FIRE | Triple Warmer

TW | Triple Warmer Vessel “Energetic Power”
9.00-11.00 PM | Strongest Activity

9.00-11.00 AM | Weakest Activity

What is Your Animal Communicating

Any animal healing, or needing help will most likely show signs of distress at this time of night if they are not supported accordingly. This is the time of day when the body, mind and spirit is assimilating with the planet.

Triple Warmer Vessel

Also referred to as the “Triple Heater” but my information says this is not accurate, and the “Thyroid’ Meridian

  • Energy | Yin
  • Vessel has a soul which travels with the being’s soul lifetime to lifetime and is connected to first layer of aura
  • Follows | FIRE | P-Pericardium
  • Brain | Left-Hemisphere dominant
  • Meridian Flow | Bilateral | Consists of Upper, Middle and Lower Warmer. Runs from the outer side of the foot from the fourth toe up the mid to outside region of the front leg to the elbow, continues up to the front of the mid-section of the shoulder bone, then along the side of the neck to below the ear, then wraps around the outside of the ear onto the the top of the head travelling down to the top of the eye, ending above the eye where there is a depressed pocket of soft tissue
  • Represents | Energy in the body “Avenue of Original Chi”; respiration, digestion and elimination; regulator; only meridian not tied to a specific organ
  • Governs | Thyroid, hormone glands, pericardium, metabolic rate producing energetic power; directs harmful energies out of the body
  • Chakras | All
  • Acupuncture Points | 23
  • Accumulation of everything toxic which has gone into the body, and exposed the body and energy fields to
  • Belief systems not serving higher self, and programs
  • Impact on Body | Hyper and hypo thyroid, mercury toxicity, body’s water balance in lung, spleen, kidney (original chi resides here), also small intestines, and bladder.
  • Impact on Upper Warmer | Fevers, shivers, headaches, sore throat, tilting head to one side
  • Impact on Middle Warmer | Constipation, stomach pain, intestinal issues, nausea, vomiting, excessive thirst and tiredness
  • Impact on Lower Warmer | Paw ailments, elbow issues, stiffness in shoulder impacting movement, pain in jaws and cheeks, conjunctivitis, deafness, tinnitus, headaches (left-sided), numbness
  • Positive Emotion | Hope, willing to help
  • Negative Emotions | Depression, despair, grief, sorrow, hopelessness, loneliness, isolation
  • Important | Time of relaxation, and restoration; harmonization of our inner and outer worlds; nothing to be eaten or consumed past 21.00 until the next morning.

Diet, exercise, toxicities the animal is being exposed to must be addressed. In addition, the following are supportive of healing the associated organ(s). These are some resources below, however, ultimately muscle testing the animal is the best approach so the healing journey is specific to their body, mind and spirit.

Resources | Please visit the Meridians & Vessels page for list of resources