Free-Feeding is dis-ease creation.
Free-Feeding is Not in Alignment with Nature

No organic body is designed to eat all the time, much less have food available to it all the time.  Apart from this practice not being sustainable planet-wise, we need the time away from food to allow our bodies to clean, detox, and repair.  This is what fasting is all about.

Digestion pulls the most energy on the body’s energy resources.  When we do not eat, the body then uses its energy resources to clean, repair, and heal.

Our senses are designed to tell our body when the food is coming.  When we smell food, our saliva in our mouth starts running, and our stomach starts prepping to receive nutrients.  We are so intelligently designed.

The animals are too.  By leaving food out all the time, the digestive tract therefore, never gets a break.  Also, this goes against everything your animal’s system innately knows about nature.

They hunt, they eat.  There is never a free-flowing food source.  And the only reason people can do this, is because this “free-flowing” food is full of deadly chemicals, and preservatives.  It does not rot.  Yet can go rancid easily.

This is why most animal’s urine stinks, breath smells bad, teeth are coated in thick film, and just eat, and eat and eat.  It the food.  The laboratory designed waste product.

Why an Animal Overeats

When free-feeding is practiced, and the food source is really lacking in nutrients, the overeating of food is a result of your animal trying to give the body the nutrients it is looking for.  But the body is just never satisfied, because the body does not recognize what it is being presented with.  It is not food.

It is not natural.  It has no life force, no value to an organic body.  Therefore, an animal that cannot source elsewhere, eats, and eats, and eats.  And the body grows, expands in weight, because the body does not know what it is being fed to be able to process it.  The body cannot use it.

Feed Fresh Food Please

Ideally, your animal should be fed at most twice a day.  Twelve hours apart.  As they age, once a day is preferable so the body can spend the rest of the time cleaning, detoxing and repairing.  Also, they do not need as much food, as they are not usually moving as much, expending as much energy as when they were younger.  This is of course, dependent on their individual lifestyle.

Young animals of course, are to be fed more frequently real fresh, nutrient dense food to meet their growing needs.

Please never free-feed.  Please prepare fresh life-force meals for your animal so they thrive and do not slowly show symptoms of toxicity, dis-ease.

Real, human-grade food with life-force sustains a healthy, pain-free, vibrant life-force within.
All our animals deserve to be connected to and nourished by nature.
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