Mouth Hygience


A lot of animals have terrible mouth hygiene.
This is Why
1. Not Enough Exercise and Too Much Food

If the body is not moving, it is not cleaning as efficiently and using the food’s energy. Animals must work for their food, this is how nature is designed. They move, they hunt then they eat and rest. When we constantly feed the body via our love – we over feed a system that is usually not moving enough and this leaves to an overfed body sitting, fermenting. Hence, the gunk on the teeth. A clean, well-running body does not leave residue anywhere.

Always walk, work the body, then feed. Never feed without walking first.
2. All Pet Industry Food and Treats Stick

Fresh food eaters rarely have anything on their teeth. All pet industry no matter what you are told, yes, definitely the dry food – as this is all marketing to get you to buy yet another product – sticks to the teeth. It is sugar and horrendous for the body. It coats the teeth and it is coating all the internal organs too. From the pet food industry perspective, this is fabulous as they then can then offer another line of products under “teeth cleaning”. These toxic chews are available for you to spend your hard-earned money on. I recently (2021) witnessed a box of “dental chews’ being purchased for $65.00. None of which will do the job, just hurt your animal as these dental chews are filled with “fillers and junk”.

The message on all of this is, by staying away from all industry products the teeth will remain clean, assuming no over feeding is taking place.
3. Lack of Vitamin C

If you do have an animal that is fed well, exercised well, is not exposed to industry, yet a problem with debris on the teeth a.k.a gingivitis exists, then this could be a sign the body is lacking in Vitamin C. Another symptom the body might also be presenting may be constipation. If both of these are symptoms are present, then try adding Vitamin C to your animals’ diet and see if this clears up. A little at a time as too much will cause diarrhea. Your goal will be to see what their level of need is. Loose stool tells you to back off to a smaller dose. Sourcing from the resources mentioned under supplements is the best idea so you know the product is not full of filler and is quality. If the body is presenting other symptoms beyond these two, then the animal definitely needs Zoopharmacognosey support and / or homeopathic support.

How to Keep Your Animal’s Mouth Clean
Raw Bones

People are big on brushing their animal’s teeth. You do what works for you and what works for your animal. We use large RAW buffalo knuckles weekly to clean our canine’s teeth and chicken bones to clean our cat’s teeth. Raw bones supply the following nutrients:  marrow, antioxidants, fiber, essential fatty acids, vitamins, amino acids, protein, enzymes and minerals.

Bones must always be fed raw.

Cooked bones cause internal damage – never feed cooked bones to any animal. Raw lamb shanks are another fabulous alternative. When you give a bone, always be around to supervise, allow the animal to chew for 1-2 hours then take away.

To clean up really bad teeth, foregoing anesthesia and a high vet bill,  LEBA III works well with a change in diet. I do not advise giving long term though, use the product to get the job done then switch to bones. Please find below a testimonial about teeth and the power of a bone.

Real-life Experience | The Power of a Bone from a Pet Parent’s Perspective

I had my 5-year-old dog at the vet who said that for approximately $500.00 I had to take my dog in to the hospital at which time she would be given anesthetics and her teeth will be cleaned. I looked into different options and consulted Nicola adapting my dog’s food then gave her a raw bone. ONE raw BONE was all it took and my dog’s teeth were pearl-white again. Thanks to Nicola I saved my dog from drugs she didn’t need and saved my purse $500.00. Unbelievable – thank you Nicola!

G.R., Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Raw Vegetables & Fruit

Anything crunchy will help strengthen the jaw and also clean the teeth. Raw organic apples, broccoli stalks, red peppers, cauliflower, celery, apples, cucumbers, sweet potatoes, any raw organic food which your animal enjoys which will create friction when eating, will help clean the teeth.

Green Clay Toothpaste

Another option, or in addition to all of the above is to use green clay to brush your animal’s teeth. Add food-grade green clay with a little water, and brush thoroughly all through the mouth, including the tongue. Best toothpaste ever! This will also help your animal’s body detox, and clean naturally. Video | How to Make and Use Clay Toothpaste To Clean, Detox, and Remineralize Naturally |


For teeth that are in really bad shape, LEBA III works well with green clay applied. It becomes a daily process. LEBA III is enzymes. The lack of enzyme balance in the mouth will have to do with the body being off balance especially the gut. One must look more closely at the whole being and what else it is messaging. A bad mouth is a body / system issue which is calling out for help and a lot of change. Usually the organ doing the messaging is the kidneys if the gums are presenting inflammation.

Dental Tools

In addition to LEBA III, purchasing some dental tools to help remove the plaque is a great idea. This can be done at home in relaxed surroundings. One example of a tool set may be found here:

Beware Vet Teeth Cleaning Notices and Specials

This is another “service creation” which the vet community is cashing in on. The LARGER ISSUE is the ANESTHESIA and the trauma of the experience to your animal. Animals should only be exposed to anesthesia in do or die situations NEVER annually much less more. Again, no one asks what type of anesthesia is being used, how much is being given and the side effects which are really the other effects of the drug. Many animals come out with seizures and a whole host of issues from going under. Teeth cleaning under anesthesia should be a one-off extraordinary procedure when an animal is in really dire straits. It should not be a regular practise. But I see mails sent out monthly with teeth cleaning specials by veterinarians. This is not practising “do no harm”. This is pure revenue generation.

A safer method is gas. Apparently, this does not have ill effects on the body. Again, please do your homework before agreeing to do any procedure on your animal. Take the time. Please do not feel pressured into anything.

Service | Local

This is an example of a local service which provides teeth cleaning. Please understand though, this is great to do, but why the teeth are presenting this must be addressed for a healthy body.