Exercise & Sun

Your animal is designed to MOVE and GROOVE and have the SUN on their backs!
Moving & Grooving

No being, including humans, are designed to be stagnant, to sit all day and not move the body intentionally. We are all designed to move, and use our bodies. This is how the lymphatic system drains, gets rid of toxins, no movement – no drainage. Animals are designed to cover vast areas of terrain for hunting, and for survival. To be stuck within four walls, be this a fence, stables, backyard, or a house, is against their very nature. It is confining, unhealthy, and boring.

When we move, we ALWAYS travel forward, we feel better, our system calibrates from head to toe, our spirits lift, our energy increases, and usually we give our mind a rest especially if we are in nature and surrounded by all that she has to offer. Assuming we are not on our phones chatting or checking in on them.

During this process too, it is essential all animals’ feet, hooves, paws etc., touch the earth, the dirt. In doing so, they calibrate with the earth’s energies, her rhythms providing balancing, and healing properties beyond our knowing. They also use their sense of smell to heal themselves. Access to nature, and all she offers is critical to providing balance in the body, mind and spirit.

Direct sunlight is of course an essential part of the process. We all require, need, sunlight directly on our bodies, on our skin to absorb all the nutrients. We do not obtain this through glass. Direct exposure is essential for a healthy being. Please make sure your animals have access to the sun and her healing powers directly. It is so necessary.

Please Commit to “No Phone”, Choose to be Present

May I also ask you to please spend time with your animal. Be with this fabulous being. They see their walk as an opportunity to connect with you and nature so please do not be on your phone.

Also, a lot of information can be gathered on walks about how your animal is feeling. Their health and well-being. For instance:

  • How are they moving their body?
  • Does their spine look in alignment?
  • Are they favoring any part of their body?
  • What does their stool look like?
  • Are they able to go to the bathroom with ease?
  • What is their energy level like?
  • Does it feel like they are struggling in any way?
  • How are they engaging with other animals? Other people?
  • Are they able to see things well? Hear things well?

Everything tells a story about how they are feeling and it all matters. I invite the pet parent to always be engaged with the animal. Please spend real time with your animal, and notice. If you do not, you will miss not only them, connecting to their spirit, but also perhaps important signals.

Be engaged and present with them and nature, spending the time in gratitude. Don’t waste a second!
The Dangers of Ball & Frisbee Throwing

Of course, the animals want to make you proud! And of course, a lot of them love to play ball and catch frisbees. It is fun. You are happy, they are happy! Their family is spending time with them.

But what maybe the pet parent is not realizing is that they are hurting their structural systems and potentially impacting their organs, specifically their gut.  They are not designed to move like this regularly, much less daily.

And of course, if they are young, they should not be doing this kind of activity at all because they are still growing and forming inside and will do immense damage internally without being able to communicate this is happening.


Another point to ponder is, animals in pain – like to move fast.  The faster they move, the less pain they feel.  So, while a pet parent would think the animal would not wish to do such activities if they were in pain, this is not always how they deal with pain.

This is where muscle testing is very helpful, as one can always ask “are you feeling any pain inside your body today?”  And if the test comes back affirmative, then drill down into parts of the body to find out where.  I always ask about the outside of the body too.  I suggest using a scale of 1 to 10, going up in increments of 0.1.  It is surprising how many animals are in pain for a whole host of reasons.

Dr. Peter Dobias sent out a blog about his dog, how she was always vomiting.  He drilled this back to ball throwing, having no idea this was impacting his dog in such a way.

Balls and Airways

The dangers of ball throwing, and balls in general, and a lot of vets will confirm this, is they can potentially get stuck in the airway.  Many dogs have died from suffocation from a ball going too far down.  Please choose your toys wisely.

Choking | Dr. Alex Jones provides an invaluable video here showing how to remove a ball from the throat if your animal is choking: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V92nhEmKbvs
If this happens, it is wise to open up the chakras again, checking for damage, as this will cause trauma to the energy system, especially the Root, and Throat Chakra

Dogs | Leashes, Collars, and Harnesses

The thyroid is located in the neck area under the chin. The collar of course sits here, so yanking on a collar with a leash could and most likely does do a lot of damage. Vets report spinal issues in some dogs due to humans yanking on the collar. Please, never yank on your animal’s neck. And please make sure your children understand this too, as I see children do this regularly “walking the dog”.

