Herbs are medicine, like food, as each has medicinal properties.
About Self-Selection

Each herb has very specific properties for healing the body. Animals self-select herbs to heal themselves in the wild. Domesticated animals self-select as much as they are able, catnip, for example. However, most land where animals are allowed to roam have limited supply of what they would naturally select to help keep their systems in harmonious form. In other cases, animals are on leash, and live in urban areas where this is not an option.

Through self-selection sessions, where minerals and the plants are presented to them, the animals select via dry powders, dry herbs, and through smell via essential oils. The planet is indeed extraordinary.

Below is our beautiful Sam, selecting dry valerian for his kidneys. What he chooses, tells me where he needs support in his system, and what to offer him next. He is very clear, and always has the option to move away when his desired “dosing” is reached.

Herbs are Not Food

Herbs should not be in food, fed daily to any animal unless with specific intention. This could potentially cause many imbalances. I see herbs, such as rosemary, listed on the bags of dog food. I assume, this is to appeal to the buyer as any medicinal properties would have been removed during the heating process for sure.

Not one of us consumes the same herb day in, and day out unless we are trying to resolve an imbalance which in many cases would be directed by a herbalist. To consume unintentionally, is not how our system is designed. If we are listening and honouring the innate intelligence of our being, when we feel like eating something from nature it is because our body is directing the healing, instructing us to do so.

This is what self-selection is in the animal kingdom. The innate wisdom of the being, the body being listened to, and honoured.

Some Herbs Which Are Wonderful Healers with the Animals

Below are herbs I have experienced using directly with the animals via self-selection, or through tinctures.  Herbs which are not listed, such as thyme, oregano, basil, basil oil, and others are potentially offered via high-quality essential oils, which are very, very, powerful healers just through smell alone.

Arnica | Arnica Montana
Cats love to roll in this herb. Fabulous for healing bruises – emotional and physical, it has anti-inflammatory benefits, offers pain relief, and will aid in relieving shock.
Zoopharmacognosey | Dry and macerate in almond oil offered via self-selection.
Homeopathic remedy } Arnica Montana also used from this plant for all life forms under this mode of care.

Bladderwrack | Fucus veslculosus
Selected heavily by animals who are run-down and have been heavily exposed to chemicals, a lot of pharmaceuticals which have created a toxic load inside the body, especially vaccinations. This may be chosen as well as or instead of Seaweed Absolute, which is a favourite too. Fabulous for the thyroid, and for overall nutrition of the body, supporting the skeletal system while also supporting healing inflammation in the body.
Zoopharmacognosey | Dry seaweed offered via self-selection.

Calendula | Calendula officinalis
This is an amazing plant. It’s healing properties are incredible which are selected for use inside, and outside the body by all beings. I find it is chosen by a lot of animals with skin and gut issues. The herb infused is fabulous for applying externally to help heal wounds and skin ailments. I suggest all client have the dried herb in the house, and at least an organic tincture in their medical kit to support their animals when needed.
Zoopharmacognosey | Dry herb, macerate, and condensed CO2 offered via self-selection.
Homeopathic remedy | Calendula Officinalis also used from this plant for all life forms under this mode of care.

Cleavers | Galium aparine
Irritated or blocked urinary tracts, blood in urine and bowel movements; cleaning the digestive and elimination tracts. Anti-inflammation & anti-microbial effects. Heart protective effects. Aids in removing toxicity from the system.
Zoopharmacognosey | Dry herb offered via self-selection to horses.

Chickweed | Stelleria media
Massively selected for skin issues. Liver remedy.
Zoopharmacognosey | Dry herb, and macerate offered via self-selection.
Homeopathic remedy | Stelleria Media also used from this plant for all life forms under this mode of care.

Comfrey Leaf | Symphytum offficinale
Borage Family | Boraginaceae
Helps cells grow; good for ulcers, known for healing bones and ligaments; also beneficial for the stomach, kidneys, bowels, helps to rejuvenate the digestive system. High in B12.
Planting | Grows beautifully in the garden, huge plant, vertically and diametrically, I am finding so it needs its own space. Very beautiful.
Zoopharmacognosey | Dry, and macerate offered via self-selection.
Homeopathic remedy | Symphytum Officinale also used from this plant for all life forms under this mode of care. Known as the “knitting bone” remedy.

