What is shortening your animal’s life span, often at an enormous financial cost?

What this Section Covers

The Toxic Cycle of Pet Healthcare     |     The Pet Food Industry     |     Vaccinations     |     Flea, Tick, and Heartworm (a.k.a. Pesticide) Applications and Collars     |     Pharmaceuticals     |     Microchip Implants     |     Neutering and Spaying     |     Toxicity in Your Home, On You and in Your Environment     |     Toxic Emotions: Is Everyone Living in Balance?    

Did you know:
dogs used to live until they were 20+ years old,
cats 28+ years old, and horses 30+ years old.
Vets were NOT needed in the numbers they exist today.
Ask anyone born in the 1940’s or earlier, if they ever went to the vet with their animal?
They answer “no”, there was never any need.

Why is every being dying younger and younger?
The QUESTION MUST BE: what is your animal’s toxic load and what imbalances is this driving?


What this Section Covers

    Pet Healthcare     |     The Toxic Cycle Explained     |     Toxicity: How is this Impacting Our Cells? Our Animal’s Cells?     |     So How Can We Do Better?     |     Main Message     |     And What Is This System Costing Us Financially?     |     About Pet Insurance     |     “Do No Harm” – No Longer Practised    

1.1 Pet Healthcare

In 2016, pet owners spent 57 billion USD on pet care. Pet parent’s place a lot of trust in these companies, believing they have our pet’s best interests at heart. More often than not, this couldn’t be further from the truth.

Below is a visual about what is currently happening to all our beautiful animals. I have used the canine as an example. Now, of course, every caretaker is different, every animal is different, and how some vets practise is different. All these factors impact how toxic your animal is.

What this diagram is showing is current healthcare protocols, in the name of “pet healthcare.” This is how pummeled by toxicity the body becomes under these protocols and how our animals are dying at younger ages every year. I hear some dogs are now dying at five years of age or even younger. Cancer is showing up in puppies.

This commonly accepted toxic regimen is doing immense damage to our beautiful beings and shortening their life spans dramatically. In addition, the amount of PAIN being inflicted on our pets, as a result of these protocols, is enormous.

1.2 The Toxic Cycle Explained

Your animal is born, and right from the beginning nothing fresh is fed to him besides his mother’s milk. Keep in mind that she, the mother, is most likely being fed dry kibble dog food, which is full of toxicity. The wet foods are not much better. Many toxins from the mother pass on to her puppies.

Once old enough to eat food, the puppy is then introduced to the same type of dry dog food, in puppy formula, which is literally processed garbage covered in sugar. There is very little usable nutrition in this food to make its body strong and pain-free for a long and healthy life.

This little being is trying to develop his system, his bones, his organs . . . everything is forming and growing, and then we WHOMP the system with the first round of vaccines.

Nature never, ever, ever intended the body to be exposed to all these MAJOR viruses’ and bacteria month after month, all at once.

Yet this is what we call medicine.
So, this little body has been on the planet for just a few months, maybe even less—and it is being fed no nutrients, no fresh food, nothing which it would find in the wild, and then on top of this it is being pounded with viruses and bacteria which it would NEVER ever encounter all at once in a lifetime. Yet, most vets follow these common protocols.
Unfortunately, these little pups’ systems will start to buckle. And the “buckling of the system” shows up in many ways, acutely in a few days and chronically in a month. Some signals the system is breaking down may be, and this is just a few:

ear infections that do not go away, undeveloped jaws, undeveloped joints including hips, teeth issues, skin issues, itching all the time, eyes constantly running, lameness, ligament tears at a year of age, tumors, seizures, vomiting, diarrhea, behaviour issues, hair loss, cancer, massive cysts at the site of injection.
These are symptoms the body is producing to say, Help me, I am in trouble.
This is all “pet healthcare” induced.
None of this existed years ago. Our animals were never this sick especially at such a young age.

So, what happens? If the body survives (as some pets are dying) . . .

The little body is then taken back to the trusted vet and the vet puts more lethal drugs into the body to combat the symptoms, not understanding that they are literally pushing the symptoms down into the organs of the body, as the purpose of all drugs is to suppress the symptoms. There is no healing via this route.
This is very important to understand.
Just because the symptoms disappear, does not mean they are truly gone, the body has NOT healed.

The root cause remains, the symptoms have just been pushed further into the body, where they are no longer visible, and we no longer see the body’s call for help.
These symptoms will surface once again, and probably in stronger force, once the drugs have stopped, because, again, the root cause hasn’t been healed, as no one is listening to the body.
What has happened though, is the body is more toxic with the pharmaceuticals added to the already compromised system.

This is ALL “pet healthcare induced”. If the animal was left alone, it would be healthy, it would not be sick.

And now we have a very, very sick animal, and the cycle begins. More symptoms, more vet visits, more drugs. Vaccinations are still routinely given throughout this period, which is pure insanity. The cycle keeps going on and on until the body cannot take it anymore. And the once little being, dies at 8 to 10 years of age, when their lifespan should have been around the 22 mark.

And let’s not forget that for the majority of this time, for this very short life span, this animal has been in pain, spent a lot of his time here on Earth at the vet, all in the name of “pet healthcare.”

This is a system “out of control.”

1.3 Toxicity: How is this Impacting Our Cells? Our Animal’s Cells?

Dr. Bruce Lipton explains how the body works when it is exposed to toxicity including stress. Our cells know the difference between the good and the bad inside the body. All this toxicity literally impedes the growth and maintenance of the body. The Biology of Belief Full Lecture by Bruce Lipton. A must watch for everyone.

1.4 So How Can We Do Better?

The good news is that with the right knowledge, you can take the care of your pet into your own hands, and dramatically change the trajectory of your pet’s life.

Your animal needs:

1. A fresh food diet (some RAW, some cooked). Human grade, unprocessed, organic, whole foods.

2. Core vaccinations only as a puppy AFTER 16 WEEKS OF AGE are to be spaced out over time, NEVER any combo’s, with the health of the system watched carefully. One vaccination per CORE virus is all the animal needs for its lifetime, like us. One set only.

If the health of the animal is at all compromised – no vaccinations are to be given. This is a direct directive from the vaccination manufacturers!

And some forward-thinking vets believe no vaccinations are required at all as immunity has come through from the mom. So please do your homework.

3. No drugs or chemicals ever in the body; the only exception is if it is a trauma “do-or-die” situation.

4. Daily fun, play, and exercise.

5. A non-toxic environment, free of chemicals.

6. An emotionally balanced family to live with.

Wouldn’t it be heaven to see this for all our animals?
This is how my animals live, and this is my goal for your animal. All this is spelt out in Section III in the Information Gallery, "NATURE: How to Support Your Animal to Live a Long, Happy, Pain-Free Life, at Minimal Financial Cost.

1.5 My main message on all of this is:

Please stop paying huge amounts of money to make your animal ill.

Go back to nature.

Your animal is part of this divine planet, and this does not come in the form of all these vaccines, the pet food industry, and big pharma’s creations, which they are ALL making billions from.

1.6 And What Is This System Costing Us Financially?

As illness has escalated based on what is sold to us as "pet health care", the costs associated have also risen. This is a result of two things:

1. Vets and vet care are cashing in. Vets never existed in the numbers they do today in the 1950's. It used to be a single person job. When you see all this staff in vet offices, you are paying for all of this. It should not be necessary but the "toxic pet healthcare cycle" which is propagated supports this business model.

2. Pharma is driving a lot of the "solutions" which are not solutions but damage the body more; hence the more vet visits, vets, vet people, costing you the pet parent a tonne of money.

3. With the introduction of Pet Insurance, costs can now be escalated beyond reasonable, because they are being funneled through this industry. So, what used to cost 10.00 USD is now costing you 60.00 USD, and this is all profit!!! Vets and all the associated industries are getting rich. This should not be. And now you, as a pet owner, have a "new" cost of approximately 600.00 USD per pet, per year as a "just in case". This never existed before and was NOT needed. This is a massive cost.

1.7 About Pet Insurance - Already a Billion Dollar Industry

Below is an example of a Pet Insurance advertisement. The company has advertised that these amounts are what they are processing for claims. They do not say over what time span but they indicate that this is costing you and you should purchase their coverage, of course. They will save you!

What I want to highlight, is everything your animal is experiencing in "health breakdown" is "man-made driven". We are making our animals ill by not questioning and by following pet health care standards that are extremely toxic to the body and are therefore, causing all these physical ailments. This is all relatively new. Our animals bodies were never this sick 30+ years ago.

Everything except for car accidents, is a result of toxicity we are putting into these beautiful being's bodies. We are making their body's sick. We MUST question, educate ourselves and go back to NATURE. Our animals' bodies were not designed to fall apart. But this is what is happening.

1.8 “Do No Harm” – No Longer Practised

Everyone affiliated with “pet wellness” is getting rich.

Your animal should not be sick. The body should not break down. Old age should not mean one gets "sick". Plenty of canines used to live until they were 20+ and cats over 25 easily. The system is rigged. It is Pharma and Pet Food driven and the vets are under their "control", their umbrella. We, therefore, do not have "do no harm" being practised because it is not about the "being" it is all about the almighty "dollar". You would think systems would be in place to ensure your animal was safe and looked after, but again "do no harm" is no longer practised. It is no longer a function of the vet industry protocols, emphasis on "industry".
And the damage being done to our animals, it is just - unimaginable.
Please question everything. Protect your pet!


What this Section Covers

    About the Food     |     Labelling     |     Is your Animal in Pain Eating Industry Food?     |     Is Your Animal's Behaviour Being Affected Perhaps?     |     Packaging and Distribution     |     Recalls    |     “Pet Fooled”    

2.1 About the Food
You see these photos above?

Even if you were given the packaging, you literally would have NO idea what is in these products. In 2016, pet food was a 24 billion USD industry, yet no one in this industry is concerned about your animal’s longevity or health. This is literally processed garbage, and it is aimed at enticing YOU, the consumer to purchase. Please let me repeat myself:
These products have absolutely nothing to do with the health and welfare of your animal.
These products are for you!
The colour, the size, the packaging, is all designed for YOU the consumer. The goal is to convince you to spend your money so the corporations and shareholders get rich. This includes all dry food, wet food, and treats of all kinds. Yes, the dental too.
And price point has nothing to do with quality.
Everything on the exterior of these products bags is designed SPECIFICALLY to catch the eye of the pet owner to buy the product.
These products are loaded with toxic chemicals and waste products from the human food industry.
There is no way I would ever allow one item of the pet food industry’s products into my animal’s bodies.

Not one of these products above are food. The image below is food, with real-life force, the stuff above, is literally processed waste product in chemicals coated in sugar creating great illness in your beautiful being; decreasing their life span exponentially.

A Few Examples of What These Products Are Doing / Causing
Real-Life Case Studies: SKIN ISSUES

Below is an example of what is sold at a veterinary’s office for skin issues. The main ingredient is corn starch, the next is “a pot of who knows what!” This is damaging the canine body which includes of course their BRAIN, all their organs, not to mention the IMMENSE PAIN being caused. The skin and ears are the first SIGNALS the intelligent body provides to say – “Please get me off this food! And feed me something REAL!”

To repair a body fed this food, takes a long time, as there is so much for the body to fix and clean, the damage is immense, especially to the gut.

The ingredients highlighted in yellow are the first major signals to stay clear of this product as they should not be going into ANY organic body, ever!

Another example – again – food sold in the veterinary’s office. I am sorry to say – all the ingredients, complete and utter garbage along with a lot of harm and disease. More corn! The poor animal’s body was going crazy!!

Cat Food, Marketed as: “GROWTH SENSITIVE GI”
This is an example of pet food ingredients: Canadian Company, sold only through the veterinarians, markets to the GI Tract for Cats. Incredible! as this is one part of the body it is actually destroying. Also, nothing “DRY” is organic to a cat’s body!

