The Energetic Body

We are all energy including all the planet’s wonderful creatures, all of nature, and much more than we realize I feel. Our energy systems are comprised of 7 layers, all humans and animals, all beings, have these layers, and these layers have vibrations. Each layer protects us and gives us information about how we are living our lives. When we are out of balance with our destiny, our purpose, what makes our heart sing with joy, with honouring ourselves, this can eventually manifest as imbalance in the body. As the body is the navigation system for the soul, the higher self.

The five inner basic layers are, from the most outward:

  • the Spiritual Body: conduit to our higher self
  • the Mental Body: our attitudes about life
  • the Emotional Body: where disease / imbalance originates; energy centers blocked here
  • the Etheric Body: vitalizes and energizes the physical body; chakras are located here; our connection to the earth’s rhythms and energy is here


  • the Physical Body

The above is also referenced as our AURA. And within this aura, like us, the animals have a chakra system. They have 8 Major chakras, 21 Minor chakras and 6 Bud chakras. It is these chakras I work on to unblock, opening up the energy centers to get the energy flowing through the body. The canine is provided as an example below.

The Chakra System

The following chart below, The Chakra System matches organs, feelings, how an animal may process life, glands, and the emotions to the chakras.  The imbalances which are sometimes witnessed, as not everything is apparent, will provide information about where the animal needs energy clearing and topping up.  This can sometimes take quite a few sessions to get the body up and running.  As healing cannot be rushed, it is an individual process.

Blockages and Storing Negative Energy

Negative experiences are registered in our cells whether we like it or not. They are automatically recorded in our cellular memory. The same applies for animals, for all beings I feel.

The feelings associated with these experiences must then intentionally be cleared.

For instance, when their humans or environment is unstable, and/or the animals feel they are not being listened to, they can experience deep despair, deep sadness and these negative emotions are registered and may manifest in the physical body. Of course, any abuse is deep trauma. This all can be felt in their bodies by an energy worker and by some, by just seeing their aura.

The more I started working with energy, the more I felt, and the more I can now perceive and intuitively know. I think we all have this capability. It is about healing ourselves first and foremost, letting go of the ego, and all expectations, and allowing the being in front of us to truly express themselves.

This is about opening up a channel of pure love and with this comes immense trust.

And this is what animals respond to. As their intention is to always to live in the present and to live harmoniously. They are here I feel to help us become conscious. To aid us every day in supporting us to be our best selves. To help us grow. I also feel they have their own journey, and assignment while they are here, to learn, and grow also as a being. Below in this photo, I am working on our lovely Sam. He has the freedom to leave at any time but he is choosing to absorb all the energy I am channelling to him.  Pure love.

Distant Healing

When I work on an animal, I prefer to do so from a distance. I feel more comes through from the animal, messages are passed through more freely. I can feel blockages in their energetic fields and work to release these along with the emotions associated. It is about asking permission, protecting all those around me and the being I am working on, and connecting with the pure intention of channelling love. There is also less distraction, as I control my environment from which I work, and therefore, can fully concentrate.

When I meet an animal, I have worked on from a distance for the first time, they instantly know me and much gratitude is exchanged from both of us, as well as massive hugs.

Each being is so special and is such a gift to this planet, and yes, this includes you, the reader.


Energy work is extremely powerful with amazing results. If your animal is unbalanced in any way, energy work will help them immensely. Information and findings are always fed back to the caretaker and the animal will provide information too, you will see.

Books | Animals & Energy

Margrit Coates
The best energy healing books for animals are by Margrit Coates. They are a wonderful read with lots of case studies. Her layout of her books and her explanations are excellent and easy to follow. She is a huge inspiration to us all and was my first introduction into energy healing for horses in the Netherlands. With much gratitude to Margrit. Here is a beautiful video of her working on a horse named Essy. Make sure you have some tissues, it is heart breaking what she has gone through.

Below is also a link to her diagrams of the energetic bodies of animals and the associated feelings where energy can potentially be stuck. Sorry they are not free, but they are well worth the investment.

Elizabeth Whiter | The book “The Animal Healer” by Elizabeth Whiter opened my eyes to what is possible. It is through her teachings in addition to Margrit’s I do what I do today. Elizabeth holds AMAZING courses which everyone should be so lucky to attend. Her books are a must read for all. Her second book, “How to Heal your Pet” provides detail about energy healing and pets.

Animal Reiki, Using Energy to Heal the Animals in your Life by Elizabeth Fulton and Kathleen Prasad

Energy Healing for Horses by Holly Davis | This is a fabulous read. Holly has been working with horses for 30+ years and provides valuable information about how to help heal them. In her book, a horse’s chakra system is explained in detail showing where the stars and gateway chakras are located and their function. Holly also suggests all equipment be checked energetically which I thought was very important information.

Reiki for Dogs by Kathleen Prasad

Animal Healing and Vibrational Medicine by Sage Holloway

Energy Healing for Animals by Joan Ranquet | Fabulous information in Joan’s book about many different modalities of energetic healing, many which are mentioned on this website.

Documents | Animals & Energy

Lynn McKenzie: This is a fabulous document available for free online explaining energy healing, chakras and the meaning of each pertaining to your animal by Lynn McKenzie.

Dr. Bernarr:How to Help Heal Animals” This document explains just how powerful hands-on-healing is for your animal(s) by Dr. Bernarr

Books & Websites | Humans & Energy

These resources are invaluable and well worth the investment. All these iconic teachers share their life work and explain how to heal with energy and the impacts they have witnessed during their lifetimes.

Hands-On Healing A Practical Guide to Channeling Your Healing Energies by Jack Angelo
Distant Healing by Jack Angelo |
I love Jack Angelo’s books as they are easy to read, and understand, with diagrams and case studies.

Hands of Light by Barbara Brennan |

Energy Medicine by Donna Eden |
Donna is a master in energy healing.  One could read this book over and over and still not absorb all the fabulous information.  A must have in anyone’s library wishing to understand and study the subject.

A Practical Guide to Vibrational Medicine Energy Healing and Spiritual Transformation and Vibrational Medicine by Richard Gerber, MD
I love these books.  They are easy to navigate, full of fabulous information with diagrams.  A fabulous resource for referencing and refreshing one practice.

Naibhu: A Spiritual Odyssey, Mind Mastery Meditations, and Infinite Mind: The Science of Human Vibration by Dr. Valerie Hunt |

Wheels of Life by Andoea Judith, PHD |
Andoea Judith is world re-known for her life work on the Chakra System. This video applies to all beings.

The Healing Power of Your Aura by Barbara Y. Martin

The Book of Chakras – Discover the Hidden Forces Within You by Ambika Wauters
This is a very detailed book about each chakra and how one might be off balance within each.  It also provides a lot of information about the planet, crystals etc., associated with each chakra.  Beautiful book and easy to navigate.