Dandelion Leaf | Taraxacum officinale
Daisy Family | Compositae
This plant provides amazing support for the urinary system, gallbladder and liver, helping detox the body. Loaded also with A, C, E and B complex vitamins along with potassium, calcium, iron, thiamine, choline, lecithin and riboflavin. If your yard has a multitude of dandelions, this is a hint that someone or perhaps all the family is in need of this plant. Nature knows.
Zoopharmacognosey | Concentrated dry powder offered via self-selection. Big favourite with horses.
Note | In a lot of tinctures used for cleansing the liver.

Echinacea | Echinacea spp. | Image shown at the bottom of this page
This plant is not only a beautiful plant abut also an extremely powerful healer. Known for its immune supporting properties, promoting tissue regeneration and healing inflammation. Presently, one of my animals is taking this tincture for four days to support her left kidney in conjunction with Sepia 30C. She is lying on her right side, when she usually prefers to lie on the left, is sourcing dirt, her eyes are tearing, and she is drinking too much water (2022 May 2). These are my symptoms, my alarm bells to help her asap. She is slept last night with Fennel, Juniper and Basil Holy. In just one day, her symptoms have lessened considerably.
Tincture given based on muscle testing results.
Homeopathic remedy | Echinacea also used from this plant for all life forms under this mode of care.

German Chamomille | Matricaria chamomilla | Image above
Huge for inflammation. What an amazing plant. So many gifts – its healing properties knows no limits. Chosen by the animals where inflammation, and pain is present. In healing, it supports the animal systems to process other plants by protecting the gut lining showing immediate effects on application. It is one plant which is kept abundantly in stock in our house at all times.
Zoopharmacognosey | Dry herb, and concentrated essential oil offered via self-selection.

Golden Seal | Hydrastis canadensis
This has massive healing properties for the skin where inflammation is involved. Antibacterial and antifungal, the herb supports the cleaning of the liver. I have a case right now where this beautiful dog has been so itchy her skin has been impacted. As she is healing, the focus on different parts of the body changes all the time as the organs take their turn cleaning. In the meantime, to repair the skin Golden Seal is coming up as the preferred herb to apply all over her after a bath with green clay being the go-to where she is moist (fungus). Her state is a direct result of chemical warfare on the body, depleting it so, with fungus coming from the dry pet food. She is working hard with the essential oils and herbs daily very clear on her direction.
Zoopharmacognosey |Not offered via self-selection.
Used in tincture form directly on damaged skin, dried herb must be ethically sourced and organic if going this route.

Devils Claw | Harpagophytum spp.
Huge for mobility issues. Possesses anti-inflammatory properties which support ligament, tendon and joint issues. Caution | As very strong on the stomach lining.
Zoopharmacognosey | Root form or powdered dry form, wet or with a vegetable oil offered via self-selection.

Milk Thistle | Silybum marianum
Huge for supporting the liver. Inflammation, fatty liver, cirrhosis, it helps the liver heal. Self-selected by many animals to clean their liver from a heavy load of chemicals, sometimes alternating with Nettle. Very important where skin conditions exist, mobility issues exist, and chemical warfare on the body has been experienced.
Zoopharmacognosey | Powdered dry form, offered dry, wet or with a vegetable oil via self-selection.

Neem | Azadirachta indica
Huge for cleansing the system of parasites, powering up a run-down system where skin issues may be presented, and sealing the coat from unwanted visitors.
Zoopharmacognosey | Dried herb and powder form, offered dry, wet or with a vegetable oil or as a macerate via self-selection.

Nettle | Urtica dioica
Huge for supporting the liver, and urinary system. Self-selected by many animals to clean their liver. Sometimes, the animals go between milk thistle and this herb during self-selection. High in iron content, supplying important minerals and vitamins to the whole body. A must have in all households as it supports the detox process which almost every animal participates in during their healing journey.
Zoopharmacognosey | Dried herb and powder form, offered dry, wet or with a vegetable oil via self-selection.
Homeopathic remedy | Urtica diocia also used from this plant for all life forms under this mode of care.

