Herbs are medicine.

Each herb has very specific properties for healing the body.  Animals self-select herbs to heal themselves through dry powders, and through smell via the essential oils.  The planet is extraordinary.  Please note, herbs should not be in food, day in and day out for animals.  This could potentially cause many imbalances.

Below are some fabulous resources I have on my bookshelves which make excellent tools for continual learning and reference.


Alchemy of Herbs by Rosall de la Foret

Culpeper’s Complete Herbal: Illustrated and Annotated Edition By Nicholas Culpeper

The Boreal Herbal Wild Food and Medicine Plants of the North by Beverly Gray

The Complete Herbal Handbook for the Dog and Cat by Juliette de Bairacli Levy

Dr. Kidd’s Guide to Herbal Dog Care by Randy Kidd, DVM, PhD

Dr. Kidd’s Guide to Herbal Cat Care by Randy Kidd, DVM, PhD

Herbs for Pets by Gregory L. Tilford & Mary L. Wulff

Equine Herbal and Energetics by Stacey Small

A Modern Horse Herbal by Hilary Page Self


Tonics are to be taken for a specific job.  They are usually very potent and can really push the body to sometimes detox too quickly.  Be careful, and do a lot of research before putting anything in your animal’s body.  And if they do not want to take it, follow their lead, they know.  Listen to them please.

Zoopharmacognosey is the safest route as then the animals select.  However, if this is not available to you, then learn how to muscle test and select the product based on your animal’s systems direction.  Never assume and please do not mix a lot of products together, this can cause a lot of harm.

Barlow Herbs
This website provides amazing information, and wonderful tinctures and remedies for people. Jane Barlow, the founder, holds a course about herbs, having grown up with a Dad who was an amazing botanist. It is his work she promotes and expands upon.

Best Botanicals

Dr. Christopher’s Herb Shop
This is a fabulous shop.  What I am very interested in is the syrups for self- selection with the animals, especially the Bone and Tissue Massage oil, they will not select the tonic as it has flavouring.  My dogs have been very eager to eat the massage oil, walking away when they are topped up.  I have also used the Bone and Tissue capsules for them.  Essential oils are also offered on this site but I have yet to use them with the animals.

Essiac Tea
Best source for Rene Cassie’s herb mixture used to heal cancer.  Tea also used for detoxing the body.

Five Leaf Botanicals 
This site is invaluable as it helps you heal HEART, LIVER and KIDNEY failure of all canines. It also provides all the detox tinctures for canines to clean their liver and kidneys regularly. I recommend every 6 months.

Fushi Well Being
I use this website for tinctures and oils.  Calendula tincture being my main go to for supporting healing all wounds, human and animals.  And I purchase Wheatgerm Oil and Evening Primrose Oil from this site.

The Herb Depot
For Chinese Herbs.

Herb Craft

I love this website as it lists the hot, warm, cold, and neutral properties for all foods under the Traditional Chinese Medicine principles for animals.

Learning Herbs
Another fabulous website which teaches the reader how to use the herbs and make tinctures etc.

Modern Herb Shop
For Chinese Herbs.

Our Botanicals
Our Botanicals provides all these amazing detox tinctures and the possibility for also booking a consult to learn how to detox your own body. It is all about the individual – so not a one package fits all approach, obviously! Animals may be addressed too.

Dr. Schulze
For humans, amazing herbal packages, powders and tonics to clear the body and getting it back to homeostasis – even for the seemed “incurables”.
For animals you would need an herbalist to give you direction as these are all tonic based so self-selection by the animals would be unlikely.  Five Leaf Botanicals could also be contacted for more information.