INGREDIENTS (DRY): Turkey, dried sweet potatoes, potato protein, dried peas, turkey meal, chicken fat (preserved with mixed tocopherols), natural flavor, tomato pomace, flaxseed, marine microalgae, calcium chloride, choline chloride, calcium carbonate, fructooligosaccahrides, dried brewers yeast, vitamins, (vitamin E supplement, niacin, vitamin B12 supplement, vitamin A acetate, thiamin mononitrate, pyridoxine hydrochloride, riboflavin, d-calcium pantothenate, vitamin D3 supplement, biotin, folic acid), minerals (ferrous sulfate, zinc oxide, managanous oxide, copper sulfate, iron amino acid chelate, zinc amino acid chelate, manganese amino acid chelate, copper amino acid chelate, sodium selenite, cobalt carbonate, ethylenediamine dihydriodine), taurine, salt, mixed tocopherols, rosemary extract

Looking at the ingredient list closer, what to know:

Turkey Meal : translates to waste product
Potatoes sweet and potato protein: translates to waste product
Chicken Fat: Very toxic, potentially carcinogenic
Natural Flavour : MSG – used as a dumping ground for pet food “who knows what”
Tomato Pomace : waste product
Copper Sulfate: damages the liver
Sodium Selenite: damages the liver
Rosemary Extract : Rosemary is medicine and therefore, should never be in any animal’s food – extract means what exactly?
Nitrates: Carcinogenic
Ethylenediamine dihydriodine : Dye, known to cause allergic skin responses
Overall – so TOXIC!

Please feed your animal’s real food, not from a bag or can.
Photo on the left: Street cats eating processed waste, covered in sugar and a thick gravy all designed in a laboratory to make sure the animal is enticed into eating this product. If we took away the gravy and the sugar, the cats would not go anywhere near this stuff. As it is TOXIC. Long term on this stuff, they die a terrible death and live half their life span.

Photo on the right: Some perspective, this cat was given the option to choose her/his food. She is choosing NATURE, of course, the body knows! This will not hurt, this is natural to the body free of toxins (assuming it is organically raised, of course).

Another example: RABBIT Food – sold on a “health” website:
Please find below the ingredients of a rabbit food sold on a well-known health website. This food is lethal to the rabbit body. Everything highlighted in RED should never go into a rabbit’s beautiful body. Anything “Meal” = garbage, not real food. And then we have all the chemicals.

INGREDIENTS (DRY): Timothy Grass Meal, Soybean Hulls, Soybean Meal, Cane Molasses, Wheat Middlings, Sodium Bentonite, Soybean Oil, Salt, Lignin Sulfonate, Hydrolyzed Yeast, Choline Chloride, Vitamin E Supplement, Zinc Sulfate, Yeast Culture, Zinc Proteinate, Niacin, Copper Sulfate, d-Calcium Pantothenate, Manganous Oxide, Riboflavin Supplement, Biotin, Thiamine Mononitrate, Magnesium Sulfate, Copper Proteinate, Vitamin A Supplement, Sodium Selenite, Manganese Proteinate, Pyridoxine Hydrochloride, Folic Acid, Vitamin D3 Supplement, Cobalt Carbonate, Vitamin B12 Supplement, Calcium Iodate.

Three fabulous resources are these books:

“Food Pets Die For”, by Ann Martin, and her pdf found here:!.pdf

“Dead Pets Don't Lie: The Official and Imposing Undercover Report that Exposes What the FDA and Greedy Corporations Are Hiding About Popular Pet Foods”, by Joe Ardis and Donna Lee Howell,

"Buyer Beware: The crimes, lies and truth about pet food"
by Susan Thixton.

There are numerous YouTube videos about how industry dog food is made too, if you can stomach watching them.

These are a few websites of many I am sure, which provide more in-depth information:

2.2 Labelling
Manufacturers are not closely monitored; they can label anything, anything. For instance, you may see “blueberries” on the packaging, but they aren’t what you think they are. They are most likely moldy garbage that the human food industry would not allow to be sold in the human food supply chain.
Nothing that is stated on the packaging is vetted.
These products are loaded with toxic chemicals, and all the dangerous chemicals can have different names. For example: MSG has more than 22+ different names, one of them being “natural flavour.” “Natural flavour” is in everything, even in products in “health food stores,” where you would think products with these ingredients would be blocked.

Therefore, you as a consumer, have NO IDEA what is in your pet’s food. And yes, diseased and euthanized animals are most definitely potentially in your industry pet food. Including unextracted MICROCHIPS I assume. There are lots of current and past court cases representing deaths of many animals regarding phenobarbital, found in dog food, the drug used to euthanize our pets. Nothing is safe.

Also, what I was horrified to learn, is all the styrofoam and plastic packaging which expired meat is packaged in, is transported to the rendering plant and thrown in a vat. It is not unwrapped. So, your animal is eating literally processed styrofoam and plastic film cooked with dead animals. This is just a glimpse of what is in the “pretty bag” marketed to you, the pet parent.
I hope you will not just take my word for it, but that you will educate yourself about what is really going on, and what is really going into commercial pet foods. Please do your own research and read Susan Thixton’s website, She is frequently threatened by the pet food industry to be quiet, but thank heavens she is monitoring what they are up to, including the FDA. It all matters. We all need to be informed. We all need the transparency.

Example of a "Lethal Canine Product" Designed only for the Pet Parent

These photos below are of a product at the cashier in a pet food store here in Canada. The label says "Made in Canada with imported and domestic ingredients". The consumer therefore has no idea what is coming from where. The ingredient list, which is not on display, is as follows:

"Whole wheat flour, applesauce, spelt flour, vegetable oil, wheat gluten, oat hulls, linseed meal, honey, cinnamon, psyllium seed husk, crushed peanuts, coconut, barley flour, sugar, hydrogenated palm kernel oil, titanium dioxide (colour), soy lecithin, vanilla, dried whey, added colour (FD&C #40 Red, FD&C #1 Blue, FD&C #2 Blue, FD&C #5 Yellow)"

Breaking the ingredient list out:

Reads well, but again, quality, and source? Do not believe what you read, it is never this simple: applesauce, honey, cinnamon, coconut

Should never be in a canine's body (TOXIC): Whole wheat flour, spelt flour, vegetable oil, barley flour, soy lecithin, psyllium seed husk, wheat gluten, oat hulls, linseed meal, crushed peanuts, dried whey

Lethal for your canine's body (TOXIC):
vanilla, sugar, hydrogenated palm kernel oil

Carcinogenic (TOXIC): titanium dioxide (colour), and more colour (FD&C #40 Red) (FD&C #1 Blue) (FD&C #2 Blue) (FD&C #5 Yellow)

Please do not get marketed into “buying pretty products” for your animal.
The manufacturers just want your money.
How much damage they do to your animal in the process is not even on their “radar” of concern.

2.3 Is Your Animal in PAIN Eating Industry Food?

Some signs your animal’s system is not okay on industry food and could potentially be in pain:

• Food is left out all day and not touched
• When food is offered – played with, barely eaten
• When food is offered, animal will not eat, sits and stares at food – this is definitely indicating PAIN

They are communicating also:

• The food is toxic and the animal knows this but this is all that is offered
• The food hurts the body – so the animal plays with it – as this is not really food to their organic ancestral body
• The gut lining, the stomach is so damaged and so sore the animal literally cannot eat it anymore. It would rather go without.

Most animals are in this position.

Pet parents will say to me “but I buy the best quality”.

And I respond, "Sorry, there is no such thing in industry food, this is all marketing".

Your animal should be excited to eat, in a calm way of course. But they should be joyful about what is being prepared for them and eager to eat their dinner. So many animals are eating just to “eat something” because they have literally no choice.

When I convert animals over to real food – the pet parents cannot believe the PURE JOY their animal begins to express around dinner time. Their whole behaviour towards food and eating changes. It becomes something to look forward to with a big smile and a glimmer in their eye. No more pain and garbage!

They know, of course.
Real-Life Experience: Kayly, wreathing in PAIN

When we moved to Asia, my dog got so sick one day. She could not stay still she was moving around the house like a crazy dog. She was in so much pain. I took her to many vets – no one knew what was wrong, so we came home. Nothing solved.

Something told me – it was the food. Singapore is hot. We had the food sitting in the kitchen, it was cooler than outside but nonetheless it would have travelled in intense heat and I bet it was rancid, looking back on it now. (I hate to think what else was in the bag and the damage I did.) I knew enough then, to take her off the food and I began cooking for her. All her symptoms disappeared.

I will NEVER forget though, how much PAIN she was in from all from this product, labelled “food”.

2.4 Is Your Animal's BEHAVIOUR Being Affected Perhaps?

Many pet owners are not aware that if you have behaviour issues with your pet, diet plays a massive part in this. If your animal is full of “junk” from commercial food that you in all good intention paid your hard-earned money for, this affects the brain, as all these chemicals and waste products play havoc on the body’s systems. Usually animal’s stomachs are in so much pain also that this is leading them to act out, too. The body just hurts – from the toxicity and the lack of real nutrition.

Repairing the gut? The damage?
It takes well over a year to repair “industry gut”. The poor stomach is so damaged by this garbage, that it can take up to two years sometimes to heal the stomach and ensure the body is able to absorb all the nutrients from fresh food which it was born to do. More on this in the Case Study section of the website.

Food for thought: Here are a few articles, of many out there, highlighting what is going on:

2.5 Packaging and Distribution

While the content above is about the “food”, what people do not question is the following:

1. Toxic packaging: All this packaging leaches into the contents. What is the packaging made of? Do any of us know? It is all lined with a plastic film…

2. BPA Lining is in all the canned products unless otherwise specified, this is extremely cancer-causing. And what are the cans made of? Do any of us know?

3. How long has the product existed? How long has it been in transit, in the warehouses, in the stores? Does any consumer know?

4. Where is the product produced? What facilities? What countries? Are all ingredients sourced from the same country? I would assume no. Again, do any of us know?

5. Exposed to Sweltering Temperatures: I see the food being transported. It is not transported in air-conditioned vehicles. All this food sits and sweats in warehouses, in transport trucks, on pallets which are most likely contaminated. Yes, contaminated pallets can also leach through the bags. This has been investigated and proven with the TYLENOL recall years ago.

I see deliveries in the summer where the food has been unloaded, is sitting wrapped in more plastic sitting in the sun waiting for the employees to unwrap.

I go into pet food stores in the summer months that are not air conditioned, the employees are sweating and the food is all sitting in this heat. Sweating!!! So toxic! This is not food.
Again, this is complete illness sold in a bag.
For these products to survive these supply chains and heat – they have to be so loaded with chemicals so they still look good when you open the bag. It is so upsetting, so alarming – the damage these products are doing to our beautiful beings.
Again – none of this is “food” – this is all chemicals and heavily processed waste product.
Please do not feed this stuff ever to your animal, protect your pet!

The photos below are actually from Whole Foods! And boy do the bags look pretty sitting on the shelves holding all that lethal product! And yes, right next to the cleaning products!!! TOXIC!! Even Whole Foods does not believe this is really FOOD – it is in the TOXIC isle!!!!

2.6 Recalls
Why are recalls ACCEPTED BUSINESS PRACTICE in pet food?

How did this ever become “ALLOWABLE”?

Would you ever trust a company that had to recall food off grocery shelves?

These companies are literally playing with our loved one’s lives.

Again, how has this become ACCEPTED BUSINESS PRACTISE?

So much of the industry food is recalled. It is in the industry’s best interest financially to not make a big deal of this, as this will impact stock prices and the bottom line. I do not think the pet guardian should ever be placed in this position. When purchasing pet industry food, the questions must always be:

• How do you know the food you are feeding has not been recalled?

• How do you as the consumer know if some of the contents in the recalled food is not in your product?

• How do you know as the consumer whether the recalled food was not made in the same facility or transported with the recalled food on the same pallet or beside?
I think the answer is the same for all of us, we do not.

To keep your pet safe, feed fresh, real, alive food. So, you know ALWAYS know what is going into your animal’s body. Do not trust any industry with your beautiful being’s health.

And the bigger picture is our animals, live longer, healthy pain free lives and we are not polluting the planet with all this waste product which should be disposed of properly not funnelled through our pets in the name of “food”.

2.7 “Pet Fooled” Documentary
Please watch this. This is by experts about what is going on out there. I always say to people, you would not even touch the can or bag if you knew how this was processed.

I feed my animals what I would eat myself.
They receive in addition to my diet, grass fed raw meat and organs.
I want their systems to be healthy and strong, free of chemicals, additives, pesticides, drugs, and waste products.
I want them to feel good, look good, and their brains to function like they should.
Diet matters, food sourcing matters, and the best sources are not from the billion-dollar pet food industry.


