Homeopathy is fascinating. It is intelligent.

It has been around for over 250 years much to pharma’s disdain! What makes it so fascinating, is that it is so simple, once the right remedy is found for that particular being. We are all conditioned to believe that to heal anything chronic there must be a monumental “fix” via science or surgery but this is marketing. This is just not true.

Homeopathy was established in the 1800’s by Samuel Hahnemann. It was tested on humans, voluntarily, so the science is defined based on real life human studies. Which hurt no one.

Please watch this video to provide you more understanding, and yes, it indeed, includes animals! Addressed by veterinarian Christopher Day, who has also written many books, one which I have referenced below in resources for this section.

And this is very human focused, but again the information is applicable to our beautiful beings, our animals.

What is Homeopathy?

Homeopathy is the extreme dilution of plant and in some cases animal/sea life properties to extract the high potencies of their powers. It is energy medicine. And comes in the form of various dilutions. It is very, very powerful. Each of the individual remedy’s powers relate to a specific set of symptoms we organic beings may display if we took the solution. So, the idea is LIKE cures LIKE. What the remedy produces in the body will cure what is already present in the body.

It is therefore literally, one remedy that cures all symptoms at once.
This is called a Constitutional Remedy.
It is specific to the individual.

It is a process of watching, waiting and recording. And again, the healing process follows the rules: body heals inside out, top to bottom, with symptoms presenting themselves most recent to original/oldest, and this can go back to early years of development.

This is explained here https://animalsbodymindspirit.com/healing-process/. Symptoms which have been suppressed for decades will surface to clear, to be healed. It is incredible to experience.

It is nothing like pharma where many drugs are thrown in the body per symptom. Which is Russian Roulette as no one knows how all these drugs synergize in the body all together all at once. And of course, there are other effects of these drugs labelled “side effects’ which are really effects of the drugs, there is nothing “side” about them. And all these chemicals in these drugs MUST be intentionally cleared from the system at some point. And the gut will have to be repaired too.

Whole Body vs. Symptom Approach

Homeopathy has no side effects.

I invite you to reference the illustration below. This is how homeopathy works compared to the conventional method. This is a simplistic look. Please note, this is not a real-life case study demonstrated below. As in a real-life case study, the animal will go through many healing cycles and healing crises to repair the body to achieve homeostasis. And remember, anything suppressed with pharma has NOT cleared the body and will have to re-surface to be healed.

What is important to note:

  • One natural, non-invasive remedy versus many toxic products
  • Organs are not impacted and damaged
  • We honour the being by listening and learning
  • The body, the mind and the spirit are addressed
Acute versus Chronic

Homeopathy deals with ACUTE and CHRONIC cases. Acute are easier to deal with as there is a cause – effect relationship and one can easily see the patient getting better with the remedy immediately.

Real-Life Experience: Acute Case, Poisoning

I came home one day and my dog had annihilated the house via vomiting and diarrhea. She was fine when I left the house 3 hours prior. It was the kind of moment where you look at the damage and amount of work and say “don’t get upset, it is not her fault, it just is, put on some old clothes and take one step at a time”.

It had to have been poison.

I gave her a remedy, NUX VOMICA 30C immediately and placed her on broth for 3 days. This allowed the system to repair and clean. (Note: You do not want to put food in the body because then the energy will go to the digestive system and we do not want that. We want the body to clean, have minerals and support but to not redirect resources to digestion. Therefore, broth supplies nutrients but does not tax the system with a heavy digestive responsibility.)

She was fine. The system kicked whatever it was as it is designed to do.

No more episodes, no vet visit, no toxicity and she was back to processing food properly 3 days later. Much to her extreme DELIGHT! Did I mention she was a Lab? 🙂

Chronic is trickier to remedy because the condition has been festering for some years, a lot of pharma has usually gone into the body, suppressed a lot of symptoms and hence, information. Also, perhaps the animal has changed hands a few times too so no one really knows what has happened to the lovely being. This becomes a layered problem. This is where Zoopharmacognosey can help here to deal with trauma as the animal tells us, directs us to supporting their own healing, magnificent!

Image Above: Little homeopathic pills, Arnica Montana and Nux Vomica. Strength 30C. These are two remedies which should be in everyone’s household. They are invaluable.
How is a Remedy Determined?

What is important to know:

Homeopathy is a science, it takes years to know how to use each remedy and apply it to an individual being. So, an experienced professional for chronic cases is a must.

All symptoms of the being are listed and become part of the drilling down to the right remedy. For example:

Behavioural symptoms: likes and dislikes, reactions to things and perhaps people, light and darkness implications, habits which seem unbalanced

Physical symptoms – sound, colour, size, change in body, stool, urine etc.; eating habits, vomiting, diarrhea, itching – where on body?