Peppermint | Mentha piperta | Image above
Is so lovely for the digestion system, bringing it so much relief, helping the body rid itself of unwanted gas, and helping the system produce stool when nothing has been moving for a while. Excellent for its pain-relieving properties also. Very important plant – with all the animals, and humans too.
Zoopharmacognosey | Dry herb and essential oil offered via self-selection. Huge for relieving constipation and colic.

Sage | Salva officinalis
Stimulates hair growth; great for fungal infections, antioxidant and tumors, imbalances in the mouth and metabolic disorders. Very powerful plant, not to be confused with Clary Sage.
Zoopharmacognosey | Essential oil offered via self-selection.
Cleansing | Dry herb used to cleanse environments of negative energy. Reported not powerful enough though, dowsing more accurate, and efficient.
Important to Note | Please do not smudge with sage with animals in the house. This is very toxic to their systems.

Slippery Elm | Ulmus rubra
This herb is found in so many products, it is even in Essiac Tea. It aids in helping protect the gut, where so much damage has occurred through toxic chemicals, pharmaceuticals especially anti-biotics, and just bad diet. It soothes the cell membranes, reducing inflammation, and is invaluable helping the body heal, to be able to process food once again after much vomiting and diarrhea. In the “Natural Cat”, Anitra Frazier has a recipe for a paste which is given to cats when they are not well to get them eating again.
Zoopharmacognosey | Dry powder offered via self-selection with selected oils.

St John’s Wort | Hypericum perforatum | Image Above
Fabulous pain-relieving properties, blood disorders, depression, anxiety, and where seizures are present.
Zoopharmacognosey | Concentrated CO2 offered via self-selection.
Homeopathic remedy | Hypericum perforatum, a very important remedy to have in the house; used from this plant for all life forms under this mode of care.

Valerian Root | Valerian officinalis
Huge sedative used with the cats who will often eat it. Known for anxiety, and muscle relaxant including seizures. Heavily chosen with animals in conjunction with other plants to help heal ailments, and unbalanced behaviour.
Zoopharmacognosey | Dry, fine root form and/or via essential oil via self-selection.
Homeopathic remedy | Valerian officinalis also used from this plant for all life forms under this mode of care.

Wormwood | Artemisia annua
Very powerful plant used for supporting a cancering body, and for clearing parasites. This has a long history of use with much success, which it would seem has been suppressed heavily. It is important to pay attention to the Latin name as Mugwort is part of this family also.
Zoopharmacognosey | Concentrated powder offered via self-selection.  A small amount goes a long way as it is very powerful.

Yarrow | Achillea millefolium | White flower below on left
Has multi-layers as used on the physical and emotional level by the animals. Physical | Used where inflammation exists with infection. Cleans the blood if taken internally, and strengthens and cleans all the organs. Also, known for stopping excessive bleeding. Emotional | Helps heal trauma, wounds of the past.
Zoopharmacognosey | Dry herb or via concentrated essential oil via self-selection.

Ylang Ylang | Canaga odorata | Yellow flower below on right
Humans, where slow growth of hair, and hair loss present. Animals, where neuro system impacted, and potentially where seizures are present, also supports lack of confidence. Therefore, a huge head remedy one may say.
Zoopharmacognosey | Essential oil offered via self-selection.

Herbs Fabulous for Keeping Insects at Bay

Catnip | Nepeta cataria
Geranium, Rose | Pelargonium graveolens
Lavender | Lavender Augustifolia
Lemon Eucalyptus | Eucalyptus citriodora
Opopanaz | Illicium verum
Rosemary | Rosemarinus officinalis
The above plants are lovely to grow around the house for smell and protection.

Essiac Herbs for Healing a Cancering Body

This beautiful formula has been detoxing dis-eased bodies for decades, was founded by Native Americans, and made available to all via Rene Caisse. The original formula consisting of four herbs, some which remain in the current formula marked by an *. This was later updated to include the following eight herbs listed below in total via refinement of the formula by Rene Caisse and Dr. Charles Brusch. I have used this formula with animals cancering, or where a high chemical load has gone into their body, and I feel the body needs much support detoxing.