What this Section Covers

    Current Protocols     |     The Vaccines     |     Core     |     Non-Core     |     Other Stuff in the Vaccines “Adjuvants”     |     Quantity     |     Damage     |     Over Vaccination     |     Expiration Dates     |     What do vets do with their own animals?     |     Economics     |     How to Proceed and Protect     |     Mandatory Vaccinations     |     My Goal     |     What is happening to our Cats?     |     Titer-testing     |     Travelling with Your Pet     |     Conclusions     |     Resources    

3.1 Current Protocols

I have spoken about vaccinations as a part of the toxic death cycle we unknowingly place our pets on. Vaccinations, for pets and humans, is a rapidly growing industry. By 2024, it is expected to surpass 9 billion USD with new products being introduced under the guise “to protect your pet”.

This is a MASSIVE topic, so I will try to be very concise. Then the rest is up to you. The immediate focus is on the canine as an example of what is happening to all animals.

The body, of course, needs to be vaccinated. Or does it? Perhaps your puppy was born with antibodies? Has anyone checked? As there is no money to be made from this, I imagine no one has. But before humans got involved, were the animals being born with the antibodies? Nature’s pups in the wild are—so what makes our animals so different? The answer is they are not.
A vaccination is an assault on the body.
“Anytime you inject anything into a patient you have the potential of killing them,” reports Dr. Patricia Jordan, DVM

Focusing on a newly born, when the little body is injected, all the body’s resources will go to fight this virus and / or bacteria, so it is a BIG, BIG deal. When you have a little being growing, all the body’s resources should be going to growing.
Yet when these viruses and bacteria flood into this little being’s system all at once, where do you think all the body’s resources go?

Not to developing a strong healthy system, but to combatting and surviving potentially five+ deadly viruses / bacteria at once!

This is why the body begins to break down—the vaccines attack a once healthy growing system and send it into chaos.

And the viruses and bacteria will produce symptoms of the specific disease in the body either acutely or chronically for years to come shortening the animal's life span and damaging its quality of life

So much damage is done.

This assault would never happen in nature.

What we are doing is damaging the species and the DNA of the being(s) we so love.

Health should be about building and maintaining a strong natural body. The standard vet protocol, however, continues to administer vaccines regularly throughout your pet’s life, if you agree to it.

Dr. Deva Khalsa, a veterinarian for more than 40 years, who has many YouTube videos on line regarding this subject, explains in this one, “Are vaccines dangerous for your dog?”, how dangerous the vaccines are:

It is also very important to understand - veterinarians have no education or training in vaccinations or immunology.
They have no business using them at all. They are literally following big pharma’s lead, from the pharma salesman to your pet. Why are vaccines pushed so hard? Because this is a MASSIVE revenue generator for all vet practices as the majority of vet’s revenues are from vaccinations.

What is currently going into your animal’s body?

It is interesting. A lot of my clients trust vets so much that they do not understand or even question what is actually in each vaccine going into the body. They often can’t explain why toxic vaccines and /or drugs/chemicals on their invoices went into their animal at all. This is not vet’s doing no harm, as all clients should be informed and consulted before anything goes into their animal. This is a vet’s obligation. We must advocate for our animal and not be so trusting. Most of what I see on my clients’ vet bills is not necessary, has no healing effect, and yet is very toxic. Actually, I can usually map the animal’s system collapsing based on vet records. To provide more insight:

The vaccines are broken down into CORE and NON-CORE. The core vaccines are virus based, with the exception of parainfluenza. The non-core vaccines are bacteria based.
It is important to note: the non-core shots are causing just as much damage to our animals as the core and are not effective. And more importantly are NOT NEEDED.
I would suggest people read up on articles written by well-informed vets and others who have been advocates for our animals’ health for 30+ years now via Dogs Naturally magazine. I would also read/own “How to Immunize Your Dog from Vaccines” by Aleksandra Mikic, DHHP, DVHH, D.Ph. and Don Hamilton’s fabulous book, “Homeopathic Care for Cats and Dogs”. These sources explain how vaccines work, how to vaccinate naturally without the harmful effects of pharma and how we are contributing to the illness of our animals and the whole species. More resources are suggested at the bottom of this section.

3.2 The Vaccines
T H E   C O M B O’ S

Combo packages are where the vets put all four or more viruses into your beautiful being’s body at once. They could be called DAP, DAPP, DHPP, DHLPP, DHLPPC, DA2LPPC, 5-Way, 6-Way, 7-Way etc.

This is very important to understand:
No COMBO vaccine should go into any being’s body.

This is just plain irresponsible heath care.

The ONLY reason these are packaged this way is for MONEY and CONVENIENCE.

There is no science behind this.

Stop COMBO’s going into your pet!


Question: Why would a medical professional, servicing human beings, who is supposed to be practising “do no harm” ever put Polio, Measles, Rubella, Mumps, The Plague etc. into our bodies all at once? What do you think this would do to our systems if this was allowed? (Actually, the combo for kids “MMR” is already reporting brain damage.) Absolutely cripple us, if not kill us.

So why are we allowing this to happen to our animals without question?

3.3 The Core Vaccines

All “vaccine-virus” symptoms of the disease will show up in the body either immediately, acutely or chronically. I have listed below each. My source for most of this information – virus specific with the symptoms listed is from “How to Immunize Your Dog from Vaccines” by Aleksandra Mikic, DHHP, DVHH, D.Ph.
T H E   V I R U S E S
D-Distemper Virus
It is the “D” in part of combo: DHPP/DAPP etc.

How to protect: Use homeoprophylaxis.

Who is at risk really? Puppies are known to have maternal antibodies passed down from the mum yet the distemper vaccine is still pushed. Apparently, what is going into the canine body is the measles virus under the name “distemper”. Can you imagine?

Behavioural symptoms of the virus – seen any change in your animal? Obsessive and destructive behaviours, disregard for pain and injury, fear or aggression without visible cause, sudden screaming, extremely sensitive to sensory stimulation, inability to bond with owners and other dogs.

Physical symptoms after shot: Young Pup: diarrhea, with blood potentially, loss of appetite Older animal: Comes in two waves: Wave one: Sick and fever for a few days Wave Two: Symptoms more severe, lethargy, fever, rash, bloody diarrhea, discharge from nose and eyes, conjunctivitis (redness and sensitivity to light, pneumonia, seizures, hardened and cracked foot pads and nose, mental confusion, twitching, encephalitis and the list goes on).

Moving forward: If your animal has received this vaccine, they are good for life. If your animal has any of these virus symptoms, you need to find a good homeopathic vet to clear the remnants from the vaccine and rebalance the body. Do not let your animal continue to live in this condition. Get proper homeopathic help. Applied Zoopharmacognosey will also do the trick.

P-Parvo Virus
It is the “P” in part of combo: DHPP/DAPP etc.

How to Protect: Nosodes.

Who is at risk really? Parvo attacks dogs under 8 months old. Puppies is the virus’ target. Dogs over 1 year easily survive the disease. Only older dogs are infected if they have compromised immune systems. Which most dogs may well have due to toxic food, chemicals and over vaccination.
Fecal tests show virus active 2 weeks after shot. So, we are effectively distributing the virus constantly all over the planet.

Physical Symptoms after shot? 1. Cardiomyopathy and 2. Intestinal form of parvo diarrhea known as Irritable Bowel Syndrome [IBD]. Both these conditions can show up years later.

Canines number one cause of death is Cardiomyopathy! See the connection? My Lab only vaccinated as a pup once, almost died of Cardiomyopathy at age 5!!!!! I see the connection now, I just could not explain it before because I thought I was looking after her so well. But here we have it – 5 years later – BOOM!

Rabies Virus
This is not part of the combo but I see it being given at the same time as the combo on vet records. THIS SHOULD NEVER EVER HAPPEN. This is a major virus and should be closely monitored when given, nothing else should be going into the body for the body to have to deal with much less 6 other deadly viruses and bacteria. This is not practicing do no harm. This is completely irresponsible healthcare. Again, driven by money.

This is legally required in some areas; some animals are dying within 24 hours from this vaccination.

How to Protect: Nosodes

Who is at risk really? Transmitted through saliva via rhabdovirus. Neurological disease.

Physical Symptoms after shot? Muscle spasms, inability to swallow, gagging. seizures, loss of coordination, paralysis of limbs or death, mental confusion, tumors, wasting away, fever, difficulty breathing, hives, vomiting, diarrhea, internal bleeding, bleeding out all blood vessel including the eyes, degenerative myelopathy which is the deterioration of the spinal cord [showing up in all species around 10 yrs. of age]

Behavioural Symptoms after shot? Clinginess, staring, fierce aggression as attacks the nervous system, fascination with water, fear of light, increased sexual desire, increased sensitivity to sensory stimuli, fear, desire to eat wood, cloth, and other indigestible items, desire for solitude and desire to wander

Aggression issues surface within 24 hours of vaccine resulting in euthanizing the once happy balanced being. All in the name of “pet healthcare”.
One article which has shocking information about the shot:
This shot is a BIG deal. And I believe ALL animals are showing symptoms after the Rabies shot and the majority of vets are not picking up on this, because why? They have NO TRAINING in vaccinology. And money! This is a major revenue stream.
The 1-year and the 3-year vaccine are basically the SAME PRODUCT.
1-year why? – makes more money!!
Please read about how the “3-year” came to be below.
This is very important to understand. So, if you are legally bound to have the rabies vaccine, always choose the 3-year vaccine, and make sure this is in your records and definitely on your invoice as such. By the way, all states in the USA have 3 year minimum, it may be the county within the state which needs to change their laws. You, the pet caretaker MUST drive change locally. This is the only way this will change. Please watch this video below:

It is important to know no studies have been completed beyond the 3-year mark as studies ran out of money so no one knows literally how long the vaccine lasts. Hence, the repetition.

There is no science behind all these repeated vaccination laws or vet schedules.

It is all financially driven with a lot of fear.

Also, no rabies vaccination should be given with a combo or any other virus within a month span of each other.
I have listed a lot of fabulous resources for one to reference at the end of Vaccination section. Please educate yourself well. Your pet’s life and quality of life literally depends on it.

3.4 The Non-Core Vaccines

A/A2/H – Adeno Virus, A2, Hepatitis
It is the “A”, “H” or “A2” in part of combo: DAPP or DHPP etc. They are the same thing. DAPP identifies the Hepatitis virus as the Adenovirus, whereas the DHPP combo identifies Hepatitis as Hepatitis. This is non-CORE yet it is treated as CORE by vets. Adenovirus Intranasal exists as well.

Why A2? The A1 version had too many “severe side effects”. This is hard to imagine when one sees the “side effects”, effects of A2.

How to Protect: Use Homeopathy. Completely curable through homeopathy, if ever contracted.

Who is at risk really? Contracted by foxes and dogs via urine. It is believed this virus does not exist anymore. Shedding of the virus can continue for months infecting other canines.

Physical symptoms after shot:
mild: rise in temperature;
severe: loss of appetite, increased thirst, swelling of tonsils, vomiting, pain and sensitivity of the liver and abdomen, conjunctivitis, blue eye, small hemorrhages, clotting difficulty, throat swollen and tender to name a few.

C-Corona Virus
How to protect: DO NOT GIVE THIS TO YOUR ANIMAL. This is a pharma creation. There is no “canine virus” in the vaccine – this is actually from a feline virus packaged for you to buy. It is dangerous and it is again, a man-made concoction.

Who is at risk really? This is a respiratory imbalance which is not vaccinatable. Good diet, homeopathy and Zoopharmacognosey will work. Stated on the resource link below – the AVMA states “canines will naturally develop the antibodies” What you are being sold in the “C” is literally “board room revenue generation”. This is not recommended by vet schools. It is called jokingly within the vet industry the “vaccine looking for the disease”. The shot is reported to be more dangerous to your animal’s health than what it is imagined to be protecting the animal from. Completely unethical and definitely not practising “do no harm”.

This was never licensed in Europe.

This is like the flu – eat well, and get the body super healthy so it can naturally do the job it is intended to do. Use nature’s gifts to heal – allowing your animal to direct you. Do not buy into toxicity and place unwanted “creations” into your animal. You will be destroying their immune system.

And regard to the latest outbreak of COVID-19
And on this Mercola link below - a lot of the ingredients suggested are what is interestingly offered to the animals in our Zoopharmacognosey sessions:

THIS IS A HUGE RED LIGHT to all of us because THIS HAS BEEN ALLOWED through all the “protective” industry channels. And is coming via your vet without any real knowledge or understanding what so ever. Purely criminal. Watch out for more vaccines like this. Again, this all about revenue generation. Protect your Pet!

None of these are needed and are doing immense harm to the body.