Interaction with others, humans and animals

Weather impact on the above

Time of day things occur on the above. One may reference this page link to understand the importance of the time of day. https://animalsbodymindspirit.com/the-circadian-clock/

Accidents, injury, trauma – history which could have impacted permanent imbalance on the being

Everything tells a story. All of it is very important information about how this being is currently operating and perceiving the world around him/her from the inside out

This is how one looks at the body to determine a remedy.
Image Above: Little homeopathic pills, all different potencies. Invaluable to have in the house, and to travel with.
Real-Life Experience: CHRONIC: Cat not eating, peeing huge amounts, urine stinks, losing whiskers and drops back when stroked

Sam came to us around 3 years old. He is a tiny cat, was underweight and peeing his guts out. He was not a big eater and was on dry food. His previous owner said he would sit and just look at his food. And the smell of his urine was just so wrong, it was incredibly strong permeating the whole house. And I felt his body hurt.

So, this has been the process:

1. Diet
We needed to get weight onto him and get him eating. He was switched onto raw diet in 3 days from arriving in our house. This was how long it took to convert him. He was eager to eat but I felt he was sore inside and there was a reluctance to eat.

Slippery elm paste, was made on the stove top, and was used to help heal the gut and soothe the system prior to eating. Swiping a little on his gums 15 minutes prior to food offered.

Enzymes were used to also start building up the body. Lots of notes were taken as I knew his kidneys were under a lot of strain so I needed to watch him carefully.

2. Zoopharmacognosey
Consistently I worked with Zoopharmacognosey to help heal him. He chose almost everything – digestion, antibacterials were massive as well as cellular repair, all kidney and hormone remedies and trauma to the body were absorbed daily.

3. Kidneys
It took 6 months for his body to heal his kidneys. The volume of liquid coming out of him, reduced 85%. Finally, I felt the kidneys were back to normal as I could touch his sides easily too but I still felt he had structural issues. And this was confirmed when he broke his toe. What cat breaks their toe at 3 yrs. of age?

At this point – I felt I needed help to go deeper in the body to help him heal.

4. Homeopathic Vet
I reached out to the homeopathic vet and provided my list of symptoms:
a. Jumpy
b. Not so secure in his body
c. Back hurts when I touch him
d. Broken toe, should not have happened, has skeletal issues I believe from so much pharma and vaccinations at such a young age when he was developing his frame
e. Losing hair, 80 percent improvement but still losing too much for my liking and he was dropping whiskers. This was a BIG deal for me as I thought the skeleton was again, just not strong enough
f. Stalked our other cat – behaviour was not rational
g. Sometimes bit you out of no where (vaccines)
h. Had trouble learning from past mistakes
i. Overall, very loving but not comfortable in his body

5. Remedy
Based on the symptom list above, one remedy was prescribed. After the first dose, I touched his back the next morning and no buckling. Fabulous! And no more stalking! Fabulous! These were immediate changes. I am now watching to see what else surfaces as his system was so pummelled at an early age, that the body must have suppressed more symptoms which I was not around to witness. So, he may need another dose or another remedy. It is about allowing the body to process and heal and taking a lot of notes. But I can tell, he already feels much better inside his own skin. Time will tell….it is all about patience.

To summarize, nothing toxic has gone into the body, do no harm is present and being practised, and we are working WITH the being not DOING to the being. We are also honouring the planet, and her gifts.
How cool is that?
Homeopathy’s Power

What can homeopathy heal?
Everything – yes, including cancer
Here is a link explaining how brain cancer, which evolved to seizures and vision loss as well, was healed which was a result of suppression of original skin issues. https://vitalanimal.com/case-reports/

How to use?
Give remedy and watch and wait
Changes could be instant within 24 hours else may take 2 weeks
If no change in a month, then need a different remedy
It is crucial good documentation is taken / recorded, daily with the time of day. All changes, behavioural and physical mean something, so do not filter, take photos too if they are helpful.

How to Store Homeopathic Remedies:
Store in cool, dry, dark place
No sun exposure, or bright lights
No EMF exposure or heat from electronics or appliances esp. cell phones
Away from other drugs, essential oils and anything strong smelling. Store in “their own place”.

How long do they last?
Dry doses – forever, with care
Wet doses – check the liquid – any cloudiness – throw out; but should last a very long time

Using with other modalities?
No matter who I talk to, I receive a different answer. Some say not to use homeopathy with Acupuncture or Herbs as this can confuse the vital force. It is best one modality is chosen so the vital force can be watched and the direction is clear. The practitioner will want to know what the messages are from the body, the symptoms, in order to know how help the whole being. By placing a lot of different modalities in the system at once, the picture, the vital force’s expression, may become a little fuzzy.

Image Above: Arnica Montana. Arnica is fondly used in the Entertainment Industry for bruising, as no actor or actress can be seen bumped or bruised from their daily life on screen. It is also used for shock to the body, system.
About Combo Remedies

Homeopathy is a science. Each homeopathic remedy has been tested and proven singularly. Combos have not been tested all together in a human body – synergistically. Meaning, they have not been “proven” and therefore, there is no data on them. When one is offered these combo’s, this is not accurate diagnosis. This is taking the “conventional ideology” route. This will confuse the body as the body will have to respond in some way making it harder to properly diagnose the original imbalance.

Dr. Will Falconer, reports, “The use of these remedies is palliation. And what palliation does is suppress symptoms for a while but the chronic issue remains. It has not been dealt with at all. As soon as the combo remedy is stopped then all the symptoms will return and probably in a much stronger force.”

