“Smart” Home Radiation

All our animals are being heavily affected by our “smart” choices.
Smart means Danger

After watching the 5G Summit, which I recommend everyone watch as soon as possible, what I learned was the word “smart” is marketed to us, so we, the consumer, would not ask questions.

The intentional inference is that the technology is so superior that we would not understand the technology, and hence, not question it.  It is just too smart. But this is all deceptive “marketing”.  What this smart technology is, is:

  • not safety tested at all
  • runs on microwave radiation waves which is military-grade technology
  • extremely harmful to all organic life on the planet, and the planet herself
  • radiation which accumulates in all organic being’s cells
  • purposely designed to be highly addictive via your devices
  • designed to monitor you and your family 24/7
Therefore, the, word SMART is actually synonymous with DANGEROUS.
Why no Safety Testing

The industry does not have to.  The industry is not being held accountable by any government body for its safety, it is just designing and selling.

Self-regulation is non-existent.  There is no moral ethical code being upheld in these corporations.

Safety testing would cost the industry money, and since no one is questioning, why spend the money?  This has been documented in government recordings.

The onus is falling on the consumer, we need to be questioning, and demanding safe products.

Your Home, a Microwave Oven

What is so alarming, is that this “smart” technology is entering every device, every machine in our home.  The washing machines and even ovens are now becoming all Wi-Fi inclusive.  Why?  Because no one is questioning.  No one is pushing back.  And it is marketed very cleverly as “cool”.

But all this “cool” can be easily hacked, your family will be listened to 24/7, and it can easily be turned off remotely also if industry decides to control your home.

So not “smart”. In essence, we are allowing our homes to become microwave ovens through our own purchasing power, literally, with all this Wi-Fi traffic.

Microwave radiation affects all organic being’s brains, nervous systems, our entire cellular structure, and of course, our larger home, Mother Earth, and all her amazing inhabitants as now the radiation is all around.

The average doctor is not trained about microwave radiation, “Wi-Fi radiation”.  Therefore, all these “incurable” symptoms people are experiencing including our kids, it is all due to consistent doses of radiation in our homes, our schools, our places of entertainment, even places of worship.

Just an example of symptoms, looking at the abdomen, where people sit and hold their devices, some of the potential radiation symptoms:

  • Cysts on ovaries
  • Prostate cancer
  • Pancreatic issues, diabetes ***
  • Back pants pocket, low sperm count, fertility issues

To learn more about symptoms and the impact on the body please reference this page:  https://animalsbodymindspirit.com/electromagnetic-field-radiation/

The Wi-Fi Frequencies

It is really Important to understand this section.  Because we are using products, for personal use in our everyday lives which are associated with military applications. 

The human organic body should not be exposed to more than 1 GHz else cell damage is apparent.  The body will be presenting symptoms greater than 100 MHz.  There is 1,000 MHz in 1 GHz.

Animals, wildlife, all plant life including our food sources, have zero tolerance for all radiation.  To provide perspective, sources of microwave radiation, from low to high, the radio frequencies are:

Millimeter waves, micro waves are military technology. They are deadly to our cells. This has been scientifically proven, fully documented since the 1970’s, and some say even earlier than this with the introduction of radar on ships in WWII.
Larger Agenda

What is important to understand or ponder is that the radiation is actually a by-product of a larger agenda, which started with the smart meter roll out, which was forced by industry onto every “Western” building around the globe.  Maybe in the East too, I do not know.

Data is fed back through the meter about your movements in your home based on electricity use.  Each appliance is being designed to report to the Smart Meter and then this is fed back to the grid.

This is the beginning of local data harvesting.

Side bar:  The Smart Meter has been killing all our birds too by the way which we stopped with a Smart Meter Guard.  Please reference this page to see the implications of this device within the walls of your family home, and why your bill may be really high.  https://animalsbodymindspirit.com/toxicity-smart-meters/ )

Data Harvesting

The human being has become a product, a commodity, to these industries, to the elite.  But I believe this is also becoming about control.  The radiation has just become an unethical and irresponsible by-product of this larger picture.

Because, no one is questioning.  This started with the SMART phone.

Edward Snowden: How Your Phone Spies on You

Records are being collected on us about us which are not our property. Your information is not your information, it is held by a corporation. They own your information about you.