It is the “P” in part of combo: DAPP or DHPP etc. Should not be, as not CORE. Should not be, as not CORE. Does not do the job it is designed to do and should not be going into any being’s body. Again, all about money.

L-Leptospirosis (Lepto)
Separate vaccine referred to as Lepto on vet records. Over 200+ strains or serotypes. Vaccine only represents 1-2 strains and is geographic based; has a short duration of 1-3 months – absolutely useless!!! Yet very dangerous!

How to protect: This vaccine is redundant! The scare around leptospirosis is promoted by BIG PHARMA. Animals are dying from this vaccination. Feed a healthy, species appropriate fresh human grade food diet instead.

How transferred? Through rat urine

Symptoms of the bacteria? Acute: Fever, vomiting, oral ulcers, dark urine, diarrhea [dark and bloody stools] and lethargy. Stiffness and pain in the abdomen area with dry coat and potential coughing. Attacks the kidneys, damaging them! Some puppies die.

Danger: Vaccine responsible for 70% of anaphylactic reactions in canines and death due to kidney failure! (So much damage)

Reference: ”When the Damage is Done ….” By Catherine O’Driscoll, Dogs Today, January 2009

Bordetella a.k.a. Kennel Cough
This is the flu. The body should be allowed and expected to deal with the flu, naturally. It is called kennel cough because dogs are placed in close quarters, are stressed, and get the flu!! Naturally!

Bordetella: Respiratory infection from virus or bacteria! Vaccine bacteria based only. This is not a vaccinatable imbalance.

How to protect: Fresh, alive food diet, no chemicals, support a strong body

What does the vaccine do? Induces the very thing it is supposed to be protecting the animal from. Completely ineffective, and borderline fraudulent. This is the flu and the body will kick it usually within a week. The cough sounds horrible but totally healable with homeopathy or Zoopharmacognosey.

It is labelled “kennel” because the animals are placed in close quarters in a highly stressful environment with other animals they would never normally choose to congregate with. They are away from home and usually the place smells of fear. So, they under a lot of stress. I have yet to visit a facility where I thought – wow – I would like to stay here.

Stress depletes the immune system and allows invaders to visit. So, they get a “cold” when they are kenneled. Because they are stressed. Sort of like us taking a long flight and the whole plane gets the “kennel flu”!

This does not mean you pound system with a highly toxic vaccine full of who knows what from where knows what? You take high doses Vitamin C and sleep!! This is how we should be supporting our canines too! Please see below.

So Dangerous: Vaccine responsible for whole host of problems including anaphylactic reaction and liver failure. Also, PROVEN – the more you vaccinate the more likely the animal will continue to contract the virus or bacteria. Stay away from the intranasal which gives respiratory disease and makes the dog highly contagious! Some vets have mistakenly given the intranasal as an injection – causing liver death, tissue failure etc. Can you imagine? Protect your pet!


Real-Life Experience: Bordetella, healed naturally without FEAR

My little lab pup came home from a walk in the forest coughing hard. I knew it was kennel cough, or Bordetella, which is dog flu. I had at this time become more educated, and did not vaccinate against this, nor was I worried about it. I believed her system should do its job.

To support her immune system, we gave her Sambucas, which is made from the elderberry fruit, heavy in Vitamin C, 5cc syringed directly into her mouth daily from my lovely homeopathic vet. When she coughed, I gave her manuka honey to lick off a teaspoon to soothe her wee throat. Manuka honey is full of goodness to support her immune system. My holistic vet also made a homeopathic immune supportive remedy, and she kicked the Bordetella in under one week. We also had a nine-year-old Golden Retriever at the time, who had never been vaccinated for this. She shared the same area and the same drinking bowl, even though I did try to separate the two, and she did not even show one symptom.

On the last night of the bacteria’s visit, my little pup had a massive healing crisis, where she belted out the bacteria via vomit and poop during the night. (The body cleanses itself, when we are resting during the nighttime hours.) The next morning, she was soooooo proud of herself and was back to normal. Her system had triumphed, it had done its intelligent job! Without any toxicity entering her body. However, my kitchen was another state of affairs.

And here we have MORE FEAR!!! Lyme disease is not contracted how you think—it’s about many viruses acting together. Vaccine ineffective. Fabulous article here:

If your animal’s titer tests positive for Lyme, then they have the antibodies. There is no conclusive evidence the vaccine is effective. Please reference here: “95% of exposed dogs don’t get sick, but they become Lyme antibody-positive on tests, which may scare people into thinking they need to be treated.”

The potential damage this vaccine is causing: fever, lethargy, loss of appetite, fainting, nausea, digestive issues, issues at injection site, swelling, hives and perhaps anaphylaxis shock = weakness, rapid heat beat and death.

The larger issue is we are pounding the body vaccine after vaccine consistently that we are weakening the system tremendously to the point of collapse. All driven by fear – no science what so ever. A one-off vaccine the body might be able to deal with – but this is not what is happening, it is vaccine, booster, vaccine, booster, every 6 months until the body dies of system collapse. We are literally killing our animals in the name of prevention. So many animals are dying young, this never used to be.

How to treat tick bites and what to do if Lyme contracted? Read here:

Canine Influenza
It’s the human flu shot. Wow! All about money again! This has nothing to do with health and does damage to your pet. Especially the adjuvants! Completely ineffective. Source:

Please read these articles:

3.5 Other Stuff in the Vaccines called “ADJUVANTS” (and Why Your Animal Should Not Be Fed Chicken or Beef)

The vaccine has other ingredients besides the virus and bacteria, which no one is informing you of. All extremely TOXIC and have no place in any organic being’s body.

1. Cancer cells!!! [Source: Vital Animal]
2. Aluminum (toxic heavy metal)
3. Thimerosal (Mercury—toxic heavy metal) do not believe claims of “thimerosal-free.” No one is checking.
4. Gelatine—from PIGS
5. Sorbitol and other stabilizers including MSG (toxic)
6. Emulsifiers—Polysorbate80, carrageenan
7. Antibiotics (toxic)
8. Egg proteins [this is why your animal is most likely allergic to chicken!]
9. Formaldehyde!!! (toxic)
10. Bovine products [this is why your animal is most likely allergic to beef!]
11. Taste improvers—Sugar!

I suggest pet parent’s read this article and the comments below the article from readers, too:

This is about human vaccines, but a lot is crossed over into animal vaccines:

3.6 Quantity
Vaccinations are NOT calibrated to weight.

The same amount is given to a small Chihuahua as to a Saint Bernard. This is why so many small dogs are dying really young. Their systems are being blown apart by all these vaccinations.

3.7 Damage – All Man-Made Symptoms
A dog vaccinated with a virus will shed the virus for at least 2 weeks after their shot. Therefore, they continually expose a lot of the canine population to the virus consistently.

What we are doing is perpetuating the virus’s life. We are doing exactly what we do not want to do. Breeding disease in the name of prevention.

All “vaccine-virus” symptoms of the disease will show up in the body either immediately, acutely or chronically.

Vaccination damage to the body may show up within 24 hours, but a lot of it festers and shows up within a month’s time. The following symptoms start becoming apparent:

This is a lot. And yet, there’s more . . .

3.8 Over-Vaccination

Dr. Jean Hofve, DVM states, " boosters do not increase immunity only increase harm". This is all revenue driven, and it is killing your animal.

Just wondering, do you boost your Polio shot? Your Measles shot? Your small pox shot? Etc. I imagine not, and why? Because there is no need, you have the antibodies. So, does your animal, please protect your pet.
All repeated vaccination is driven by money and fear.

There is absolutely no science behind this protocol.

This is pharma selling directly to vets.

This is corporate greed in action.

This is not “do no harm”, it is not even logical, much less ethical.

This is completely irresponsible healthcare.


3.9 Expiration Dates

It has been reported that old vaccines for humans are then rerouted into the pet industry. Some of the vaccines are way past their expiration date. So, again we have to wonder, what exactly is in the needle being injected into your loved one? The truth is, I believe, no one really knows. The vaccine manufacturers are not accountable to anyone.

3.10 What Vaccine Protocols Do the Vets Apply to Their Own Pets?

Ask them. It is reported that they all give ONLY the initial CORE vaccines, and nothing else for the lifetime of their own animal. So, the protocols within their practises are not being implemented in their own households, on their own pets. Why? They know the damage they cause.

3.11 Economics $$

It is said that vaccines are the bread and butter of the vet industry and the vet profession. It is incredible as this is not what they go to school for. Yet – this is what they are making money from. This is no longer a noble profession. The vet profession is an industry operating as a subsidiary of big pharma.

Vets pay an average of 0.50 cents per vaccine and charge you, the pet parent, anywhere from 15-30 dollars. So, using $20 and 0.50 cents as an average charge, this is a 4000% markup per vaccine!

So just in one visit, if they have injected, say 4 vaccines at $80 + vet visit of $35 minimum, it adds up to $115 dollars. The cost to them is $2 dollars. This is why they call you and pester you to come in to see them. They get to charge the visit + inject revenue into your pet.


And there are MORE vaccinations in the corporate pipeline coming to you, the consumer.

Because vaccination is such a lucrative business, big pharma is dreaming up more and more vaccinations to sell you! So, this has become a full-fledged “business plan” – to pump as much garbage into your animal in the name of “pet healthcare” because you love your animal so much.

And it will be funnelled through your vet in the name of “prevention and protection” SO, BEWARE.

I suggest you watch your animal closely if you have to go to the vet. Do not let them out of your sight into the back room. Make sure you are working with a vet that listens to you!! Respects you! I cannot emphasize this enough. Please do not let FEAR drive anything into your animal’s body. Or be bullied into it.

This is all about money. It starts with a spreadsheet and how many animals can be sold this “new invention” and at what maximum cost. And then the CEO’s of these corporations rub their hands together and go out and buy another private jet!!!

Unimaginable – don’t you think? Protect your pet!

Bone Cancer Vaccine for Canines

And here we have an example–a new vaccine for canines. (To try to fix the damage all the vaccines that gave your canine cancer in the first place.)

First of all, anyone reading this who has experienced cancer or someone with cancer, I am very sorry. Because of course, we all wish everyone to be well and happy! And have a great long, pain-free life. My goal is to support this, of course. I, however, operate from the perspective in healing, that cancer in animals is created by our choices.

Cancer never existed in animals the way it does today.

What has changed? Our participation in their health. Our interference. We are creating the cancer through the following protocols:

1. Industry Pet Food and Treats

2. Vaccinations: we are pounding the body over and over again with disease – crippling the body into cancering – we are relentless!

3. Flea and Tick / Pesticide: Again – forcing the body to breakdown – we are relentless here too

4. Microchipping: cancerous device delivered into the body directly at 6 months

5. Neutering and Spaying: messing up the Endocrine System which controls mostly everything in the body

We are literally forcing the body into a cancerous state.
And crippling generations with TOXICITY. And more cancer.

Cancer is a signal the system, the body, is under duress and either diet, environment or lifestyle or all of the above need to be changed. Cancer is a “symptom” of the body saying it is not okay. This s not a vaccinatable issue. This is not a virus or bacteria. This is the body giving intelligent messaging that changes need to be made else the body will die. This does not mean pump the body full of more toxins to block the process and keep on doing what you are doing. This is not healing, this will not stop the intelligent body giving more signals.

Cancer is marketed as EVIL, DEATH, and something “contracted” versus “created”.Ask anyone who has healed their “cancering” body the non-toxic route. How did they change their life? What changes did they implement to finally start listening to their inner guidance system? It is all connected. It is not about more toxicity, in a needle. This NEW creation, by pharma, and those who are looking to “cure cancer” means your animal will literally be experimented on.

What must be questioned and researched is:

1. What is in this vaccine? Every ingredient? What is in the mix?

2. What does it do to the body specifically? What organs does it damage?

3. What is the expected life span with the treatment? I imagine it is all about experimentation – so none what so ever.

4. And you might want to know, have innocent animals been experimented on during this creation?

I do not agree with this vaccine, or anything like it - at all. I think it is extremely dangerous to all animals BUT extremely lucrative to BIG Pharma, and all those in the pet industry pipeline who stand to profit from YOUR FEAR in the name of prevention or “fighting the disease”.

What humans must start doing is honouring nature. Stop living in fear, and actually begin questioning what they are being consistently sold as “pet healthcare”. Our decisions, our trust, and our lack of questioning, is driving cancer, disease in our pets.