This is actually really dangerous because as palliation is being practised the chronic issue GROWS!!!
And crucial time is being lost in the healing process as the being will indeed be getting sicker.

So, beware of remedies labeled based on symptoms such as ITCH remedies and ALOPEA remedies. This is not how homeopathy is supposed to be utilized. Every being is different and every being will require a professional homeopath to find “that being’s constitutional remedy”.

Image Above: Calendula, the Marigold Flower. Calendula is a massive healer. The macerate / CO2 is ingested by a lot of animals during Zoopharmacognosey sessions. Especially when there are skin issues. Calendula is also a homeopathic remedy.

I am a massive fan of Calendula tincture diluted for open sores, and calendula salve for healing all kinds of things. The body heals extremely fast with its aid.

To gain understanding without having to read a lot, a great resource to read is Homeopathy the First Aider by Dr. Dorothy Shepard. (Sources for product mentioned below).

Moving Forward

I suggest one finds an experienced homeopath vet and always take notes, keep history against a time line about each of your animals. It is your responsibility to keep track of your animals’ symptoms and progress and then follow up. The more information provided the better. Always keep in mind, as there are good doctors and not so good doctors this too applies to homeopaths. So, seek the professional who works for you, who you feel comfortable with. Who practises 100% homeopathy, no dabbling while practising conventional as this is not going to help your animal.

Homeopathy versus Applied Zoopharmacognosey

I have been exposed to homeopathy for a lot longer than Applied Zoopharmacognosey. What I like about Zoopharmacognosey, is there is no guessing. You support the process but you do not dictate the remedies, the animal does. And by doing so, there is 100% accuracy.

With homeopathy, this is a skill set. And the homeopath has to know how to drill down into your animal’s symptoms and then come up with the right remedy. And the most important thing is, a lot of symptoms are not visible to any human. However, when practising Zoopharmacognosey, they surface as information during a self-selection session. It is really, really interesting what comes up as issues for the animal, which no one knows.

Time is also a factor. While both methods can provide immediate results, the homeopathic remedy does sometimes take time to work. Applied Zoopharmacognosey, the results are usually more immediate I find. It all depends on the being and the imbalance.

I have witnessed remarkable things with both methods.  What I feel though is Applied Zoopharmacognosey is more accurate with animals because the human ego is not involved and I find some vet homeopaths prescribing based on ailment versus constitution.  It should never be given based on one major symptom in a chronic case – the imbalance must always be diagnosed based on the whole being.  But again, this is not what I am coming across.  So, keep this in mind when working with anyone if you go this route.

I hope this helps. Please call me if you have any questions. I would be happy to discuss further.

In gratitude to Samuel Hahnemann for all the lives saved and all the imbalances cured.

Dr. Pitcairn’s Complete Guide to Natural Health for Dogs & Cats (4th Edition)
In the new edition above, Dr. Pitcairn now promotes a vegan diet for dogs and cats which people are upset about.
Dr. Pitcairn’s Complete Guide to Natural Health for Dogs & Cats (2005)
This is the older edition which I have used for many years, some people like this version better:
Homeopathic Care for Cats and Dogs, Revised Edition: Small Doses for Small Animals by Don Hamilton, DVM
Practical Handbook of Veterinary Homeopathy, Healing Our Animals Inside Out by Wendy Thacher Jensen, DVM
Homeopathic Treatment of Small Animals Principles and Practice by Christopher Day, MA, VetMB, VetFFHom, MRCVS
Cats Homeopathic Remedies by George MacLeod, MRCVS, DVSM, VetFFHom
Boericke’s New Manual of Homeopathic MATERIA MEDICA with REPERATORY by William Boericke
New World Veterinary Repertory, by Richard H. Pitcairn and Wendy Jensen
Homeopathy for the First Aider by Dr. Dorothy Shepherd
Magic of the Minimum Dose, Impressive Case Histories by a World-Famous Homeopath Demonstrating the Superiority of Homeopathy by Dr. Dorothy Shepard
Homeopathy for the First Aider by Dr. Dorothy Shepard
Homeopathy Beyond Flat Earth Medicine, An Introduction for Students and Patients by Timothy R. Dooley, ND, MD
Best Homeopathic Books On Line & Free:  https://homeopathybooks.in/

Case Studies



Fabulous information here from Dr. Will Falconer, Vital Animal – a homeopathic vet for 30+ years.



Homeoprophylaxis Expert & Author



Vital Animal by Will Falconer DVM

Remedy Sites

YouTube: School of Homeopathy
Tincture: https://www.fushi.co.uk/marigold-calendula-tincture-100ml-by-fushi-wellbeing.html
Salve:  https://well.ca/products/clef-des-champs-organic-calendula_101180.html

Remedy Suppliers

Remedies of low potency can be used without homeopathic advice. High dosing must be via a professional’s instruction as damage could be caused. Always use one remedy at a time and wait and document changes. Give 2 weeks to a month to see what the response is. Pay attention. Detail is everything.

Vet Homeopaths

Please see Resource section in the Information Gallery ad you may use this link also: https://theavh.org/find-a-vet/#!directory/map