EARTH | Spleen & Pancreas

SP | Spleen - Pancreas Meridian
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9.00-11.00 PM | Weakest Activity

What is Your Animal Communicating

The spleen converts liver energy into energy beneficial for the kidneys, heart, and lungs. This organ comes up under stress almost EVERY healing journey. It plays a very important role in cleaning the blood as it helps clear toxins from the body. Often energy blocks establish here, protecting the body from toxins. I am always checking the spleen’s happiness, its well-being. Literally, I communicated directly to the organ’s body, mind and spirit asking, “Spleen, how are you today?” Located also in the Solar Plexus Chakra, the power center, and in need a lot of support as a result of EMF and all our devices.

Spleen & Pancreas Meridian
  • Energy | Yin
  • Meridian has a soul which travels with the being’s soul lifetime to lifetime
  • Follows | EARTH | ST-Stomach
  • Controlled and weakened by | LIV-Liver Meridian
  • Works Together With | ST-Stomach Meridian
  • Brain | Right-Hemisphere dominant
  • Meridian Flow | Bilateral | From Brachial Chakra to armpit, along the side of stomach down to pelvis then up inside the back leg to inside back toe
  • Acupuncture points | 21
  • Represents | Blood and lymphatic fluid, toxic waste load, particularly protein waste
  • Governs | Absorption and assimilation, transformation and transportation of food with stomach; stabilizes the power of the energy system, “Transporter of Energy”; spleen and pancreas
  • Location on Tongue | Center of tongue with stomach
  • Teeth | All meridians flow into specific teeth; dowsing identifies which meridian, organ, and gland are affiliated with each tooth
  • Gland Association | Pineal, thyroid
  • Chakra | Solar Plexus
Toxicity Contributing to Imbalance
  • Impact on Body Systems | Insufficient lymphatic drainage, mouth ulcers, tooth imbalances, inflammation of gums, dry lips, skin issues, thyroid and parathyroid imbalance, knee and ankle issues, sagging belly
  • Susceptible to dampness if diet has too much fluid. Shows up as mucous on stool, throat or lungs, creaky joints
  • Leaking | I am always checking if the walls of any organs or glands are perforated, leaking. To repair, I ask these to be sealed, and completely healed three times directing energy. Then I investigate why they are compromised, and either remove or neutralize the cause.
  • Positive Emotions | Confidence, faith in future
  • Negative Emotions | Fear of future, inability to react, melancholy
Spleen | Organ Function
  • Extremely important organ as governs blood nourishing all the cells
  • Sensitive to dampness, and toxins
  • Prone to leaking when toxic load too high and especially where exposure to psychic implants and attachments are prevalent, which will lodge here causing energy blockages in this organ
Pancreas | Organ Function
  • Two important functions, supplying digestive juices, and insulin. The digestive juices flow into the duodenum from the pancreatic duct. Here the juices combine with the bile from the gallbladder through a common bile duct. The insulin is produced by two small internal glands of the pancreas called the Islands of Langerhans, comprising of millions of cells. Insulin is secreted directly into the bloodstream.

Diet, exercise, toxicities the animal is being exposed to must be addressed. In addition, the following are supportive of healing the associated organ(s). These are some resources below, however, ultimately muscle testing the animal is the best approach so the healing journey is specific to their body, mind and spirit.

Resources | Please visit the Meridians & Vessels page for list of resources.