Based on my experience with my own animals, I believe every animal needs to have the negative vibrations intentionally cleared from their cells, their subconscious.
It is this gift, that these codes offer.

For the Animals
If your animal has experienced loss, been given up, pulled from their mom too early and without consent, experienced home relocation, kenneling / caged in a foreign environment, abuse:  physical and/or emotional, present when there is any fighting/ arguing by humans, experienced separation / divorce of their humans, been forced to breed (as no animal would choose this) or provide services where they are kept against their will and their bodies are forced to produce (Ex. Horses and urine) then most definitely the codes should be run to clear the damage, the negative impact stored in their cells.

The Premise of Instruction via the Codes and Tapping
The codes and tapping are based on the same premise – removing unwanted and/or negative energy / memory from the cells, from one’s subconscious via intentional direction.

We are all energy. And regardless whether we wish to store negative experiences, once they are experienced they are stored. And we can also inherit energy/memory from past lives I believe and from our family passing it along. This is about removing all the negative to align with our soul, our spirit, who we aspire to be.

Therefore, it is with INTENTION we clear these negative vibrations from our cells.

Our animal’s life experiences and cellular memory is no different. Their systems too can be overloaded with negative experiences, stress in the household they live in, and from their parents. For most animals being purposely BRED is a negative experience, as their FREEDOM, and CHOICE whether to do so has been taken away from them. All this accumulates and needs to be cleared from their cells.

You may do this for your animals, and for others. It is very effective, and very powerful.
The Healing Code

The founder of the code Dr. Alexander Lloyd, was diagnosed by five different doctors with ALS. On top of this his wife had been suffering from severe clinical depression which she had been trying to heal for many years. They together have five children. At the time their kids were really young, so being diagnosed with ALS was “just not acceptable”.

The code was downloaded from the universe (I know – you are going to shake your head – but keep reading). Dr. Lloyd was on a plane and he received this info via instruction to just write and write and write. And out came the code. He was asking for help for his wife at the time and this was what came. He practised the code every day for I believe three hours a day. His ALS never progressed, it reversed, and he has never had any symptoms SINCE! His wife is also cured via the same practise. Apparently, she had a library of books about depression trying to find the answer, but this was what cured her.

What the code does is release negative emotions which are attached to beliefs which are recorded in your cells as negative energy. You can do this for yourself and for a loved one, for anyone actually who needs help.

As Intention is everything.

What Dr. Lloyd discovered was:

  • Education has not been updated for 50 years
  • The root of all health and illness is an energy issue in the body which is heavily linked to the heart
  • Everything is energy
  • The Healing Code deals with issues of the heart which then reduces physiological stress on the body.
  • Stress is equivalent to a fire alarm in the body, issue is it is never turned off. When the “fire alarm” is activated, cells close and no longer are able to heal/rejuvenate, grow, nor be nourished.  The system is in a constant state of “lock down” due to stress, which sucks an enormous amount of energy from our systems, all messaged by our mind, heavily linked to our belief systems
  • A cell that is not open is then in a state of “dis-ease”; it just depends where the system “over loads” = the dis-ease the body will experience
  • Physical problems are always linked to underlying spiritual issues

The Healing Codes heal:

  • Cellular memory
  • Destructive energy and patterns
  • It heals memories, removing the fear, and destructive emotional links
You may do the code for your Animal.

If your animal is in trouble health wise, or behaviour wise, and needs your help, do the CODE. It will make you feel good and definitely it will change the health and state of your animal. We have used the Code massively in our house and there is a HUGE sense of SERENITY when you do it. There is this wave of connectedness and peace that is established.

The Healing Code is explained and demonstrated here:

Book & Websites

The Healing Code by Alexander Lloyd, PhD and Ben Johnson, MD

The Emotion Code

This was established by Bradley Nelson. It is very similar to the Healing Code. An emotion code or body code worker will tap into your system – your subconscious guides them to see what you have established internally to protect yourself from the world. This is called the Heart Wall. It is fascinating. When my heart wall was dismantled, I felt later that day – massive shaking. My husband thought I just needed to eat, but I knew it was my heart wall disintegrating.

Because the Emotion Code Worker follows the sub-conscious – there is always surprises. In our cat, we discovered she encountered a coyote and fright was removed from her system amongst a lot of other stuff, and from our Lab, the deep sadness of someone she encountered on one of her walks. Not a lot of depth is given if the sub-conscious does not wish to share. It is truly about honouring the being and the boundaries the being is willing to expose, deal with at that time.

We have hired emotion code workers for all our animals to clear negative experiences from their cells several times. I am always looking at the cellular level and thinking ‘how we can we make you cells SUPER HAPPY!!!!!’

How it works:

Process of Releasing Trapped Emotion:

Book & Website

The Emotion Code:  How to Release Your Trapped Emotions for Abundant Health, Love and Happiness by Dr. Bradley Nelson

Tapping / Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)

The Emotional Freedom Technique was founded by Gary Craig.  One is telling the cells in one’s body to release the negative programming and install positive patterns via tapping on the cell communication control centres of the body while speaking an affirmation. It is a very powerful technique to release programming in the cells.  You may also do this for your animal.  This is a video by Nick Ortner demonstrating the technique who wrote the book, The Tapping Solution:

These sites provide information about EFT by the founder of EFT, Gary Craig:

Be Set Free Fast (BSFF)

“Be Set Free Fast” is an acronym for “Behavioural and Emotional Symptom Elimination Training for Resolving Excess Emotions:  Fear, Anger, Sadness, Trauma.”  This is another code which was founded by Dr. Larry Nims Ph.D., a psychologist.  It is more encompassing I find and very thorough because it deals with addressing all the patterns and beliefs in the subconscious which are running, potentially blocking healing, and preventing one from moving forward in life.   It is by using the code with using conscious intention these beliefs are reprogrammed out of the subconscious.  This applies to our animals too. 

It is literally a dialogue which instructs the subconscious, from yourself to you, via words spoken with intention.

It is about reprogramming your program, your “hard drive”.

It is like saving “new positive files” over your old hard drive again, and again, and again, using the key word to clear unserving belief patterns so that there are no longer any old files residing in the subconscious, leaving only the new programming to run which is freeing and healing to the body, mind and spirit.

It is easy to do, but the complicated part may be to drill down on the beliefs one has adopted.  As everyone is on different journeys and has different depths to heal.  This is where hiring a BSFF worker may help?  The book and instructional DVD’s can be found on the website below for purchasing which explains the process clearly.

BSFF must be done with pure intention, and love of course.  This can also be done for another being but it is advisable that one is supported by a BSFF professional to make sure it is performed properly.

BSFF QuickStart by Larry Nims, Ph.D.

On these YouTube videos below, the founder, Larry Nims explains the process. I personally find the book very helpful and clear to understand the whole process.