desired outcome, contributing to their bottom line. Nor are the people doing the studies going to risk their reputation speaking out against these huge power bases who pay their salaries. If they do so, their careers are ruined. This is the capitalist system we are participating in. This has nothing to do with looking after the planet, nor hunger. Really the opposite, it is all about degrading our home, and our organic intelligent structures I feel, intentionally.

Please do not feed your animal anything GMO, this will be hindering their health immensely, and shortening their life span. All processed animal food has some element of GMO in it. Each of us through our intention, and buying power can send powerful messages about what we stand for, and wish for the planet. Please never assume you are too small to make a difference, every intention matters. If we all stood up and said no, imagine how vibrant the planet, and all her inhabitants would be?

This is an interesting talk about where we are as a species. By the way cancer was cured decades ago, and has been hidden from the populace – for money.

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