Healing MUST first and foremost start with a change in diet and stopping and draining all the toxicity from the being’s body. Cancer exists in dogs because of all the vet protocols followed from such a young age. In the span of a year, the little body is so pummelled and destroyed in the name of “medicine” that it is absolutely amazing the body survives. Actually, we are seeing death in one year of age now.

Clinical Trial Example: University of Florida, College of Veterinary Medicine

This is just one example of what is going on out there in the world of vaccine creation. This is a clinical trial which is asking for canines to participate. This is what they are suggesting on their website, and there is no mention anywhere what is in either the chemo mixture or the vaccine mixture:

Treatment: The vaccine will be given over 6 visits approximately 3 weeks apart in addition to 6 chemotherapy visits. If appropriate you dog will also receive boosters every 6 months. The chemotherapy visits will be scheduled 2 weeks prior to each vaccine visit. At each visit, blood will also be drawn to measure the immune response for study purposes.

This visually translates to delivering poisonous unknown substances into the animal consistently for 16 weeks straight. How is this healthcare? This is POISON. This is not medicine.

And they want to boost the vaccine also – every 6 months!!! So, POISON your dog every 6 months – "if appropriate". Meaning – if they live?

So, here we have a sick animal, where the immune system is really compromised. It needs NATURE. It needs fabulous food, natural healing protocols, and a fabulous healing environment. What the body does not need or will not be able to cope with is all this POISON. And the fear. How is this animal going to cope going consistently to such a horrible environment? Knowing it is being poisoned. And -

How MUCH PAIN will all this POISON cause?
There is no way to monitor this.
And how is all this poison going to deliver a healthy, long living animal?
It will not. It will cause immense harm and suffering to your beautiful being.

I emailed the University, September 9, 2019, to ask what was in the vaccine – this was their response:

Therefore, the ANIMALS ARE BEING EXPERIMENTED ON and you, the pet owner, have no idea what is going into their body.

Please protect your pet!

3.12 How to Proceed and Protect

First thing I would do, is have no FEAR. I would then do a lot of homework. Part of the homework I suggest would be to read these three books:

How to Immunize Your Dog Without Vaccines by Aleksandra Mikic, HHP, DVHH, DPh
Stop the Shots! Are Vaccinations Killing our Pets? by John Clifton
Homeopathic Care for Cats and Dogs by Don Hamilton, DVM

These books include real history and stories of how people have healthy animals and then horrible deaths directly as a result of the current protocols. And these beautiful animals suffer and die for literally no reason.

Included in this book, How to Immunize Your Dog Without Vaccines by Aleksandra Mikic, HHP, DVHH, D.Ph., is a vaccination schedule via homeopathic remedies. It is spelt out to cover your animal against what you think is necessary.

Everyone will have an opinion. But these are opinions. It is up to us, as pet parents to protect our pets and make informed decisions that are based on real information not “the norm”. The “norm” has to change, has to be challenged because it is doing so much damage. I personally believe with everything I have read and understand, we are annihilating many species of animals through “pet heath care” prevention which is all based on “false beliefs and actually NO SCIENCE.” But it sure does not make a lot of people wealthy!!!

Julia Henriques, DVM in Dogs Naturally Magazine states: “If your dog has had any of the CORE vaccines at 16 months old, then he is most likely protected for life,” as per clinical studies by Ronald Schultz, Ph.D. But again – we do not need to be putting these lethal vaccinations into the body when homeopathic nosodes do the job without harming.

I recommend using NOSODES and TITERS as a way to best support your animal ongoing. Please check out this section in the Information Gallery: “NATURE: How to help support your animal to live a long, happy, pain-free life, at minimal financial cost.”

3.13 “Mandatory Vaccinations”, where MORE harm is done.
Please do not frequent facilities or hire services which require “up-to-date vaccinations.”
This includes boarding kennels, groomers, training facilities, vets, dog walkers, etcetera. Again, this is fear at work, revenue generation for some, and / or complete lack of knowledge and awareness. This stipulation does immense damage to your animal, to their body, mind and spirit. Protect your pet!

3.14 My Goal?

My goal for my animals and my client’s animal’s is to have a strong, healthy body supported by a fresh, clean whole foods, organic human grade diet backed by homeopathy, and zoopharmacognosy, where I honour the animal’s innate healing intelligence. I want to promote strong, beautiful, non-toxic bodies, whose immune systems can fend for themselves from nature’s organisms. Like they used to. Where they live long pain free lives and their bodies do not break down at such a young age. I wish to honor the being - their beautiful intelligent body, their wonderful mind and magnificent spirit.

3.15 And what is happening to our CATS?
Cats are all dying of kidney failure! Why? Because feline vaccines contain feline kidney cancer cells! Why would this be? We need to stop all this lethal vaccination and instead use NOSODES and TITERS.

And it blows my mind that indoor cats are vaccinated! Why would this be necessary? It isn't. And I bet the animal has the antibodies anyway, but no one is of course checking.
Did you know?

Cats used to be injected in the area of the neck but because so many were developing tumors and cancer, and dying the veterinary world decided perhaps vaccinating on a leg was better because this is easier to amputate. Actually, this is now being done with canines too.

Absolutely horrifying! But true.
There does not seem to be any “thinking” going on. Just “doing”.


Are vaccinations dangerous for your cats? Please view.


And here we have instructions on vaccinating in the leg. Just horrendous.

3.16 Titer Testing

If you would like to know if your animals have the antibodies in their blood to fight off certain viruses and bacteria, then find a vet who will have them titer tested. These tests will tell you if they are covered. Once a titer reports positive, the animal is covered for its lifetime. You do not have to keep retesting.

Even, if the bloodwork shows they are on the low side, I still advise not to vaccinate, as this could be a result of the system dealing with something that day or stress from the fact that the animal is at the vet. If you take an animal’s bloodwork at home, you would see a BIG, BIG difference in the results, as the vet is a scary place for all animals.

The goal is to have no fear and to ALWAYS know you can walk away, think, do some research, trust your gut, and then decide what is best for your animal.


I address this further under Titer Testing and Nosodes in “Section III: NATURE: How to help support your animal to live a long, happy, pain-free life, at minimal financial cost.”

3.17 Travelling with Your Pet

People LOVE to travel with their animals. I think this is lovely too as long as you are not compromising their health in the way of multiple vaccinations. Your local vet might not be informed so it is up to you to do your homework.
Please do not go and pump your animal full of toxic waste and depilating viruses in the name of "holiday travel".
If you cannot get your animal across borders with a health certificate then leave your animal at home with a great sitter. All these chemicals and vaccinations affect your animals' body, and definitely their brain. It is not about "injecting", ticking the box, and jumping in the car and travelling. This is not in your pet's best interest at all. This is soooo damaging to their body. You would of course love them to travel with you but not at the sake of sacrificing their well-being and contributing to a horrible early death. Leave your pet at home. Keep them safe. Protect your pet.

Regarding travel across USA and Canada borders:

3.18 Conclusion

Things to think about and consider:

1. There is absolutely no accountability. You would think the Veterinary Regulatory Bodies would do their due diligence and make sure these products are safe prior to their profession using them on our pets. You would think they would make sure there is a report-back system within their profession to monitor what is happening out there, so changes are made immediately when damage is witnessed, but this is not the case at all. Not even close. It is not even on their radar to do anything like this.

2. No one cares about the damage to your animal; it is all about money. A vet on average is making 4000% on each vaccination given, hence, the push on coming in for the annual check-up.

3. The manufacturers of the vaccines hide their information. They are not required by any laws to report it to the public, and actually are not vetted by the veterinary boards before the products are allowed to be marketed to us. So literally, these are corporations making ACTIVELY LETHAL products, which have direct access to the market, to our pet via your vet,

Just a thought: I imagine many vets are purchasing vaccines based on price too, on what makes them the most money. What is in it etc., is not even a thought process. It really is unconscionable.

Websites / Links:,%202019

Stop the Shots!: Are Vaccinations Killing our Pets? by John Clifton
Shock to the System - The Facts About Animal Vaccination, Pet Food and How to Keep Your Pets Healthy by Catherine O'Driscoll
Mark of the Beast: Hidden in Plain Sight by Dr. Patricia Jordan
Dissolving Illusions by Suzanne Humphries, MD and Roman Bystianyk
Trust Me, I'm Not a Veterinarian!...No Dog Before His Time! by James D Schwartz
How to Immunize Your Dog Without Vaccines by Aleksandra Mikic, DHHP, DVHH, D.Ph.
Vaccine Guide for Dogs and Cats, What Every Pet Lover Should Know by Catherine J. M. Diodati, MA
Homeopathic Care for Cats and Dogs by Don Hamilton, DVM

You Tube Videos: Dr. Karen Becker interviewing Dr. Schultz. [4 Parts]

Courses about vaccination:


What this Section Covers

    About the Products     |     Tools for Getting Rid of Fleas Naturally    |     Diatomaceous Earth (DE) – Food Grade     |     Heartworm - Natural Prevention     |     Parasites – Natural Prevention and Expulsion   

4.1 About the Products

Although these products are marketed as safe for your pets and their use is almost universally accepted among pet owners, they are made from neurotoxins derived from pesticides, and are extremely dangerous.

All I can say is STOP! Please STOP!


If it is killing fleas and ticks, it is also killing your animal. It really is unimaginable that these products are allowed on the market. This shows us all how powerful pharma is and how irresponsible the FDA is, and actually all our country’s “pet healthcare watchers” are, if this is being sold by your vet. This industry is on track to earn $1.34 billion USD a year by 2025.

Fleas and ticks are around all the time. It is your responsibility as a responsible pet owner to check your animal regularly via grooming, to make sure that nothing has jumped on. If you find anything, pluck it off. Brushing is good for the coat and for blood circulation, even if you don’t find any unwanted visitors.

In the case of tick bites, I smear Rescue Remedy cream on it, pulling the full tick with its head out with tweezers. If it is a big bite, I clean with apple cider vinegar and apply calendula tincture, and the bite is almost gone within a few hours, without my animal being exposed to any toxicity. And without a leaving massive bump where the tick bit.
However, if your animal HAS FLEAS, your animal is not okay inside.
The fleas know this, as nature selects the weak to feed on. The fleas have PURPOSELY chosen your animal, because they know your animal’s system is compromised, meaning it is running less than optimally.

So instead of poisoning an already sick animal, you must have a compassionate vet or myself work with you to help balance your beautiful being. Either the heart, liver, kidneys, or something is running low, and finding fleas is YOUR big cue to get your animal healthy. Diet will be a major component in most cases.

Animals are designed to hide their imbalances so they do not get killed. This is their natural instinct. Your animal may not seem ill, because they are trying to keep it together, but nature knows—the fleas know!

This also applies to flies around horse’s eyes. The flies will pick on the weak, and eyes indicate the state of the liver in Traditional Chinese Medicine. When horses are offered the remedies to heal themselves during a Zoopharmacognosy session, the liver becomes balanced and the flies disappear! Nature knows!

Real-Life Experience: Fleas

We adopted a beautiful five-year-old dog, and I felt she was not grounded in her body at all. She was having small seizures, like her system was on overload with too much information. Of course, having a new family was a massive undertaking. It was in the summertime and one day she was rolling on her back in the grass when I saw the flea community on her abdomen.

Wow! I was not pleased, but not surprised, since I knew she was not okay inside. She had previously been fed commercial dog food, and had only been eating real fresh food for a few weeks. Her energy and body were unstable, and the fleas knew this.

So, I worked with her heavily on diet, providing lots of fresh raw ingredients giving less animal protein. We washed her every few days with Dr. Bronner’s fragrance-free castile soap, rinsed her with an apple cider vinegar rinse, we flea combed (a comb with a double row of teeth is the best, and can be found on Amazon) her in the morning and at night, and we made this fun for her. She got bits of fresh food—red pepper, carrot, apple, etcetera—and she got totally spoilt for being combed heavily and invasively (as it wasn’t so comfortable for her, bless her) to get the critters.

Actually, when she saw the comb, she went to her spot for combing. So, this was a good time to bond with her, as she was new to us. We also washed the bedding regularly, mopped the floors with lavender, and vacuumed daily. But most of all I worked on her spirit, on her inability to be present and feel safe in the world. This I did with Applied Zoopharmacognosey [See Section III].

One additional thing I did which was vital, I stopped mentally pushing the fleas away. I gave thanks for their information, I wished them well, and explained to them that they were no longer required, thank you. I had this. As soon as I took this last step, relaxed, and accepted, they were gone in two weeks.