Blessed Thistle | Cnicus Benedictus
Used for digestive issues, supports liver and gallbladder cleaning. Huge supporter of heart and nourishing the brain.
Minerals | Calcium, EFA, iron, magnesium, manganese, phosphorous, potassium, selenium, silicon, zinc
Vitamins | B1, B2, B3 and C

Burdock Root * | Arctium lappa
Thought to prevent oxidative stress on body during detoxification. Purifies blood. Aids in eliminating excess fluid, uric acid in body
Minerals | Amino acids, calcium, chromium, copper, iron, magnesium, manganese, phosphorous, potassium, selenium, silicon, zinc
Vitamins | B1, B2, B3 and C

Minerals | Natural source of iodine, supports the very important gland, the thyroid. Also includes potassium, magnesium, calcium and iron.

Red Clover | Trifolium pratense
Fights infection, purifies blood, supresses appetite, antispasmodic properties. Rich in minerals and nutrients including Vitamin C.
Minerals | Calcium, iron, magnesium, manganese, phosphorous, potassium, selenium, silicon, zinc
Vitamins | B3, C and E

Sheep Sorel * | Rumex acetosella
Rich in minerals and nutrients including Vitamin C. Supports the body in getting rid of the toxic load in the body.

Slippery Elm Bark * | Ulmus Rubra
Soothing on the mucous membranes of digestive and elimination tract, known for supporting ulcers and sore throats. Also used on wounds as a poultice.
Minerals | Calcium, iron, magnesium, manganese, phosphorous, potassium, selenium, silicon, zinc
Vitamins | B1, B2, B3 and C

Turkish Rubarb * | Rheum palmatum
Very important herb as supports the organs getting rid of toxic waste. Supports healing of ulcers, spleen, colon, ridding body of unwanted matter including parasites.

Watercress | Rorippa nasturtium-aquaticum
High in Vitamin C, stimulates appetite, and improves digestion.

Herbs removed from today’s current formula: Periwinkle, Goldthread, Copis trifolia, and Chaparral | Larrea divaricate.

Sourcing Matters | I have linked the best source for this tea below in Resources. It is produced by the Paulhaus Family, whom Dr. Brusch entrusted the formula to, so everyone may have access to the healing properties of this wonderful gift at an always affordable price.

Herbs High in Sugar for Horses

Dandelions | Taraxacum officinale
Thistles | Genus cirsium & Fructo oligosaccharides
Sowthistle | Genus sonchus
Plantain | Genus plantago
Redstem filaree | Genus Erodium
Source | https://www.safergrass.org/weeds-high-in-sugar
Note | Flies & parasites are attracted to high sugar content in blood.

Space Purification

Mugwort | Artemisia
Sage | Salva officinalis | Vibrant purple flowers, shown below
Warning | Please do not do purify the area with animals in the house. They must be able to vacate the space. Cats can get very ill subjected to these herbs as well as birds.
Dowsing | From my current knowledge, is much more effective, and powerful in clearing spaces.


Below are some fabulous resources I have on my bookshelves which make excellent tools for continual learning and reference.


Alchemy of Herbs by Rosalee de la Foret and Wild Remedies by Rosalee de la Foret and Emily Han
Beautifully laid out books explaining uses of herbs, providing their profiles with recipes. Wild Remedies expands into foraging and covers many of the herbs used in self-selection process of the animals listed below.

Animal Self-Medication  How Animals Heal Themselves Using Essential Oils, Herbs and Minerals by Caroline Ingraham
The founder of Applied Zoopharmacognosey, Caroline’s amazing work is produced in this beautiful book for us all to continue to learn from. Caroline explains how to use the herbs, with their profiles, and the combinations in offerings which when presented to the animal’s, will help them heal. It is here methodology I continue to honour and present to all my clients.

Culpeper’s Complete Herbal: Illustrated and Annotated Edition by Nicholas Culpepper Beautiful book going back to 1653 about all the herbs and their many gifts.

The Boreal Herbal Wild Food and Medicine Plants of the North by Beverly Gray
This book is specific to species of the North with beautiful coverage on how to harvest the plants and make tinctures, creams etc. A lot of native trees are covered which I have not found in other publications.

The Complete Essiac Essentials  by Sheila Snow and Mali Klein This book provides detailed history of Essiac, with case studies, proving its effectiveness, and life-saving properties. How to source the herbs, and make the tea is also covered.

The Complete Herbal Handbook for the Dog and Cat by Juliette de Bairacli Levy
Juliette was a huge proponent of nature. Stick with nature and feed your animal and treat your animal as close to nature as possible. Loads of wisdom to be found in her book applicable still decades later.

