Cat Litter

Is your choice of cat litter toxic to your cat?

First, I feel all cats’ paws should touch the earth to feel the energy fields of the planet, and be connected to what they innately know, nature. Therefore, business should be done outside, as nature intended, and litter boxes should be a last resort, but not the norm.

Type of Litter

However, if this is not possible, and litter is required, then it MUST meet the following criteria:

1. Nothing food based such as corn or wheat
2. Nothing with a scent
3. Nothing with any sort of residue
4. No plastic liners
5. It must come from a SINGLE natural source with no additives, such as pine pellets or bark. It therefore, will have minimal dust / residue and will be recognizable by the organic body.  The reason for this is, if ingested, the body will therefore, know how to process it out

Toxic Load

All this litter with the additives, the dust, and the chemicals, I believe are also contributing to kidney failure in cats. This is just common sense to me. The cat’s and people’s homes are absolutely covered in it. The cats are definitely ingesting it daily, because it is all over their coats. Therefore, the product the pet owner buys really matters as all life forms in the whole household will be impacted by it.

Ingredients Example | The Deception
When I look for ingredients on litter boxes, there is none to be found. There is no list. And even looking on line, this can be hard to find, as the companies think their descriptions are enough. This is just one example of ingredients found on line. This is one company with different products. All these ingredients are descriptions, they are not being transparent at all with the actual chemicals / products being used, which are all are toxic to the whole family, not just your beautiful cat. When you think litter – think ingestion! If it sticks, binds then it is lining the whole internals of your cat’s body.

The following ingredients in red your animal should not be exposed to.

  • Pure premium clay, moisture activated scent.
  • Purified water, natural probiotics, biodegradable eco-friendly surfactant.
  • Water, probiotics, odor encapsulator, biodegradable surfactant.
  • Pure premium clay, natural deep cleaning probiotics.

The fact the company has probiotics in the litter means the company knows your animal is ingesting this stuff yet you are really not being told what this “stuff” is.. These are all descriptions. We have no idea what these “ingredients” are.

Type of Box

Most cat litter boxes are much too narrow, much too high, and much too small, like the one shown on this page.  Your cat’s litter box should also never be covered.

What you are looking for is a large, plastic storage box, with easily accessible sides, which allows the cat the freedom to move easily in and out and has a good “outdoor” feel as far as accessibility.  You may find these at any container store.

Location of the Box

The litter box should be located:

  • In a quiet space
  • Where there is no traffic in the house, it is private
  • Where it is easily accessible
  • Where there is good light and air, not in a smelly, dark room
  • Where the cat feels safe
Are the products you are cleaning your litter box with carcinogenic to your cat?
Cleaning Products

Cleaning the litter box is another consideration when it comes to exposing the feline body to toxicity.  Using bleach or any chemicals is harmful to your animal as they process far more than humans realize via smell. These products are carcinogenic to the body and completely unnecessary.

Here is a cleaning solution I have tested which will not harm your animal and clean the box.

Cleaning Solution

  • 50% Water | ½ cup
  • 50% Vinegar | | ½ cup
  • 3 drops Lemon Essential Oil

All this information about having to rotate boxes because they smell, this is because of bad diet. Smelly urine and feces equal chemicals and waste product in your animals’ food, and thus, in your animal.  Their internal toxic load is just too great.

If your cat is on a fresh raw or cooked diet, nothing smells, and their urine amount is small compared to cats having to drink volumes of water when on dry food, which is pressuring their kidneys.

Maintenance of the Litter Box

Please wash, and clean the litter box at least once daily. No animal would EVER use the same patch of dirt to do their business on over and over again.  Scooping is just completely gross. This is not healthy, clean or natural. Please keep the litter box in your home crystal clean, and free of chemicals. They deserve it and so do you!