As mentioned in the Toxicity section about water, most tap water is lethal. It contains an abundance of toxic chemicals, some added by the water supply company under old outdated mandates, plus heavy metals and pharma!!! Fluoride and chlorine are very toxic to the body and cancer causing so do not blow this off as a non-issue in your household.

Fluoride, a halogen, depletes iodine in the body heavily affecting the thyroid.

It is in your animals’ best interest to provide filtered water. If your kitchen tap is not filtered then use a Berkey Water filtering system with the fluoride filters. I would also invest in shower filters if possible so your skin and head are not absorbing all this toxicity. Both types are found on this site. Also, what is so wonderful about this system is that it is transportable. It can travel in the car so you always have fresh clean water on your vacation. Please reference here: https://youtu.be/346H9T1xInM


The only downside to Big Berkey Water is all their filters are going into landfill.  Nothing is recyclable.  I would have thought the filters could be dismantled somehow, but this is not the case.

Another alternative is Full-Spectrum Light cleaning tap water.  This removes all impurities and energises the water.  One would place gallon jugs and expose to the light rotating them for use for cooking, drinking, feeding plants, and definitely for your animals.  Apparently, the water tastes amazing.  This is what we are going to start to do.  What is important to note here is:

  1. No garbage creation with filters being discarded
  2. The water is brought back to its original state with minerals and vitamins which are essential to our and our animal’s organic bodies. Actually, all life on the planet.
  3. These are also used in the home too


Distilled water is also an option, and is recommended for the body if the animal is fasting or on a broth diet for clearing the body of toxins and healing. But it is important to note, distilled water is dead water. It has no life force, so you are using it just as a conduit for nutrients.  It is said by some that it actually draws all water-soluble minerals from the body, depleting the body.  However, some of the most recognized health centers around the world use distilled water in fasting.  So, it is up to you to determine.  Some models may be found here below, from countertops to full house systems.



For your hose outside, your water can be filtered also for your plants, vegetables cleaning your car, etc., even for farm animals and horses potentially. These filters hook on to the exterior water source of your house/building and can be stored during the winter if you live in freezing cold climates. We have these all around our house. This is just one example: https://www.poolandhottubdepot.com/ecoone-charcoal-based-hose-pre-filter/ .

Water Bowls

Please make sure water bowls are NEVER plastic, as plastic leaches. Bowls must be washed and changed at least once daily. Preferably, where suitable, bowls should be ceramic or glass, lead-free, else stainless steel. However, please keep in mind dogs have been known to be shocked from stainless steel bowls as a result of lightening currents. Therefore, I do not promote the use of them.

Why your Animal May Drink Less Water

What you might not know, the fresher the food, the closer to nature your animal is fed, the less water they drink.  Actually, you will see them drinking hardly anything at all because their food holds the required moisture for their bodies.  Excessive drinking is pressure on the kidneys, usually caused by dry food, which is so unnatural to their organic bodies.