Frequently Asked Questions
1What Does an Animal Healer Do?
I consider healer’s essentially “unblockers”.  We unblock the body, mind, and spirit so the innate life force may run through the body, and essentially heal.  The body knows what to do.  It is a magnificently, designed, intelligent system.  It is usually the fuel which is going into the body, unresolved emotional trauma, in addition to chemical toxicity which is compromising the ability of the body to do what it is designed to do.  Entities are also usually involved.  Therefore, healers unblock, and aid in clearing, and cleaning the body, on a physical and energetic level.
2Is Healing Always at the Physical Level?
No. We are extremely complex life forms, so are our animals. They too have their body, mind, and spirit connection. When the energy fields are disturbed or upset, this will manifest as dis-ease in the physical body. So, all levels of the being must be looked at, addressed, so healing may occur completely, and this investigation may also encompass, in many situations, the animal’s environment, and how those are living around him or her, pets, and humans.
3How is this Work Different from Mainstream Medicine?
Aside from trauma, mainstream medicine is symptom-based medicine.  Have a symptom – drug it, cut it.  Healing is about the conscious being, how has imbalance manifested into the physical state. Anything chronic, usually has layers of living to heal, so the healing journey is about healing the layers as the being allows honouring the body, mind, spirit connection.
4What Are The Methods You Use for Healing?

I am evolving all the time, as every day I am learning something new. 2023 March, diet is a MUST – if the fuel is not right, then the body is compromised. Dowsing is massive as it incorporates energy healing, removes entities, shifts dis-ease and unblocks a being very quickly just using energy. The challenge here is looking in all the right places, so the questions asked matters. The animals are very clear during the process, with immediate effects, witnessed visually, and behaviourally. I train all the pet owners to do this themselves, if they are open to this, so they can begin to take over this healing modality, and understand their power. This has also incorporated energy healing per se, as I am sending energy into the being via dowsing.

How powerful is this? I had a horse hitting his front and back feet when running, so painful, and so debilitating for this lovely being – imagine designed to run, and cannot run. We, him and I, healed this by just running energy into each of his legs, over and over again, and different parts of the body, his neck, spine too, sending in different colours of light depending on what the body dictated. This was done over several days. His feet no longer touch now when he runs.

Homeopathy, zoopharmacognosey, and cell salts, back up the dowsing, with other modalities on the website worked with too. It depends on the client, how they wish to proceed, what they are able to do, what they feel comfortable with, have been exposed to, their parameters, etc. The healing journey is adjusted based on the above factors.

5What Is Different About the Process With You Versus Most Veterinarians?

Healing is a daily event. The body tells us all about what support it needs against the 24-Hour clock. All the details help us support your animal to heal. Of course, it all depends on the severity of the case, the more support an owner may require. Therefore, I supply ongoing daily support to help the animal heal. This is essential I feel, as I am usually taking the pet owner into new territory, which is trusting their intuition, owning their power, doing the work assigned, and allowing their animal’s divine intelligence to heal their body, mind, spirit.

No toxicity is used, everything is in alignment with the planet, and in alignment especially with your beautiful being. Your animal is constantly engaged, no “doing” to the animal is practised, they are a full participant in the healing process. They know, and usually confirm every time I am on the phone with their owner.

6What Can I Expect Working With You?

It is a reciprocal process each healing journey I embark on with a client and their animals I feel. A partnership. We address all concerns of the animal’s well-being while healing the body and during this process, the owners learn to interact, to see, and learn about their animal in a completely different way. A deeper, more respectful, more intelligent way, I feel. Our animals are no different from humans regarding life, hopes, dreams, etc. They just appear to be so due to our belief systems usually, as they inhabit a different carbon body.

Process | I need information. This is the most crucial part of the healing journey – the details being relayed back to me. Usually, I ask the owner to log the animal’s journey so I can see what the body is communicating against the 24-hour clock. As what the animal is saying, and doing must align with what I am seeing energetically in their system regarding support required. Then we all know, nothing is being missed, and all aspects of the healing are being addressed. Everything the animal does is important information.