No Spike Collars, Shock Collars, and Spray Collars

The spike collars, shock collars, and anything similar should be illegal.  Please do not use them.  Also, spraying an animal in the face when they bark, where these collars which automatically do this, should also be illegal!   These methods are cruel.

If your dog does not listen to you, then you MUST seek humane help.  And this does come through these horrific devices.  These collars that spray or shock when an animal barks is so damaging to the psyche of the animal, as the dog is doing what they naturally know to do.  I am guessing the spray itself is toxic also, which will be doing internal damage, as the organs will be forced to consistently process something toxic to them.

Why the animal is barking has to be balanced out.

You do not punish them, and cause physical trauma by spraying them with any substance or shocking their body. No being deserves to be treated this way. Most likely any behaviour issues / imbalances are a result of human interference. This comes in the form of vaccination, over vaccination, toxic diet, and pesticide application in the name of flea and tick, living in unstable human emotional fields – check entity exposure, TV’s always running and heavy Wi-Fi exposure, to name a few. Some animals are in so much pain from neutering they act out. All the above damage the beautiful being’s body. And this includes the brain. Lack of leadership in the pack also contributes to unbalance. Please seek humane professional help. Call me!

No Extendable Leashes

The other issue are these extendable leashes. Please do not use them.  They are so dangerous and this constant pulling on the dog’s neck is horrendous. Both images above potray this.

I see people walking with their arms moving back and forth with the leash in their hand and this movement / force is consistently impacting the neck of their dog.  And some of these dogs are tiny! I suggest anyone who uses these leashes, literally put a collar on, attach this leash and have someone pull back and forth on it.  Feel the pressure.  This is without a doubt impacting the structure of the canine’s body. These leashes are detrimental to your animal.

They are a convenience tool for the human, but again, not at all made with your animal’s structural health and safety concerned.  I suggest a light leash long enough where the animal remains at your side consistently.  This way they are not out in front of you, and are safe.

Weight of the Collar and Leash on the Neck, Spine, Body Frame

People love their animals to look good.  However, a lot of this “looking good” weighs a lot and some of the collars are really wide and heavy.  They must be so uncomfortable to wear.  And hot.

I am always looking to have the least amount of stuff on the body as possible; minimal weight, breathable, and light.  Please make sure your animal is not being made to wear heavy, thick, wide, collars and then having to support these heavy leashes.  All this impacts the structure of the body.

Also, I do not agree with all these bells and whistles dangling from collars making a racket when the animal moves.  This is just not fun! They are also constantly hitting the body.  The whole “less is more” approach works best here.  Put your phone number on the collar, there are companies who will embroider them on, and keep the body as free as possible.  Therefore, the animal can move with ease, can run without being hit in the face/neck by dangling objects, nor is there anything for them to potentially get caught on.

Harnesses | Are They Impacting your Animals Movement? Body Frame?

Harnesses are a solution to not having pressure around the neck area, but please be very careful on what design you choose.  I can see canines using their body differently to compensate for the harness rubbing against their body and impacting their elbows and joints.  I remember seeing a lovely little Pit bull running with his owner, I presume, and he was literally running down the street sideways trying to compensate for this contraption on him and the runner was oblivious.  The dog needed his owner to stop and help him, but the owner was not checking in on him, just moving forward with headphones. Oblivious. Before buying anything, have another person or you watch your dog moving. And please make sure no front attaching leashes are hitting the body! Not sure who came up with that idea!

Resource | https://peterdobias.com/products/perfect-fit-harness-builder

Once Home | Gear Free

The animals need to feel free from our contraptions.  We think they look nice and pretty, but please remove this gear from them so the body can breathe, and they can move without being restricted.  They also can therefore, never get caught on anything in the house. Your pet will sleep better and feel better.  As soon as we are home, collars off! Contraption free! They are then ready for good sleeps.

Please choose your tools wisely for your pets.  Please watch them and make sure they are not impacting them physically.  Any emotional imbalance,  I can help, please call me.  And please do not hurt your animal in the name of “control”. There is always a reason ANY animal exhibits imbalance.   It is never “just because”.   It is never “this is who they are”.