Diatomaceous Earth

Diatomaceous earth must be food-grade.

Diatomaceous earth, food-grade, was introduced to me years ago through reading about animals and how it was good to help clear the joints and clear parasites, as well as for the garden. It is promoted as a natural de-wormer and it helps with any over population of insect when sprinkled around the interior or exterior part of the house. It is fabulous. One must be careful it does not go in one’s eyes though as it is abrasive on the miniscule level. However, ….


When reading Anthony Williams book, “Medical Medium” I was surprised to read he advises against it. He explains that it does damage to the inside walls of the intestines and the gut preventing the body from absorbing nutrients from food. It also damages your hydrochloric acid, and kills good bacteria.

This has been further supported by another health professional, Tony Pantalleresco. Where he states silicea actually affects the brain, causing brain damage, as it destroys the large intestine. So, this changes my views drastically regarding internal use. Source | https://awarriorcalls.com/recent-videos/ July 21st, 2022 Livestream

Real-Life Experience | Canine, Consistently Throwing Up at 7am

My flat coat retriever, Yantha, started consistently vomiting at 7am. It was clear vomit, a little frothy, nothing much in it, but I could see in the morning, she looked nauseous. and then boom, she would throw up. This was when her stomach was empty. It was always this time of day too. So, it was the “stomach” that was under duress according to the Circadian Clock. I tried everything I knew to rebalance her.

When nothing worked, I thought, “Okay, something is down there that has to come up. Either worms, yet she was not choosing anything worm related during her Zoopharmacognosey sessions, or there was something foreign”.

So, I made her main meal with a lot of starch, a lot of sweet potato, minced meat and some oats. A lot of sticky stuff. Then I added 3 heaped tablespoons of diatomaceous earth, knowing this was a lot, and the body would not be happy with me, but I wanted to see her system “kick”. She ate about 4 cups of food and then about 5 minutes later, it all came up.

And what came up with it? A massive plastic cucumber wrapper! You know the end of cucumber wrapper which is all burnt plastic? See photo below. Well, that end, and about 50% of the wrapper surfaced. I was shocked I have to say!

As my animals eat everything fresh and LOVE cucumbers, especially in the summer months as they are cooling to the body, somewhere along the way, she must have found something and eaten the wrapper too.

So, this is where my stance against plastic is massive as ALL animals are ingesting it! It is absolutely choking our planet and its inhabitants.

Anyhow, problem solved. No more upchucking and no more nausea in the morning. Happy dog! But then, I had to remake another whole meal of course.🙂

How to Proceed

I would use DE as a tool, and heed the warning above. Muscle testing is a fabulous tool to check how it may or is impacting the body or how it may be used as a one-off application to help clear the unwanted.

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