Light Bulbs

Most of us know, if we break a lightbulb it is not a good thing as they contain mercury.  Which is lethal to the organic body.  The fluorescent light bulbs, those long tubes are brutal for our systems due to the flickering.  I remember trying to take exams in the gym in university and I could barely keep my eyes open, they bothered me so much.

What we perhaps do not realize is the radiofrequency radiation we are being exposed to with the products being produced today.

The incandescent bulbs were not like this.  They were the safest.  But these have been systematically phased out so the public no longer has access to them.  What is now only available on mainstream shelves is highly toxic lightbulbs.

This is another example where our purchasing power matters.  These bulbs are lethal for our homes and for all life who live with us as not only do they off-gas, they are now being made with smart technology so we can all be monitored in our homes.  This is going creepy places.

It is marketed that it is cool for convenience, but what this marketing is so cleverly disguising is how damaging this is for all cellular life.  The smart technology runs on military wave technology to communicate. Otherwise known as WI-FI.  This is microwave radiation.  Please take the time to read this page on EMF’s.

If your animal or you have a favorite spot to sit in the house where these light bulbs are being used, you are both being radiated.  This is high radiation this is not something to be ignored.  You blood is being affected.  Your cells.

About Dimmers

We had a building biologist come through our house to see what our exposure is. The issue is all the dimmers we installed create massive amounts of dirty electricity. Off the charts amounts. They are passable if one does not dim the lights, but as soon as we choose the low light ambience, we are all being exposed to massive amounts of dirty electricity bouncing out from the switch, the walls.

Just crazy.  To understand more about dirty electricity, I invite the reader to read this page about Smart Meters:


Please do not introduce these dangerous light bulbs into your homes.  And please stay away from anything smart.  Smart = radiation + surveillance.  This is what everyone needs to get up to speed with quickly as our freedoms and privacy are being quickly taken away.  We all wish for a safe, non-toxic, free society I believe. There are safe options referenced below.  Please support small business.

Protect your pets and your family!