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This page has been put together to show the consumer / pet parent what is actually going on when one follows pet healthcare protocols the first year of an animal’s life.  

The First Year

The body is born healthy under most circumstances.  (We are assuming the animal is not from a puppy mill.)  The body is innately connected to nature, the planet, and knows how to look after itself.  It does not need the interference of humans.

The problem is – there is no money to made here.  And this is where the “fear” comes in. Because your animal MUST generate revenue. Their body and what goes into it, supports a lot of industries.  So, how do these industries get you, the consumer, to participate? Market you “fear” as preventive medicine.

With a good diet, a healthy environment, and nothing toxic in the body, the animal will live a long happy life, and cost you next to nothing.

But the FEAR PROPAGANDA is strong, well-funded, andit is marketed to the consumer intentionally to keep you coming back. And this drives costs, high costs, fabulous revenues for all the industries involved, board rooms are happy! but simultaneously,

tremendous PAIN and SUFFERING in our animals is caused because of the consumer’s lack of questioning.
About the Case Studies

Below are real-life case studies of two animals, a cat and a dog, and what they were exposed to based on their vet bills their first year of life.  What this information will show you I hope is:

  1. How at an incredibly young age, massive toxins are being injected into a brand new, developing body.How shock, trauma, and the onset of much disease is created.  All these “viruses” and bacteria are not introduced the natural way, but through the “back door” via injection literally bypassing the body’s intelligent security system which nature designed to keep it safe.
  2. Right away the body communicates it is in trouble, is not coping, does not understand what has happened. Yet, “do no harm” is not practiced.  It is about a schedule and about revenue. And here the “created illness” cycle begins.The body shows symptoms which is “great from a profit perspective”, because then more can be “done to the body”, the being. This now becomes the revenue streams everyone in these industries are looking for.Boardrooms and shareholders are indeed very happy.
But where does this leave our pets?
Who TRUST US to look after their body, their mind, and their spirit?
Real-Life Case Study | Sam

Sam came to us where you see the vet bills stopping.  What symptoms was he showing?

  • Peeing his guts out – literally – one pee equaled the whole litter box, and he is a tiny cat
  • Urine stank – there are no words to describe what the smell was like
  • His coat was dry and he was dumping fur like no tomorrow; his bed had easily an inch thick of fur in it
  • He would not eat his dry kibble – he would sit and stare at it
  • He was underweight
  • He had a fascination of water (this is the Rabies shot)
  • Behavior was out of whack, did not show “normal” cat skills
  • Constantly losing whiskers
  • Dropped his back when touched

All of these symptoms’ equal high toxicity.These are signals the body is not okay, not even close to being okay.This toxicity will of course be affecting his behavior, his brain.Sam would not eat because the dry food hurt his gut. It is just toxic, there are no other words for this.  He knew this – but this is all that was available and he was hungry.

The previous pet parent, knew he was not okay. She kept going back to the vet to report he was peeing too much, and was not eating enough, but to a veterinarian this is most likely normal, because this is the cycle. This is what they are seeing, “the new normal” this is what the industry has created. All the industries. But this is not normal at all.

Sam’s previous pet parent’s instincts were right on, she just did not have the information she needed to make the changes to support Sam. When I spoke to her, she was so relieved to know her instincts were correct. Yet very upset that he was not okay. A lot of pet parents are perhaps in this position. I believe none of these symptoms would exist, if Sam had never seen this vet.

Healing Sam, his kidneys mainly the focus, and removing all the toxicity took 6 months. He was placed on a raw diet with vegetables and Zoopharmacognosey was practiced daily with him to help flush the toxins, and support the healing process. Slowly the hair stopped dumping. Slowly he peed smaller and smaller amounts. The stench disappeared. And he stopped drinking water as he was now getting enough fluid through his fresh diet. He became calmer, less jumpy, and his coat began to sparkle. He was also much happier in his body, you could see, and feel this. But we still had work to do. His back hurt and I had a feeling his bone structure was compromised, (from neutering & toxicity) as well as his spleen.

Because of the toxic load, such a massive amount put into him, I think this is an ongoing system repair. I often wonder if the damage has been too great as this was all done to a newborn body. None of which the body would EVER encounter in nature, or its lifetime most likely.