Incidentally, we had two other animals at the time that remained relatively flea-free during this process. Keep in mind that resistance = persistence! This was a big lesson for me!

The important take away on fleas is this:

Fleas mean “help your animal,” NOT “poison your animal.”

Something is off with their overall health, and you need to find someone to help you figure out what it is. It may be a physical imbalance, and it may be emotional, or it may be both, but the FLEAS are there to HELP you.

Pay attention, investigate, and make the changes.

In most cases, the solution will be diet-related, as the body just does not have the nutrition, minerals, and so on that it needs in order to do the job it is meant to do with commercial food. The diet is not supporting the body and the immune system. Zoopharmacognosey, along with diet changes, can do immense re-balancing.
Let your animal tell you what their problem is.
Please honor their innate intelligence.
Since then (five years ago), we have never had fleas, and we have four animals who come and go in the forest all the time! So again, the solution is not about adding poisons to the body, it’s about making your animal’s body so strong and calibrated with nature that it can do the job it is meant to do. Then nature knows,
“This is a STRONG BODY! Don’t bother coming here!”
Also, FEAR is a fabulous marketing tool aimed at the consumer, but you don’t have to fall for this tactic anymore. When people hear the words “fleas and ticks,” there is soooo much fear association, which has been cleverly planted by big pharma and a lot of vets, who are making a lot of money from poisoning your animal.

While healing your animal, focus on these tools that worked best for us. And believe me I tried lot of stuff, but it came down to these working the best and most effectively.

4.2 Tools for Getting Rid of Fleas Naturally

1. Fresh, alive food diet, with not too much animal protein, as the body is compromised.

2. Applied Zoopharmacognosey session, allow your animal to tell you what the problem is.

3. Homeopathy remedy, if required.

4. Weekly baths with Dr. Bronner’s fragrance-free castile soap with an apple cider vinegar rinse.

5. Mop your floors daily with lavender essential oil, being careful not to use too much oil. Do not use if you have cats.

6. Vacuum daily and placing vacuum bag in the freezer in between vacuums so the fleas do not live.

7. Wash pet beds daily with hot water. We used white sheets on top of all beds and checked them for the black dots, and then washed these regularly. This was easier than washing the dog beds so often.

8. Flea comb with a glass of hot soapy water to drown the fleas. This is your best defense by a mile. You must get the adult fleas, and the only way to do this is to comb. Put on a podcast and enjoy yourself. Comb with love! Comb three times a day, if possible, twice at the minimum.
Flea comb found here:

9. Amber stone necklaces are amazing. We use them for our pets and others have reported noticeable positive effects from using them. Make sure you take them off after walking your animal, all animals' necks should be free when not out walking. And please make sure cats' necklace's always have a release-free clasp. Our source:

10. Positive mindset is essential, with gratitude expressed daily. This is a journey, and it will end. So just be present and do what you need to do to help your beautiful being become a healthier being.

4.3 Diatomaceous Earth (DE) – Food Grade
The reason I have not mentioned Diatomaceous Earth in the protocols above is because I am “on the fence” about it. I have been using this for years. On my animals, in my animals and in me. I am/was a big fan. It is a natural de-wormer and it helps with any over population of insect when sprinkled around the interior or exterior part of the house. It is fabulous.

However, when reading Anthony Williams book, “Medical Medium” I was shocked to read he advises against it. He explains that it does damage to the inside walls of the intestines and the gut preventing the body from absorbing nutrients from food. It also damages your hydrochloric acid and kills good bacteria. how to move forward.
Please consider this:

Real-Life Experience: Canine, Consistently Throwing Up at 7am

My flat coat retriever, Savie, started consistently vomiting at 7am. It was clear vomit - a little frothy - nothing much in it, but I could see in the morning, she looked nauseous. and then boom, she would throw up. This was when her stomach was empty. I tried everything I knew to rebalance her. When nothing worked, I thought, "Okay - something is down there that has to come up. Either worms - yet she was not choosing anything worm related during her Zoopharmacognosey sessions, or there was something foreign".

So, I made her main meal with a lot of starch - a lot of sweet potato, minced meat and some oats. A lot of sticky stuff. Then I added 3 heaped tablespoons of diatomaceous earth, knowing this was a lot, and the body would not be happy with me, but I wanted to see her system "kick". She ate about 4 cups of food and then about 5 minutes later, it all came up.

And what came up with it? A massive plastic cucumber wrapper!!!!

You know - the end of cucumber wrapper which is all burnt plastic? (Please refer to photo) Well, that end, and about 50% of the wrapper surfaced. I was shocked I have to say! As my animals eat everything fresh and LOVE cucumbers, especially in the summer months as they are cooling to the body, somewhere along the way, she must have found something and eaten the wrapper too.

So, this is where my stance against plastic is massive as ALL animals are ingesting it! It is absolutely choking our planet and its inhabitants.

Anyhow, problem solved. No more upchucking and no more nausea in the morning. Happy dog! But then, I had to remake another whole meal of course.

How to proceed? I would use DE as a tool. If you think you animal needs some help getting rid of something - then I would test the system and see what comes out. I definitely had dead worms’ surface with DE in stool prior to my practicing Zoopharmacognosey. Please refer to Section 4.5 below for more information regarding parasites.

4.4 Heartworm - Natural Prevention
Please use homeopathic nosodes to protect your animal during the months applicable, if you live in an area where heartworm is prevalent. This is non-toxic, nature-derived, and effective. Again, have no FEAR!

Purchase here:

To learn more about nosodes, please refer to “Section III: NATURE: How to help support your animal to live a long, happy, pain-free life, at minimal financial cost.”

4.5 Parasites – Natural Prevention and Expulsion

Parasites are a part of our anatomy, unfortunately, and definitely part of our animals, as they have their nose to the ground constantly. What is important is the balance in their system; what their system can manage, deal with and clean. If the system becomes too toxic, then the balance will be in the parasites favour and the body will need assistance to clean.

There are a few ways to do this without wiping out the internal good gut bacteria which the pharma de-wormers consistently do.

1. Chlorophyll

All of our cells require chlorophyll to function. It is reported chlorophyll keeps worms and parasites out of the intestinal tract. Chlorophyll comes from all the greens. It is essential the greens are rotated in the diet, preferably given seasonally, and as close to raw as possible. Just flash cooked is ideal for those that are hard to process. Greens HIGH in chlorophyll:

Spinach, Collard Greens, Mustard Greens, Alfalfa Sprouts, Parsley, Broccoli, Brussel Sprouts, Bok Choy, Romaine Lettuce, Green Cabbage, Asparagus, Green Beans, Green Peas.

Minerals high in chlorophyll which are SELF SELECTED by the animal using Applied Zoopharmacognosey: Chlorella, Spirulina, Barley Grass, Wheat grass. Please note, these are not food and should not be added to any animal’s food.

2. Diatomaceous Earth

Place in some kefir or food. Use this for a week to clean out the body. Watch the stools to see if anything dead surfaces. If you are surprised with what you see, move to Ingraham’s method below to have the animal lead a purge to make sure the system is cleaned fully.

3. De-Parasite Herbal Tonics

This company, Our Botanicals, sells two tonic formulas for parasites. Ask for the glycerin-based tonics not the alcohol-based, where possible.

Smaller parasites: Viruses, bacteria, fungi, protozoa’s, etc.

Large parasites: Worms of all types and flukes

4. Ingraham Applied Zoopharmacognosey

The other route to go is self-selection via Ingraham Applied Zoopharmacognosey. The animals will choose the remedies they need to cleanse their systems if they have been “invaded”. This may come in the form of the following ingredients listed below. These are self-selected several times a day for consecutive days until the job is done. The animal will direct you clearly, and you will then see some purging.

Remedies offered with oils to see what the animal needs to do the job:

  • Wormwood Powder: selected dry, with a little water or with preferred oil (already chosen)
  • Sunflower Oil and Flax Oil: (refrigerated, cold pressed, first extraction organic if available): may be chosen individually or in conjunction with each other, with the animal alternating between the two, in bucket loads or with one of the other powders
  • Neem Powder: selected dry, with a little water or with preferred oil (already chosen)
  • Nettle Powder: selected dry, with a little water or with preferred oil (already chosen)
It is important to note every system is different and every animal is different so it is preferred a proper/full Zoopharmacognosey session is offered to the animal to make sure this is not the only imbalance in the body present. Therefore, the whole body is addressed, as the parasites are present due to a system running less than optimally. Nature knows!!!

Please LISTEN to your animal and follow their lead, they, of course, know!


The pharmaceutical industry is unbelievably powerful, both in money and influence. The industry revenues in 2017 topped 1,143.3 billion US dollars. Although there may be evidence about curbing symptoms, I believe there are no studies about actually CURING anything, as pharma makes billions of dollars off sick people. The industry wants you to be sick and your animals are now part of the equation.

All pharmaceuticals manipulate the body. They are foreign substances, usually toxic, which the liver and the rest of your organs do not fully understand or recognize. All pharmaceuticals target the body to do one thing while compromising and damaging the whole system with unwanted “side effects.”

Pharmaceuticals are fabulous for trauma, and supporting the body to stabilize while the body’s natural healing mechanisms take over. Beyond this, there is no healing with pharmaceuticals. Pharma is designed to keep you buying more, which makes stockholders rich.

The Earth’s medicines are super powerful and are what the body knows. There are no TOXIC side effects. The liver and all the organs know what the plants are and how to process them. When they are excreted out of the body, there is no harm to the planet. Synthetic medications, however, end up in our water supply. Studies have proven that pharmaceuticals affect all our marine life. There is even a boat load of synthetic drugs contaminating your tap water.
Also, please note, all pharma destroys the gut microbiome. So, if you or your animals have had pharma during your lifetime you will need to restore your gut microbiome to its natural balance.

It is very important: pharmaceuticals are best when used sparingly. Nature’s remedies are used to support healing the body and build health.

Here is a case study about canine heart failure, and how pharma kept her going over the rough patch while the Earth’s plants healed her body. I write this with much gratitude to the founder of the Five Leaf Pet Botanicals.
Real-Life Experience with Dilated Cardiomyopathy [DCM], healing naturally

Canine, Labrador, Female, Spayed, 5 years old, December 2014

“Our lovely Sienna started coughing a week before Christmas 2014. The vet thought she had the flu, so nothing was done. (Fabulous vet by the way, really educated us, and definitely did her best.) Ten days later, Sienna could not lie down, and was panting heavily at night. She was still exercising, eating, and drinking.

“The next day we saw her tummy expanding as fluid started to build up and she refused food. This was New Year’s Eve. The same vet knew we were in trouble and had us drive to emergency care in Amsterdam, an hour away, and the team waited for us, which we were immensely grateful for.

“After stabilizing her, a vet came out in tears saying Sienna would be gone soon. He expected her to live a few days and that would be it if she got through the night. I was shocked to say the least. Sienna stayed overnight, and sure enough, did she not walk with her pole to see every sick animal in her center? As this animal is always looking after others first before looking after herself.

“The next day, I sat with her and asked her what her plan was, did she want to go? Or had she got herself in a bit of a pickle? I also had our animal communicator, Irene van Leeuwan talk to her and ask her where she stood on moving on. We all understood that she wanted to stay, so there was work to do.

“The vet sent us home with all the drugs. We had to monitor her breathing rate, her heart rate—we documented EVERYTHING. She was given maximum a month to live if she survived the next week, as all dogs with DCM die within 18 months. From the drugs!

“The first thing I did was hire an Emotion Code worker. Beautiful Beatrice Nattermuller came over instantly and worked on Sienna for five hours. She cleared all the negative energy this beautiful lab had absorbed from not only us, I imagine, but also those she wished to help who she met on her walks, her daily journeys.

“After Beatrice was finished, Sienna went outside and tossed a ball in the air, playing by herself, which we had never witnessed her do in her life. Her heart was less burdened. Such a gift Beatrice gave us all.

“Next, I started investigating how to heal a heart and I found this fabulous site:

“We put her on the protocol they recommended, and in 10 months she was off the drugs and healthy enough for an international flight! She was weaned off the program after a year, with a strong heart, galloping through the Canadian Whistler snow!

