Exercise & Sun

Your animal is designed to MOVE and GROOVE and have the SUN on their backs!
Moving & Grooving

No being, including humans, are designed to be stagnant, to sit all day and not move the body intentionally. We are all designed to move, and use our bodies. This is how the lymphatic system drains, gets rid of toxins, no movement – no drainage. Animals are designed to cover vast areas of terrain for hunting, and for survival. To be stuck within four walls, be this a fence, stables, backyard, or a house, is against their very nature. It is confining, unhealthy, and boring.

Moving & Grooving
Moving & Grooving

When we move, we ALWAYS travel forward, we feel better, our system calibrates from head to toe, our spirits lift, our energy increases, and usually we give our mind a rest especially if we are in nature and surrounded by all that she has to offer. Assuming we are not on our phones chatting or checking in on them.

During this process too, it is essential all animals’ feet, hooves, paws etc., touch the earth, the dirt. In doing so, they calibrate with the earth’s energies, her rhythms providing balancing, and healing properties beyond our knowing. They also use their sense of smell to heal themselves. Access to nature, and all she offers is critical to providing balance in the body, mind and spirit.

Vitamin D

Direct sunlight is of course an essential part of the process. We all require, need, sunlight directly on our bodies, on our skin to absorb all the nutrients, Vitamin D especially. We do not obtain this through glass. Direct exposure is essential for a healthy being on as much skin as possible. Please make sure your animals have access to the sun and her healing powers directly. It is so necessary. The profile of Vitamin D in the body is the following, sourcing from the Mineral and Vitamin page on this website.

Vitamin D | The SUNSHINE Vitamin
Essential 6 Bone Builders | One of the essential 6 for bone building | Calcium, Magnesium, Boron, Copper, Vit A & D
When it may be needed | Important vitamin to supplement in Winter months; heart issues, cognitive issues, breathing issues, depression, improper bone formation
How it supports the body | Strong bones, and teeth, which in TCM are connected to the kidneys being happy, very important in Calcium and Phosphorous metabolism
Conversion | Liver and kidneys convert D to become fully active, if either organ compromised potential deficiency
Food focus | Fish liver oils; in Northern climates with limited sun exposure, supplementation is necessary. Shiitake, and chanterelle mushrooms, eggs, sardines, sweet potatoes, dandelion greens, oatmeal, and butter.
Self-selection | Alfalfa, nettle, and parsley.

Coats Block Absorption
Please note, wearing coats blocks all absorption of Vitamin D, so discretion needs to be used here.

Please Commit to “No Phone”, Choose to be Present

May I also ask you to please spend time with your animal. Be with this fabulous being. They see their walk as an opportunity to connect with you and nature so please do not be on your phone giving your attention to others and feeds.

Also, a lot of information can be gathered on walks about how your animal is feeling. Their health and well-being. For instance:

  • How are they moving their body?
  • Does their spine look in alignment?
  • Are they favoring any part of their body?
  • What does their stool look like?
  • Are they able to go to the bathroom with ease?
  • What is their energy level like?
  • Does it feel like they are struggling in any way?
  • How are they engaging with other animals? Other people?
  • Are they able to see things well? Hear things well?

Everything tells a story about how they are feeling and it all matters. I invite the pet parent to always be engaged with the animal. Please spend real time with your animal, and notice. If you do not, you will miss not only them, connecting to their spirit, but also perhaps important signals.

Please Commit to “No Phone”, Choose to be Present
Be engaged and present with them and nature, spending the time in gratitude. Don’t waste a second!