Toxic Emotions

Is everyone living in balance?

We all emit energy. Constantly. We are all vibrational, light beings. All planet life is too I feel. We all have an internal radar that tells us when something is not okay, even though we might not be able to explain it. We all know when someone walks into the room what state they are in, based on their energy. Of course, there are other clues, too, but the energy we emit, based on how we are perceiving the world, matters. And is felt by all.

It really matters to our animals, because they are stuck in our energy fields, and in our homes. They cannot escape our negative energy, and which creates a really tough situation for them to be in.

I know this; I have experienced this, as I have had to shift myself. I am now fully aware and accountable for my emotions, and my energy. My animals come first, and I will take myself out of their space, out of the house if I am “not okay” inside. Because I want to make sure they always feel safe in their home and surroundings. I am not exposing them to any energetic toxicity. I will also check, and clear the house/property of all dark forces, and my energy fields, to make sure I am also not being manipulated, and that these forces are also not feeding on my animals.

Real-Life Experience | Dog Having Seizures

I am not proud of it, but years ago, I believe, I know, I was causing my beloved Golden Retriever, Jasmine, to have seizures. They started out of the blue.  I checked the ground, the air, the food, the water—you name it, I checked it. Then it slowly dawned on me, that it must be me. I am not sure how I came to that realization, as I was not working and thinking the way I do now, but I was sure then, that I was the problem. Around that time period, I was emanating lots of negative emotions like anger, upset, and so on. This was impacting her as she lived in my energy field and she loved me.

I placed an enormous amount of stress on her, because I was not honouring myself and living responsibly, accountably.

My thought patterns were ‘things were happening to me”. I lacked compete ownership and responsibility for my own world and what was going on. A lot of us go through life blaming everything that is coming to us as if we have no influence on the outcome, but this is far from the truth. We know how we are operating in the world based on what we are attracting. This is the Law of Attraction.

This I know for sure, as I had to shift quickly so she would survive. As I worked on myself and shifted my emotional patterns, my thoughts, and started owning my life and its direction, the seizures stopped. This is how POWERFUL we are. Uncontrollable, negative emotions  have a deadly impact on your lovely beings and all those around you.

Eckhart Tolle | A New Earth

If anyone is interested, the catalyst to helping me shift was Eckhart Tolle. I devoured his book, A New Earth, in a matter of hours. He explained exactly how I was operating in and perceiving the world, as well as what I had to do to change my thought patterns. I indeed had an extraordinary amount of work to do. I will always be eternally grateful to him for this gift.

Real-Life Experience | Dog & Seizures, Similar Story

One day, I had a call from a lady about her dog having seizures. The seizures had just recently started. I asked a lot of questions.

What I found out was the dog started having seizures the same month the lady found out her husband was leaving the family. This was a shock for them all, and sent the family into turmoil. Digging a little deeper, I found out that the teenage daughter was allowed to scream, and yell daily about the situation.

Now, of course, everyone must deal with their pain, but we must all be conscious of what this kind of emotional “melt down” does to the animals around us. This is unstable energy, and if they could, they would choose to not be around this. This is not how animals live. They love us, and want to help us.  But sometimes it is just too much for them.

I provided information to the client about how to deal with the loss in another setting and how to protect the animal during this crisis, but unfortunately, they ended up putting the animal down instead.  A terribly sad ending indeed.

About Seizures, Other Causes

Many dogs have seizures brought on for other reasons, such as flea and tick applications, anesthesia, parasites, electromagnetic fields /Wi-Fi, vaccines, pet food, etc. These are just two cases where energy in the environment was affecting the animal. And I am sure, If I had had the opportunity, one of more of these would have also been contributing to the system no longer being able to handle the “toxic load”.

The “Take Away”

Please invest in yourself, and learn how be aware of your thoughts. How they impact your behaviour, your body, your life, what you are attracting, your loved ones, especially your super sensitive animals, including fish, reptiles, planets – every being around you.

Most of our thoughts are just not true, they are patterns ,and belief systems we have adopted during our life time journey. Often, also part of the programming from society beginning from the day we were born, unless one had enlightened parents. It is said the average person thinks the same thoughts every single day. We are treadmill thinkers until we become invested in our awareness of who we really are, and question why we are here. I invite you to ‘break the cycle’. What will you choose to create today, which will fill you with joy?

How to Change Your Life – Joe Martino TEDx Talk
Books & Websites

Listed below are a few of my favorites. For more information relating to the care and well-being of the pet owner, I invite the reader to visit the Pet Owners page.

The Power of Intention by Dr. Wayne Dyer

The Law of Attraction and The Vortex (Includes meditations which are fabulous) by Esther and Jerry Hicks

Rejuvenate by Sayer Ji

The Biology of Belief and The Honeymoon Effect by Dr. Bruce Lipton

A New Earth by Eckhart Tolle

Podcasts, Radio & TV

Collection Evolution CETV
Podcast:  h
This website is all about taking humanity to a higher vibration.

Hay House Radio 
Hay House Radio hosts fabulous people from around the world with the goal to help bring higher consciousness to the planet. Every speaker on the radio is about bettering your life, how to live differently, think differently, change patterns, eat differently, there is such a wealth of information and the archives are amazing to listen too also. I invite you to find the host that resonates with you and what is going on in your life.

Sounds True
This site provides an abundance of material to support health and healing for us humans which is very transferable to the animals. The more we work on ourselves and our journey, the better we automatically make our animal’s lives. There are many resources here for children too.

Wellness Force Radio
Amazing speakers are interviewed here with tonnes of information about the mind, body and spirit connection.


In Loving Memory of our Jasmine, thank you from the depths of our souls for everything you taught us.