More information about Wi-Fi location scanning and Contact Tracing via Bluetooth:

Purposeful Tech Addiction

What is alarming is everything we are giving attention to on a device, the algorithms are then adapted / designed in such a way to keep us hooked.  They are designed to keep our attention on the screenHence, our attention span becomes fragmented, purposely.

It is intentional a person becomes constantly addicted “to the feed”, and literally becomes a product of the feed’s attention.

I believe, humanity is being programmed to be a “non-thinking” addictive commodity.  And this without a doubt will impact not only our life, but all life around us.  Our animals too.  As to supply the “feed” to the SMART phone, every living thing is being radiated around us, including us.

What is scary, is in the documentary, “The Social Dilemma”, the tech experts say, “If you are not paying for the product you are the product.”

People now walk their dogs looking at their phone, they literally cannot disconnect.  The dog is looking for them to “see them”, really see and play with them, but their human just cannot stop talking on, or looking at their phone.

When I meet an animal, who is not really “seen”, for example, they are just a dog, on a leash, being walked because this is what humans do with dogs, and I say “I see you” with my energy.   Well!  The sparkle in their eye comes up and they look at me and say, really? You see me? And I say, “I do, it is lovely to meet you!”  This is presence.  This is connection to life.  And it feels so good.

Above, a young girl is on her phone.  The best being ever is standing next to her, this majestic being, yet this is not her focus.

Where is this path taking us all? Taking humanity as a whole?
And what do we wish the world to look and be like in 20 year’s time?
The “Internet of Things” (IoT) aka “Radiation of Things” (RoT)

This then leads into the conversation about privacy, and our democratic freedoms.  Top executives in Silicon Valley are saying we are being intentionally programmed in the documentary “The Social Dilemma”.  They do not allow their kids to have phones.

The pipeline goal is to have everything we use, chipped.  So, we can be tracked, studied, and then predicted.  Such as our shoes, our socks, our dishes, our earrings, everything is in the works to hold a chip.  This is being introduced and referred to as the “Internet of Things” (IoT).

But I think this should be referred to as:

“RoT”, the “Radiation of Things”.

Again, marketed to all of us as “cool” but so, so damaging to our cells, to all life on the planet, including your animals, your amazing pets.  As there is no safety testing on the intense microwaves serving as communication streams between all things. 

No one is questioning nor saying “we do not want or need this.”  And this could be because of programming via the phone and feed.

But this is again a buy-product of the larger agenda.  These chips will be designed to report on “us” and all about us, our internal and external biology, about when and where we use products, so predictions can be made about our behavior.  Very specific predictions.  This is mind mapping. 

Technocracy the Road to “Scientific” Dictatorship

Patrick Wood is a wonderful speaker. He has written a few books about how things are connected as far technology goes and who holds the power, all the money in the world. This answers some of the questions why the middle class is being purposely wiped out. This presentation is well worth taking the time to watch so one can start connecting the dots.

And this is another video with Patrick Wood interviewed by Dr. Mercola: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2hjAwC_SMFY

Social Credit Systems

Another more intense system is already under way in China, the social credit system.  The “carrot” or one could say the “likes” are points.  If the human “obeys” they may receive points, if the human does not, points are deducted.  These points establish one’s status in society and therefore, what one has access to.  If one loses all their points then they become locked out of services, including their home without access to food as everything is operating on the “point system”.  This is Social Control.  Mind Mapping.  This is technology without boundaries.

And if you think China is China, we are in the West, this system is currently being tested in Darwin, Australia.  How did this happen in a democratic society?  In Canada, the Carrot App is an example as what is being sold to the public too as a “carrot”.  But in reality, it is a test-drive of a “reward based do what I say and give you a treat system”.


And what will “they” do with predictions?  Where is this going?  Dangerous places indeed!  This is not a democratic process.

More info here:  https://safeg.net/5g-the-real-story/

Law of Attraction

Yet, this is what consumers are driving.  This is Law of Attraction at work.  We cannot be constantly checking for validation or looking for connection on technology and expect technology to not grow. It is growing exponentially but not in a “safe” way.  It is growing at the detriment of freedoms and of real connection.

