Double Boiler

All animals must be fed food at room temperature.

Never cold, and never too hot. Above, is our cat’s food, please note it changes every day, this is just one example, being prepared as it has just come out of the fridge. The glass bowl is sitting in hot water. Another bowl will then be placed over the top to heat the food. One can use a plate also to seal the heat provided by the hot water. Never over heat as this will ruin all the wonderful enzymes in the food. And mix it a bit after the first minute so all the food is heated not just the outside portion next to the bowl. The food takes about 5 minutes to heat.

This is then placed on a plate for Sam to eat, as some cats, it seems, prefer plates so their whiskers are not impacted by the sides of the bowls.

Too Cold for Cats | For those who do not like to touch the meat, please use a thermometer to make sure the meat is room temperature. Cats will walk away from their food if it is too cold, or potentially vomit it back up. Clients then perceive this as the cat not liking their food, when it is really about the temperature. It has to be just right.

Hot Summer Days & Dogs | This does not apply to wonderful snacks from the freezer for dogs to lick during hot summer days such as bone broth cubes, or fruit cubes etc. to lick and help keep the body cool. No frozen bones though, these will crack their teeth. And please make sure food is never offered on any treated lawns.