White Light

White light is very powerful. Is it the combination of all colours when sent through a prism. Did you know this? It is pure, and has massive healing, and restorative abilities. We have all been programmed I feel to accept aging as decline and decay, versus light, wisdom and vibrancy.

Paul the Venetian, shares with Aurelia Louise Jones’ in her book, The Seven Sacred Flames, how we age depends directly on how much light we are carrying in our “vehicles”, our mental, emotional, etheric, and physical bodies. This comes down too, I feel, how much time we invest in nurturing, and caring for our light bodies daily. He explains to increase one’s light force one must lie still (best method, or be still) for five minutes three times a day, and imagine white light flowing form the universe into every single “vehicle”. This intention, Law of Attraction increases the vibration fields creating a Tube of Light which then powers up our electrons. The more each of us practises this, the more power, and vibrancy our energetic, and physical systems become. The aging process is a result of lack of light, our electrons slow down as the “battery has not been charged” literally.

St. Andrew, explains how to use white light for protection and cleaning. “Pull down your PILLAR of WHITE LIGHT from your [YOUR HIGHER-DIMENSIONAL SELF] to PROTECT YOU daily and INVOKE the GOLDEN RAY of CHRIST in a BALL 2 feet around YOU. If you FEEL THREATENED. Then put that GOLDEN BALL inside of your white PILLAR of LIGHT around YOU at the bottom. PLACE a MIRROR facing outwards around that OVOID ball of GOLDEN LIGHT and SAY; “ALL ACTIONS and INTENTIONS, DEVICES and WEAPONS, and ATTACKS on ME in ANY TIMELINE or DIMENSIONS, – RETURN it to SENDER, and SO IT IS.” Namaste’.