People used to talk if they were sitting side by side in a coffee shop.  Now everyone is on a device.  Where is community?  Where is the real connection? People have given up their freedoms to “feeds”.

Please question, investigate, and see what information you find outside of mainstream media sources.

Looking at the Radiation Alone

Everything on this plant, is living, has life.  Living things do not survive and thrive in radiation grids.  So, when does one say “NO” to all of this?  This is crucial.

Insect Armageddon

5G Licensed to Kill:  The Insect Inspector Discusses the Insect Apocalypse

Our animals are already suffering in the fields we are allowing now, and so are people. If you love animals, ask yourself – what do you wish to create for the animal kingdom?

Radiation? or Life?

It is this simple.  And I have not even touched on food supply, and the implications here, which are massive.

Fiber Optics

Fiber optics is much more effective, so much faster, and a much, much, safer option.  Why was this stopped?  (Actually, fiber optics are used at the base of each cell tower interestingly enough.)

Why is it not promoted any longer by industry? yet Wi-Fi radiation is pushed?  It is again, all about data harvesting our entire being.  And money, lots of money.

This is what 5G is about. 

Establishing a worldwide communication grid so the powers at be may “get into” your life, your mind, and body.  Yet marketing to you, “hey, we shall give you “faster downloads”, don’t get off the couch, we got you covered!”.

Yep, they do indeed.

Please question all of this and dig deep. Use your voice and purchasing power to say “We wish for a better world for all”.

It is in each of our best interests to not introduce smart technology into our homes at all, our lives, and make sure we all invest in technology which negate all radiation waves coming from devices inside, and outside our homes.  And around the planet.

The cat above in this photo is being heavily radiated because we do not understand the products we are using with regards to radiation, and the implications on the organic cellular structure.

Fiber optics, and accountability means satellites are not needed, a 5G network is not needed, the RADIATION of all life is stopped.  And humanity cannot be tracked and controlled.

Demand Safe Non-Invasive Technology

Products should be tested and only go to market when they are safe for all, humans, animals, and the planet. This should be the ethical conscious mandate of all organizations around the planet.

Technology should not be allowed to be designed to be purposely addictive and to manipulate your brain, or your children’s brains, and then track, predict and control you.  Advancement should not mean destroy at all costs. 

What Do We Wish to Create for Us All?

And what about our lives?  What are we creating for our animals and us? For humanity?   Disconnection.  Loneliness.  We are being programmed to self-reject.  We are allowing ourselves to become an “industry product”.

This is all because we are not going within to find our happiness, connection, and love.  We are looking for affirmation from “feeds on devices”.  This promotes complete disconnection from all life, everything we are essentially about.  We are connection.  We are all connected energetically.  And we are fundamentally a part of the planet.

Our planet is amazing.  Its inhabitants are amazing including our devoted pets.  They are love.  They are here to help us love ourselves and be present I believe.  What do you feel and see when you are truly present with them?  I believe connection to all that is.Please choose life over tech feeds.  People are literally missing out on living on this wondrous planet and spending time with their incredible animal companions.

Please investigate, question heavily.
Demand better, responsible technology for all life.
Protect your pet by protecting all.
And Go Within and Get Conscious!
Animals Body Mind Spirit

EMF*D: 5G, Wi-Fi & Cell Phones: Hidden Harms and How to Protect Yourself by Dr. Joseph Mercola

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Building Biologist

Benchmark Environmental, Jasen Masek
Jasen is lovely to work with and teaches you all about your home.


Although these references are not directly linked to SMART technology, they are linked to what the technology industry is doing regarding monitoring our every movement.

It is all connected, and people need to start waking up!  We will damage not only ourselves but every being on this planet if we keep on this trajectory.

The Social Dilemma

Jaron Lanier Interview on How Social Media Ruins your Life

You Will Wish You Watched This Before You Started Using Social Media | The Twisted Truth

The Collective Evolution I, II, and III
These documentaries may be watched on YouTube.  What do we all wish for life to look like on this planet? For ourselves and for all humanity?

Internet Privacy Guy

www.brex.me, Rob Braxman
Rob is wonderful to listen to, teaching us all about what our phones are really doing, and how to dump and clean your phone from surveillance and monitoring.

Animals Body Mind Spirit