Titer Testing

Titer testing is about testing your animal’s blood to see if they have the antibodies present in their system to fight off the particular disease / bacteria you are concerned about. This is more of a double check than anything as any animal vaccinated would have the antibodies. And most likely, the system has developed immunity naturally, as the body is designed to do.

HOWEVER, it is important to note:

the more vaccinated an animal is – the less the body is actually “vaccinated”

All this over vaccination does not protect your animal more – it actually weakens them more by exposing them over and over to the actual virus / bacteria you are trying to prevent.  The body is being crippled with disease under the guise of prevention.  Please read more here:  https://animalsbodymindspirit.com/vaccinations/

If you would like to know if your animals have the antibodies in their blood work, then find a vet who will have them titer tested. These tests will tell you, they are okay and are covered. However, if the bloodwork shows they are on the low side, I still advise to not vaccinate as this could be a result of the system dealing with something that day or the fact the animal is at the vet office. If you take an animal’s blood work at home, you would see a BIG, BIG difference in the results, as the vet’s is usually a scary place for all animals.

For fabulous information about this process, please watch this:

Dr. John Robb Update on Protect the Pets Movement





One resource for testing:


Fabulous movement/website:  http://www.protectthepets.com


Nosodes are tiny white pellets that contain ultra-diluted forms of diseased tissues and bodily fluids. For animals, “nosodes are specialized homeopathic remedies that are prepared by taking actual diseased matter from a sick animal such as diseased tissue or nasal discharge,” reported by Dogs Naturally Magazine.

What the nosode is doing is exposing the animal to the disease minutely and allowing the body to respond naturally. The fact nosodes are taken orally is a BIG plus. Because they are entering the body the natural route via the mouth. Therefore, the intelligent body is prepared to deal with the exposure in “natural exposure form”. Whereas vaccination is very deadly to the body because it bypasses the natural route the body would normally be exposed, the mouth and nose, the route the virus would normally enter the body, and is injected through the skin. Therefore, the virus has literally by-passed the “body’s intelligent security system” and purposely been allowed to jump write in . This causes unknown chaos inside the body with devastating results, which we are seeing in debilitating disease and early death in all species of animals.

Nosodes are available for all the core vaccinated viruses and heartworm. They do not do damage to the body. They allow the body to build natural immunity as if they came across the virus in nature.

How much sense does this make? A lot!!! His much does it cost? Next to nothing! See the connection? Pharma > Vet > Vaccination = $$$$$$!  https://www.dogsnaturallymagazine.com/nosodes-can-they-replace-vaccines/


To source nosodes, please consult with a naturopathic vet, or else go here:  www.vitalanimal.com

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