Sam’s Vet Bills | How Protocols are Damaging the Body | Cause & Effect Timeline

Below is a spreadsheet of Sam’s vet bills, what was put into him. He was a condo cat and needed none of it, ever. The former pet parent spent 1,400 CAD in one year unknowingly all doing damage to the body. Not one thing shown on this spreadsheet supports a healthy system. I have made my comments so you can see what I see. If these protocols were continued to be followed, I think Sam would be lucky to live until 13 years of age. This would be less than half a cat’s natural life span.

Please let me know if you have any questions on the above. Sam’s health is supported with a fresh daily diet, homeopathy if there is trauma of any kind as he is active outside, glandulars to repair his organs, enzymes, and Zoopharmacognosey. He is VERY clear what he needs. Nothing is given automatically daily, it is about what the body needs each day.

Real Life Case Study | Koko

Photos: 2018 April and then 2019 Sept | See the changes?

This is another example of “pet healthcare”. I have presented the first year of Koko’s life according to the vet records, with the pet parent’s permission. But this goes on like this until 2018. Koko was constantly sick to the point the vet is putting the shots in her leg. (The veterinarians do this in case they need to amputate the leg as they know the vaccines cause so much damage.)

Looking at this spreadsheet, the animal was fine, healthy. As soon as the vaccinations started going into the body, the body started collapsing. Literally. The animal had to be hospitalized. But what is important to see here, is regardless of the system crashing, this vet kept pummeling the system over and over again with more shots. This is all about MONEY. This is not healthcare on any level.

Koko’s Vet Bills | How Protocols are Damaging the Body | Cause & Effect Timeline

In the spreadsheet below, I have tried to be very clear what is going on and how the body is reacting. The issue is the pet parent’s trust the vet, but the vet is not practicing “do not harm”. This is again, another “prime” example of revenue generation.

That was 2013 and here we have the next year, 2014 shown below.  The system is still producing issues with ear infections, eye infections, this is the body screaming for help!  What happens next? more shots and then the LEPTO is introduced.  The body is just being pummeled to death, literally.  What you do not see, in 2015, that even though a 3 YR shot was given in 2014, the dog was given an annual again. This is NOT healthcare.  This is a system of death.

And the body is just getting weaker and weaker. This goes on for a few years (2018) to the point where the animal starts to self-harm, the coat goes from a dark black to grey, is heavily matted (heavy metals) and the eyes constantly run (liver). When people meet the dog, they think this dog is over 10. She is only 4 years old. The damage.

Koko Resulting to Self-Mutilation Due to Toxic Load

Photos above:  Animals front arms, left and then right.  She is pulling the hair out of her own body.  This is not stress, this is not anxiety as most would label,  this is a toxic load so high she is beside herself.

Healing Koko | The Process

2019 | When I saw a photo of her shown above, and asked what was happening to her, her pet parents did not really know what I meant. I then asked for the vet records. 20 pages of the “created illness” cycle, a prime example.

Immediate changes were implemented. What we did was detox the body, we changed the diet to support the detox process, we listened, we watched what she told us via self-selection where she needed more support. Eventually all the self-harming stopped and slowly the body began to heal. The coat is changing back to black, the coat is returning to its soft natural state, the eyes are slowing down. It takes time to do this because the system has to go through healing cycles, cleaning safely so as not to poison the blood, or overload the system with the excreted toxins. This is why we must follow the animal’s lead and not think we know best.

Log with Photos |  We record daily, the healing journey so we know we are helping her. The eyes, I feel will be the last symptom to heal. We will know then the liver is happy, and can now do its job without any more added toxic pressure.

The Goal |  We keep working with the animal, supporting her, with good food and nutrients, and let go of all fear.  Checking in with her to see if she needs any topping up with Zoopharmacognosey along the way. We support her to create a super strong body which is able to deal with nature, naturally, the way it is designed to do, without interference.

2020 December |  Update.  Eyes are no longer providing residue in the morning or at night.  Liver is happy.  This took her a year of healing from the “created illness” cycle.  She is now one happy non-self-harming, pain-free pup!

I hope these case studies have been helpful.  Please reach out if you have any questions.

Please question everything.
Protect Your Pet. Stop the Cycle.