Violet Flame Meditation

The Violet Flame is a powerful tool Saint Germain has gifted us all to help heal not only ourselves, but all life forms on the planet. The flame is something we are to invoke every time we step out of harmony. As when we step out of harmony into negative thought, we create distortion on the planet, dis-harmony. Therefore, it also becomes a massive teaching tool, as we must invoke it constantly to heal our imbalances, until we learn to stay in positive thought, in our creative vortex, honouring not only ourselves, but all life, and the planet herself. The implications, and fortitude as a result of our intention is profound, I feel, for ascension.

By investing in you, your animals automatically benefit, as one’s vibration, one’s frequency is heightened, and more light may flow into your light body, impacting all those around you in a positive way. Our energy fields have a massive impact on all life around us.

To learn more about the seven rays, including the Violet Flame, I invite the reader to investigate The Seven Sacred Flames by Aurelia Louise Jones, which provides mantras for all days of the week and explains how powerful we all are. A few meditations have been included below. Namaste’.

St Germain & the Violet Flame Meditation
Seven Sacred Flames Meditation: Seventh Ray Temple, The Violet Flame temple in Telos
Violet Flame Meditation for Global Healing | 432 Hz