No Earth Contact

We are all organic beings, we are all designed to have feet on dirt, to be connected to the planet. It is essential for our well-being.

If your animal is not ever in contact with the Earth, if they never ever put their paws on dirt or grass, then please consider investing in a grounding pad. This will help heal them, if they are not able to ground themselves naturally, and also help them be connected to the Earth’s healing energies.

This is essential for all of us organic beings; we need to be connected to the energies of the planet. This naturally comes through touch, feet on Earth, hoof on Earth, paws on Earth. When we wear shoes or do not allow our animals regular access to the ground, we are cut off from the balancing and healing frequencies the planet provides our bodies. It is against nature to not be grounded to the planet.

For Those Animals Inside 24/7

I would encourage, at least weekly, taking your animal outside on harness, somewhere safe, where the ground has not been exposed to chemicals, and allowing the animal to touch the grass, touch the ground. This is crucial for healing and for their happiness.

We are all beings of the Earth and to not be able to make this connection, we suffer.
I have contacted Earthing Canada and their products have nothing magnetic in them so they will not interfere with microchips.