“It is important to note, to remain on these pharma drugs, her maximum life span was mid-2016 as they would destroy her organs. You may find more information about this case on this website under: Case Studies: DCM

Safety Data Sheets (SDS) – Are you referencing them before the drug goes into your animal’s body?
By the time people find me, their animals have been so pummelled with pharma, that it is really incredible the body is still functioning. One of my biggest concerns is no one is questioning much less investigating the drugs going into their pets’ bodies and the implications of these drugs.
Pharma is designed to manipulate the body – not heal it – manipulate it.

While the drug is in the body, the organs have to process it, they are forced to. As a result, a lot of damage is done to the organs as these drugs get stuck in the system as the organic body does not know what to do with them. Meanwhile, these drugs damage the cells of the body.

So, drugs manipulate and damage at the same time.

Most drugs if not all of them are extremely toxic, hurt the organs, and are carcinogenic. All of them do damage. Each drug has a Safety Data Sheet which can be found on line for you to reference.

Please take the time to read them before the drug goes into you animal’s body . Your vet may not as informed as you think. Please do your homework. And, you should NEVER be forced to put a drug in your animal, you should always be allowed the option to go away, research, and make a well-informed decision WITH the consul of a vet if needed.

I have expanded on two drugs below, so you can see what I see. For more details on all pharma used, please subscribe to the Case Study Section of this website where I address all the drugs I encounter. Else please look up each SDS on line and do your own homework.

Is used to make an animal eat. It blocks the brain receptors which are telling the body to not eat, it manipulates the brain. Your body is designed not to eat when it is sick. So is your animal’s. The body does this, so resources can be allocated to repair and purge. This drug overrides this information, the messages from the brain to the body, and therefore, FORCES the body to process food – it goes against NATURE. This is very dangerous, hurts like $#%^& going into the body and it is bright, bright pink. Very toxic. This is found on most vet records, and pet parents have no idea what this drug is on their invoice or why it was needed.

Cerenia SDS – what does it say? The SDS says causes heart and kidney failure as found testing on animals. Here is a copy of one section from the SDS link below:

This is used on all animals, for joint issues. What it does is relieve pain while the joints get worse and the liver becomes severely damaged. It is extremely toxic. Vets will say they want to watch the liver values on the blood work, what they are not telling you maybe is once the liver numbers show a problem, the liver is failing.

Metacam SDS – what does it say?
What is important to note: THIS IS NOT FOR USE IN HUMANS – WHY? TOXIC! It says on the sheet: it is toxic to take orally – yet we are giving this to all animals ORALLY.

This is very dangerous. As soon as I see anything “for animal use only” red flags go up immediately as we are ALL ORGANIC BEINGS, our cells are the SAME!!!! “For animals only” usually means from the corporation perspective, “sure it is toxic yet let’s make some money anyway, because no one cares, no one is questioning, it is only the animals who will suffer, we, the corporation will not get in trouble as this is not for humans. Let’s funnel it through the vets and make some money.”
Please, take the time to protect your pet!

To Fix the Gut’s Microbiome, Humans and Animals:

Gut Microbiome Testing

To Replenish Gut Microbiome
Canines: Dr. Dobias - Gut Sense:
Horses and cats: Use Applied Zoopharmacognosey


Please – DO NOT PUT THESE IN YOUR ANIMAL. They are being placed inside the body during spaying and neutering procedures automatically by most vets. The chips are toxic and dangerous to the organic body. No due diligence has been done to protect your pet. This is all revenue creation. Please read on.
Warning: Please do not use pet products with MAGNETS if your animal has a chip, and keep your animal clear of wireless devices, as some chips may have antennas.

All my animals are microchipped, as we have moved to a lot of countries within the European Union [EU] and some were microchipped prior to being adopted by us. But now that I know what I know, I would not put this device in their bodies due to toxicity and the fact that animals cannot tell us if this device, which is really quite large, is impacting their body, their organs, and so on. I know it moves around the body, because I can feel it in the cat’s in different places.

I am not sure how many animals’ lives have been saved due to microchipping—I imagine not a lot compared to the number of animals that are microchipped. Again, this is all to do with FEAR and MONEY and also, SCIENTIFIC EXPERIMENT, I believe. It is a personal choice, but please do your homework.

Things to think about:

1. This is a $343.07 million US dollar business in 2017, on its way to $463 million by 2020. The typical charge is $50 a chip per animal, some vets are charging $100 and some animals have more than one chip in them. (Just shaking my head as I write this), The majority of vets are routinely pushing these devices during neutering and spaying procedures without knowing the consequences and with the assumption it is the right thing to do. Again, no science is behind this at all. No one knows the impact on the being’s health!

2. A massive needle is used to get this chip into the animal’s body. It hurts like @#$%^&I!!!

3. No one is monitoring or reporting if it is doing damage or not—as this does not drive revenue.

4. What is in this chip and what it is made of is changing all the time without regulation or compliance monitoring. These products go directly to market and into your animal. Some have a new coating that was introduced, which is chlorinated and has poly-dimethylbenzene, which is cancer causing. Chips coated in Parylene-C may present Benzene-related illness. Glass is also used, and may be of questionable origin, containing lead. Is your animal showing signs of lead poisoning? All these things need to be considered, understood.

5. An FDA-approved label does not mean the whole chip—this could be for just a small part or something else. So, when the manufacturer states FDA-approved, the next question must be “for what exactly?”

6. Animals are dying as a result of microchipping. Check

7. Microchip readers are not universal, so even if your animal is microchipped and they get lost, it does not mean if they are found that the “finder” can read the particular chip in your animal. Hence, animals are being microchipped several times! Some microchipped animals are euthanized because the reader being used is not detecting the chip.

8. Microchip Registries are poorly staffed and maintained, and even if one tries to contact the registry, usually the phone is never answered, if phone contact is even available. Sometimes only web form contact is supplied. What none of us would even think to ask: is this registry universal?

9. Your microchip data is not private and has been known to be sold.

10. Statistics reported are not transparent regarding the effectiveness of microchipping. Data is manipulated to support microchipping.
There is no proof a chip is more beneficial than a collar ID where lost pets are concerned.

11. You must keep your microchip data up to date; if you move and do not keep your microchip data up to date, then the whole process is a complete waste of time, money, and your animal’s well-being.

12. Stolen pets have been maimed from people stealing them and trying to cut the chips out.
From my perspective, I think this is just another marketing machine to use our love for our animals to make money, and for our animals to be used for research. I think the potential damage and toxicity of this foreign device floating around in our pet’s system for their lifetime in the name of safety is really not cool. I think it’s really dangerous and completely unethical.

Another thought – are they ending up in Pet Food?
Another thing to ponder – as euthanized pets are making their way to the rendering plants to make pet food, it would be safe to assume these microchips are also in the dead animals being processed.

Alternative options that do not cause cancer, death, and long-term toxicity to our loved ones, and do not end up in pet food:

1. Collar and tag

2. Tattoo

3. Nose print identification
Each pet’s nose is unique, like our fingerprints! Canadian Kennel Club has been doing this since 1938! Why is this not being done everywhere????

4. Facial recognition software
Found on and on an app called PiP My Pet found on
PLEASE MAKE THE EFFORT and Officially Report ADVERSE Effects

Please report if you know of any animal that has had adverse reactions to microchipping, and make sure the veterinarian involved formally reports, as well. This is very important to help all our animals.

If you are concerned about the microchip in your pet, read the on the site. The whole site is a fabulous read, almost 50 pages, but this section "what-to-do" explains a lot.

Here is a link from the AVMA. Again, a lot of “head-shaking” going on when I read this.

From 2015, how new players are entering the market and nothing is stopping them. There is no due diligence required from any regulatory body:

This is a website explaining all the health risks regarding microchipping. It is really alarming with the case studies. The UK has set up a non-affiliated site also reporting detrimental effects. and

and in memory of dear Leon:

Catherine Driscoll is a “defender of animals,” and she has written this book about the dangers of microchipping:


To Neuter or Not to Neuter; To Spay or Not to Spay

The whole idea of spaying and neutering comes from population control. It has now even extended to the idea you are not a responsible pet parent if you do not do so. This whole process is not common in Europe, but in North America your animal is automatically scheduled for the operation at the 6-month-old mark.
Based on what I know now, I would never spay or neuter another animal.
I think this is causing a massive disruption in the body, short-term and therefore, long-term. The endocrine system, which is responsible for hormones, is tremendously affecting the overall growth of the physical body, with the structural system also being greatly impacted, as well as the overall strength of the body.

We can see this in all the disease and body breakdown we now have in all the animals we are doing this to. I have witnessed this in my own animals. I could actually see and feel the shift in my Lab who has been challenged a lot physically since her spaying, even though I implement all I know with her. I weakened her entire system by spaying her, as I never asked the questions below.

It is really amazing that neuter and spay is promoted so heavily, yet breeding is allowed. Why are so many animals undergoing these massive surgeries that disrupt their entire bodies, yet more dogs are being bred? It makes absolutely no sense at all.

Please read this article by the Washington Post, about how breeders are actually supplying the shelters with dogs in the USA.

There is too much trust given. Our lovely, trusting, beautiful beings are just handed over to the vets and we pick them up later. Caretakers need to ask the hard questions, and then do some homework before committing their loved ones to such an invasive procedure.

My first Lab, Kayly (who is responsible for what I do now) had bladder issues her whole life due to this surgery. She was sooooo embarrassed. I wish I had known more then about how to help her and heal her, but make no mistake about the damage it did to her physical and mental well-being. This operation was horrendous. And no one was accountable for the damage.

When an animal is scheduled for the operation the caretaker needs to ask the following:

1. What are the risks?

2. What drugs are going into the body and how much? Make and model? Is the anesthesia going to be monitored and regulated or not? Safety and costs vary greatly.

3. What exactly is the process? Are they tying tubes? Taking the whole uterus out? What exactly are they doing to the body? Details, details, details.

4. Are they planning to put a microchip in the body at this time? If they are, and you consent, make, model, contents/ingredients of device, registry, how does the registry operate? Is it operational? Call them, and ask how it works and is it National? Do not be in a rush – get the details. Please do your homework. (Again, I would never have a device in my animal’s bodies, it is pure scientific experimentation.)

This is information that should be provided at least two weeks prior to the surgery, so you the caretaker can do your homework prior to the visit.

Dr. Will Falconer states in his article found here:

“If you've read the concerns in the link above and still decide spaying is the way to go for your female, you can more safely do this in one of two ways:

1. Wait for the middle of the estrus cycle, called anestrus. That's about 3 months after the heat is over.

2. Look for an "ovary sparing spay" surgeon, who'll remove the uterus but leave your females hormone factory (her ovaries) intact.”

Impact on Behaviour

Also, please note, A LOT OF BEHAVIOUR ISSUES are a result of residual pain from the trauma to the body from these procedures. The animals clearly indicate this during their sessions of Applied Zoopharmacognosey.

The relief provided when this is finally addressed is amazing, and also very heart-breaking, for these animals have been living with this pain for a very long time, and no one knew. You see, if they were allowed to roam, they would find the plants to heal themselves, they would rebalance themselves. But because they are in our houses, in our backyards and on leash, they cannot access nature.
Just to repeat myself, I would not spay or neuter an animal out of convenience ever again.

This is well worth reading, regarding how different the processes are and the risks of each:

And more reading:


What this Section Covers

Water     |     EMF’s-Electromagnetic Fields     |     No Contact with the Earth?     |     Cat Litter     |     Artificial Bedding     |     Air Pollution     |     Perfume, Aftershave, Lotions, Deodorants, and Makeup     |     Flame Retardants-PBDE’s     |     Cleaning Products, Air Fresheners and Scented Candles     |     Pesticides, Herbicides and Fertilizers     |     Roadside Maintenance and Car Chemicals     |     Toxic Emotions – Is Everyone Living in Balance?    

We are all organic beings. There is not much difference between an animal’s body and yours, apart from a few functional differences in processing food. Everything that is harming them is absolutely harming you, too. And vice versa. This is really important to understand.

8:A Water

Please filter all water provided to your pets, yourself, and your loved ones.
And please protect your body, your animal's body and our planet, say 'NO' to plastic.

We are all 70% water. We need water to survive. However, the quality of our water is horrendous, to say the least, due to all the chemicals including pesticides, pharmaceuticals, and so on that is not being filtered out. Are you drinking filtered water?