Dr. Kidd’s Guide to Herbal Dog Care and Dr. Kidd’s Guide to Herbal Cat Care by Randy Kidd, DVM, PhD
These books provide fabulous information about how to use herbs in relation to each organ in the body by species. Easy to use, and an abundance of detail regarding herbs, and their gifts to us all.

Equine Herbal and Energetics by Stacey Small  and Andrea Baldwin
A beautiful, well laid out book providing in depth profiles of many herbs with their association to Traditional Chinese principles. Charts provided against ailment. Really great reference to have in the library.

Equine Herbs and Healing | An Earth Lodge Pocket Guide to Holistic Horse Wellness By Maya Cointreau, E. Barrie Kavasch & Sandra Cointreau
This is a wonderful book packed with loads of great information about healing modalities. Herbs, of course, are a focus, self-selection not emphasized, but still wonderful information about each plant and how it may assist our lovely horses. The diagrams of the horse with their meridians of each organ is one of my favorite parts of the book. Cats and their vibration is also addressed with regard to healing bones, so very, very interesting.

The Lost Book of Herbs | The Healing Power of Plant Medicine
By Nicole Apelian, Ph.D and Claude Davis
This is an amazing book about how to use herbs, make poultices with so much information.


Tonics are to be taken for a specific job.  They are usually very potent and can really push the body to sometimes detox too quickly.  Be careful, and do a lot of research before putting anything in your animal’s body.  And if they do not want to take it, follow their lead, they know.  Listen to them please.

Zoopharmacognosey is the safest route as then the animals select. However, if this is method is not available to the pet parent, then I would suggest one learns how to muscle test, selecting the needed product based on your animal’s systems direction.

Please never assume, and please do not mix a lot of products together, this may cause a lot of harm. I take so many animals, and people off products their systems either do not need and / or do not agree with them. The body only wants what it needs, nothing else.

Barlow Herbs
This website provides amazing information, and wonderful tinctures and remedies for people. Jane Barlow, the founder, holds a course about herbs, having grown up with a Dad who was an amazing botanist. It is his work she promotes and expands upon.

Best Botanicals

Dr. Christopher’s Herb Shop
This is a fabulous shop.  What I am very interested in is the syrups for self- selection with the animals, especially the Bone and Tissue Massage oil, they will not select the tonic as it has flavouring.  My dogs have been very eager to eat the massage oil, walking away when they are topped up.  I have also used the Bone and Tissue capsules for them.  Essential oils are also offered on this site but I have yet to use them with the animals.

Essiac Tea
Dosage | Cats | https://www.bulk-essiac-tea.com/prevent-cancer-in-cats.html
Dosage | Dogs | https://www.bulk-essiac-tea.com/essiac-for-dogs.html
Dosage | Horses | https://www.bulk-essiac-tea.com/essiac-tea-and-horses.html

Best source for Rene Cassie’s herb mixture used to heal cancer.  Tea also used for detoxing the body.

Five Leaf Botanicals 
This site is invaluable as it helps you heal HEART, LIVER and KIDNEY failure of all canines. It also provides all the detox tinctures for canines to clean their liver and kidneys regularly. I recommend every 6 months.

Fushi Well Being
I use this website for tinctures and oils.  Calendula tincture being my main go to for supporting healing all wounds, human and animals.  And I purchase Wheatgerm Oil and Evening Primrose Oil from this site.

The Herb Depot
For Chinese Herbs.

Herb Craft

I love this website as it lists the hot, warm, cold, and neutral properties for all foods under the Traditional Chinese Medicine principles for animals.

Learning Herbs
Another fabulous website which teaches the reader how to use the herbs and make tinctures etc.

Modern Herb Shop
For Chinese Herbs.

Our Botanicals
Our Botanicals provides all these amazing detox tinctures and the possibility for also booking a consult to learn how to detox your own body. It is all about the individual – so not a one package fits all approach, obviously! Animals may be addressed too.

Dr. Schulze
For humans, amazing herbal packages, powders and tonics to clear the body and getting it back to homeostasis – even for the seemed “incurables”. For animals you would need an herbalist to give you direction as these are all tonic based so self-selection by the animals would be unlikely. Five Leaf Botanicals could also be contacted for more information.