Support | I am reachable daily for all questions, to help owners understand what the animal, and their body is messaging. This is important I feel, as the process must be about love, and light, never fear, despair, and thinking about the future “what ifs”. The owner’s mind paradigm must change too, else the animal will support their human, and not focus on healing their own body, mind, and spirit. This is hard for humans I feel, as we value “worry” so much. But this dropping down on the vibration scale is not conducive for healing, it actually does the opposite by draining all involved.

7Do I Diagnose?

No. Healing is looking at the whole-body systems and unblocking the energy and flow on many levels of the being – the body, mind and spirit. So, while one is looking for “what is the diagnosis, the label” for what they are seeing, which can then be matched to a drug or procedure, as the system has been intentionally designed, this is not how wholistic healing views the body.

If there is a problem in the leg, the whole body needs healing, including the energetic body, it is never a leg issue per se. So, diagnosis is not part of this paradigm, as this is sort of irrelevant.

For example, in mainstream, focusing on a leg – fix the leg, the body will then produce another symptom, usually the other leg, as the core body issue has not been addressed. This is why all “leg-fixers” will say – see you next month for the other leg. You may have mobility for a short term, but the core essence of why the leg is not okay has again, not been addressed. And the “created illness” cycle continues.

8How Long Does It Take to Heal the Body?

Ahhhh, the famous question. It depends on many factors as every healing journey is different, age, toxicity level, investment by the human, the animal’s will to live, these are some of the factors influencing the outcome. And I also feel the animals are here to teach us. So, the longer the pet owner is not willing to learn, and grow, honoring the planet, nature, and their own power, the healing journey may take longer. This is by design I feel. What is their soul journey? If the case is chronic , which most cases are, quite a few months usually as the body is getting rid of toxins, it depends on how toxic the owners live, and how badly the body has been damaged.

Acute cases, the recovery is very quick as we support the body back to health quickly sending in energy, and removing all the negative – emotions, trauma, imprinting, and potentially entities. Every case is unique to the being.

9Does My Animal Have to Be Physically Present for Healing?
No. Every single thing from Source on this planet is energy, deeply connected to the planet. Healing is all about intention, love, and mindfulness. Energy follows thought, it follows intention. Feedback is a crucial part of the healing process, which some pet owners I find have difficulty with as their observation skills need a lot of sharpening.
10Is There Any Animal or Life Form You Are Not Able to Work On?
Not that I know of.  We are all energy, as long as they are carbon-based, the healing will be received.
11Do I Work With Veterinarians?
I am very open to working with veterinarians.  I feel it is a team effort to help our lovely animals heal.
12What Are My Consultation Rates?

I keep things very simple. My rate is 125.00 CAD per hour plus materials taken for consumption / use. I do not charge extras such as for phone calls, or short emails, travel time under an hour, or office supplies used.

Payment is by e-transfer. With terms, due upon receipt.

13Why Do I Refer to Humans With Pets as Pet Owners Versus Pet Parents, etc.?

This comes back to our lawful system under Common Law. It is very important you do not ever relinquish your right as an owner due to the term not being in alignment with how your spirit feels. Under Common Law, you hold the rights of those under your ownership. Once you navigate away from this, lawfully you have relinquished these rights.

The current legal system is not lawful, it is a corporately driven-for-profit-system designed to make money, and does not represent, we, the people. This was fully installed, replacing Common Law without the public realizing in 1954 according to judge, Melvin Stamper, JD, in his book, Fruit from the Poisonous Tree.

So, “pet owners” it is for now.

Do I feel anyone, anything is owned? Absolutely, not. But in our Third Dimensional reality, under Common Law, I own my animals so they are safe, and secure. They are my cherished family. The Fifth Dimension will shift all this which the planet is rolling forward into, the question becomes, how are you participating in the ascension?

I think this covers everything. Please email if your question has not been addressed, thank you very much. Namaste’.