Flame Retardants | PBDE’s

Polybrominated diphenyl Ethers (PBDE’s) are lethal chemicals, which can be found in electronics [Decabromodiphenyl Ether (DECA)], furniture and carpets. The impact on our animals is extremely concerning.

Our wild life is showing heavy concentrations too which is so alarming.
Once you release them in the environment, they stay out there for years and years,” says Marta Venier, a chemist in the School of Public and Environmental Affairs at Indiana University. They also travel far and wide through the air and water. “They become ubiquitous,” she says. “It’s become a worldwide problem.”

Dogs Naturally magazine has written a fabulous article about how these chemicals are even in the dog food! Another reason to stay away from industry food and how dogs and cats blood levels are showing extraordinary levels of the chemicals in their bloodstream which will undoubtedly be contributing to whole host of health issues no doubt.

These chemicals are reported to be sprayed on PET BEDDING.These will be then be absorbed through the skin, the nose and mouth.  And when washed – into our eco-system.  We are covering our home with them without questioning.

The Government of Canada’s website states – “key health and ecological effects are neurodevelopment such are changes in movement and behaviour and contamination of wildlife as the chemicals are passed through the food chain.” It is up to all of us to “buy” consciously” and ask the questions when purchasing products if they are contaminated with these chemicals so we can participate in protecting our ourselves, our animals, and the planet, and all her beautiful creatures.


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