What is your vibration daily?

What vibration are you sending out to every living thing on the planet? And how may this be affecting your body, your soul, and all your animals who love you so?  We must make ourselves a priority, and honor our journey.  To do this, it is crucial for each of us to spend time going inward, and to make it a daily practice.  To get out of our head so to speak and get off technology.

To create a soft, safe space, and sit with oneself.  And listen.  Just breathe and listen.  Allowing the mind to be free of thought, connecting to our deeper being.  It is said, we cannot love, what we do not know.  Are you spending time getting to know you? and a very important question,

are you loving you daily?
By looking after you, you are automatically looking after your animal.
Please make the time to invest in you.

If you would like a mantra which takes little time but connects you to all that is by giving thanks to all that is through intention, including yourself, I invite you to send the Wave of Light.  This was a gift – word for word – from the animal realm.

“When you change your thoughts, give gratitude, you will see the world in such a different space that the possibilities are endless – raising the vibration of the core.” – Anonymous