This is a summary of what could potentially be (and probably is) in your tap water:
• Parasites
• Heavy Metals, including Arsenic
• Pharmaceuticals
• Perfluorochemicals
• Chlorine
• Chloramines
• Fluoride
• THMs – Trihalomethanes
• Petroleum Contaminants
• Perchlorate [oxidant in rocket fuel]
• Radiological Contaminants
• Herbicides and Pesticides
Animals know. Their sense of smell is at least 40 times better than ours. I can even smell the chemicals, so I can only imagine what they detect.

My animals will not touch the tap water. We filter heavily in the house, using a Big Berkey specifically, for our drinking, cooking, and humidifier water. The water tastes fresh and the animals have no problem drinking it.

A lot of people say to me “my animal does not drink water.” There could be a few reasons for this, assuming the body is medically sound.

1. They can smell the chemicals.
2. It is reverse osmosis water and this has no “life force.”
3. If they are fed a lot of raw fresh fruit and vegetables, then they are getting their water from these sources and their need to drink is minimal. In the summer, I assume they drink more water after exercise.

Please say “NO” to drinking “plastic water,” as well. The bottled water industry sold us 13.7 billion US dollars of plastic water in 2017 alone, so clearly the public has bought the message that bottled water is best. But drinking from plastic poses serious health threats. There is also, of course, the monumental environmental impact to consider, as shown below. Our oceans are drowning in plastic.

More Bottled Water Facts:

• Bottled water is not from organic clean sources, as they lead consumers to believe. There are many studies and reports about how filthy and corrupt the water is. This is just “greed in a bottle”. [Please stop supporting these corporations.]

• Most bottled water, if not all of it, has been in transit for a very long time. It has likely been exposed to high temperatures, then stored at high temperatures, so it has been cooking in the plastic you are drinking from for probably months and months.

Plastic leaches into the water, so when you drink from a plastic water bottle, you are literally drinking “plastic water.”

• We know plastic contains BPA, unless this has been removed. BPA interferes with our endocrine systems [hormones] and sits in our body indefinitely. Time Magazine reports: The government's National Toxicology Program has concluded that there is some concern about brain and behavioral effects on fetuses and young children at current exposure level.,28804,1976909_1976895_1976896,00.html

Please find below a link with more information:

Please do not give your animal (or yourself) any water out of any plastic source. Water and food dishes should not be plastic, either. Please carry bottles made from stainless steel or glass, lead-free, that do not pollute the water they are holding.

Please protect the environment and do not buy any water in plastic bottles ever. By doing so you are sending a message to corporations such as Nestle, that the world’s water resources are not to be corporately owned.

And with gratitude to Avaaz for highlighting the fact of Western non-recycled plastic dumping:

The world's recycling is in chaos. Here's what has to happen (Wired)

Norwegian proposal to place trade controls on waste plastics gains support (Resource)

America’s new recycling crisis, explained by an expert (Vox)

Bangun, a village built from imported waste (Jakarta Post)

8:B EMFs—Electromagnetic Fields

EMF's are radiation.
These fields are reported to damage our DNA. They negatively impact our organic bodies, "by interfering with our own highly sensitive electrical system", reports Dr. Jay Davidson. Everyone is different so the impact on each organic body differs. I believe, it is dependent on how toxic your body is, your "toxic load". It is reported people suffer from the following symptoms:

•Burning or warm sensations of the face, feeing sunburnt
•Tingling or prickling sensations across body and face
•Extreme dryness in the skin and mucous membranes, may include dry eye, throat and mouth
•Swelling in mucous membranes around the nose, ears and eyes
•Memory-loss, concentration, and dizziness
•Feelings of the flu/cold that never surfaces
•Nausea and headaches
•Pains teeth, jaw, joints and muscles
•Palpitations in heart and chest
•Infertility and sexual changes
•Digestive issues
•Ear, nose and throat issues
•Depression and inability to focus
•Eye blurriness and inability to focus
•Neuro issues
•Nervous system issues - sleep problems and fatigue
•Linked to CANCER and AUTISM
Our bodies are not designed to be around these fields.
What I did not know was they accumulate in your body, just like a toxin.
Who knew? What can they do to our body?
• any being suffering from a chronic illness, EMF's will exacerbate the body, overload the body, and make the condition worse. This is because it is toxic so we are overloading the organic system with more toxins.

• there is a link to Lyme disease with EMF's. I personally think/believe the following with everything I have read and know: our bodies are not designed for how we are living. And if you have a virus dormant/being managed in your body, the weaker the body gets, the environment created will then allow the virus to thrive. We are literally creating through our decisions and purchasing power such an external and internal toxic environment, that we are unknowingly depleting our systems to the point where they cannot cope anymore, and viruses are then able to take hold. For example, Lyme. And this is before you have added the mind and stress patterns which people are processing every day. An organic being’s body is able to cope with a virus - but not 10 at once and on top of this - not toxins and stress.

Our animals are definitely not designed to be around these fields. As a result, animals are having terrible trouble with all the exposure. If you live in a condensed neighbourhood or a high-rise building, you would potentially have 50 or more signals coming through your home constantly. For animals who never leave the house, such as cats and rodents, this will be extremely damaging to their biology.

Also, the Wi-Fi engages the microchips. This is important to understand. As most pet parents do not know what device is in their pet’s body, a lot of these devices do have antennas. I invite you to read the Microchip section under Toxicity, Section 6.0, if you have not already done so.

The Swedish Government has done a lot of investigation into EMF exposure with their research leading to laws dictating a health and safety limit for exposure. So, this is not something to be ignored.

When not in use, our routers and all electronics are shut down. We also use BluShield, which is reported to neutralize all negative impact on our systems. BluShield reports on their website that people will actually go through detox once this is introduced into the home environment. I have not experienced this, but we are adamant that all our animals are not exposed to the radiation of TVs, computers, cell phones, and such. Everything is switched off, especially when we are sleeping and leave the house. Another thought, we are then also not impacting our beloved wildlife, who would also be exposed to our constant EMF projections.

Another fabulous tool are the Tesla purple plates. These are reported to protect us from EMF radiation which can either be worn on the body and / or attached to all the devices in the house. On the website, purple plates can increase our energy, heal all kinds of ailments, remove pain when placed on area directly, heal ailing plants, to name a few possibilities.

To summarize:

Please turn off all routers, computers, TV’s, phones etc. when you are not using them and especially when you are sleeping and not in the house.

And please make sure none of your pet’s beds or sleeping areas are near any of these devices.

Electronics are warm which can be attractive to a cold body, but the fields they emit are very damaging to all organic bodies. Protect your pet!

Chronic Disease:

ADR Chips to wear all the time for you and your pets and to be applied to all your electronics for protection from EMF.

Tesla's Purple Energy Plates - purchased here:

To plug into your home and negate the emissions within a certain perimeter

8:C No Contact with the Earth

If your animal is not ever in contact with the Earth, if they never ever put their paws on dirt or grass, then please consider investing in a grounding pad. This will help heal them, if they are not able to ground themselves naturally, and also help them be connected to the Earth’s healing energies.

This is essential for all of us organic beings; we need to be connected to the energies of the planet. This naturally comes through touch, feet on Earth, hoof on Earth, paws on Earth. When we wear shoes or do not allow our animals regular access to the ground, we are cut off from the balancing frequencies the planet provides our bodies. It is against nature to not be grounded to the planet.
I would encourage, at least weekly, taking your animal outside on harness, somewhere safe, where the ground has not been exposed to chemicals and allowing the animal to touch the grass, touch the ground.

This is crucial for healing and for their happiness.

We are all beings of the Earth and to not be able to make this connection, we suffer.

I have contacted Earthing Canada and their products have nothing magnetic in them so they will not interfere with microchips.

8:D Cat Litter

Is your choice of Cat Litter hurting your cat?
First, I believe all cats’ paws should touch the Earth to feel the energy fields of nature and be connected to what they innately know. Therefore, business should be done outside, as nature intended, and litter boxes should be a last resort, but not the norm.

However, if this is not possible, and litter is required, then it MUST meet the following criteria:

1. Nothing food based such as corn or wheat.

2. It must come from a SINGLE natural source with no additives, such as pine pellets or bark. It therefore, will have minimal dust / residue and will be recognizable by the organic body if ingested. The body will therefore, know how to process it out.

All this litter with the additives, the dust, and the chemicals (not to mention the crazy prices the pet industry is charging), I believe are also contributing to kidney failure in cats. This is just common sense to me. The cat’s and people’s homes are absolutely covered in it, and the cats are definitely ingesting it daily, because it is all over their coats. I would love to take a UV Wand and show people in the dark what they and their animals are living in. It would look like a CSI crime scene!

Are the products you are cleaning your litter box with carcinogenic to your cat?
Cleaning the litter box is another consideration when it comes to exposing the feline body to toxicity. Using bleach or any chemicals is harmful to your animal as they process far more than humans realize via smell. These products are carcinogenic to the body and completely unnecessary. I use Dr. Bronner’s Castile Rose or Unscented Soap to clean our litter boxes in the Winter when they are required, and the boxes have stayed smell-free and very much user friendly for years. All this information about having to rotate boxes because they smell, this is because of bad diet. Smelly urine and feces equal chemicals and waste product in your animals’ food, and thus, in your animal. If your cat is on a fresh raw or cooked diet, nothing smells, and their urine amount is small compared to cats having to drink volumes of water when on dry food, which is pressuring their kidneys.

Please empty the box after each use. Wash and clean the litter box at least once daily. No animal would EVER use the same patch of Earth to do their business on. And scooping is just completely gross. This is not healthy, clean or natural. Please keep the litter box in your home crystal clean and free of chemicals. They deserve it and so do you!

8:E Artificial Bedding

Looks nice, but does it breathe?
Your animals bedding must breathe. It must be made of natural sources such as cotton or wool, where the body lying against it can breathe. Most animals are probably using synthetic bedding, as that’s what’s commonly available through the commercial pet care industry. As most animal’s systems are running hot, and many animals have skin issues, the artificial bedding is contributing to those issues by not allowing the body to breathe. Also, most of it is toxic, as some materials off-gas, and a lot of the products give off lint residue that is not always apparent to the naked eye.

When I offered my canines two beds, one made of microfiber velvet and the other hemp, they both chose the hemp, even when they had been sleeping in the microfiber velvet for years. Once again, nature knows. It has been hemp ever since in our house.

Cotton, hemp, flax, and wool fabrics and stuffing’s are all in tune with nature and allow the organic body to breathe.

My animals love BOWERS Donut Bed. They love to have their back supported and the “donut” style is much preferred to the rectangular style which is awkward to snuggle in. I send Bowsers Hemp fabric purchased here, and Bowsers makes up the beds and ships them accordingly. Other great sources for fabric can be found on

Location, Location, Location
This is important, as a lot of pet’s beds I see are not located for “good sleeps”. Good non-toxic sleeps.

Firstly, please make sure your animal’s beds are NO WHERE NEAR a router, a TV, a laptop or stand-alone computer, microwave oven, electric blankets or any cords what so ever. These devices will all be doing immense harm to their organic bodies. Cats tend to like the electronics due to warmth, but please do not allow them to entertain these spots as they will cause serious imbalance in the body. Cancer being one of them!!! And no electric blankets. These are extremely toxic with all the electricity running all over the organic body!

The best locations are TOXIC free, away from the flashing, noise and radiation of TV screens. Most people listen to their TV’s extremely loudly and watch horrible things on them which vibrationally is very toxic. If you go into another room and listen to what they are listening to – most of it is horrific. But also, animal’s beds are not placed in a quiet, dark place for them to be able to restore themselves and be away from our drama, and again all the loud activity that electronics expose them to. Please choose where they sleep wisely. So, they may rejuvenate and restore. Protect your pet!

8:F Air Pollution

How toxic is the air in your home?
Depending on where you live, your air pollution levels will vary. It is my observation that a lot of people do not open their windows, but it is very important to do so to shift the energy and the air through the house. If you are on a major road or live in the city, an air purifier is a fabulous investment for the family and your pets. We noticed a massive difference in our breathing and sleeping when we introduced them to every floor of our house. The dirty filters said it all! Gross!

Resource: (Can be found in most countries via Amazon)

8:G Perfume, Aftershave, Lotions, Deodorants, and Makeup

What Chemicals Are You Wearing and Sending to Your Heart within 40 seconds of Application?
If you are buying from mainstream stores, or purchasing mainstream product lines, you are most likely buying chemicals. These chemicals stay suspended in the air, where you’ll keep breathing them in for hours. Also, when you put them all over yourself and your animal comes in contact with you—especially if you let them lick you—this is an enormous amount of toxicity for their systems. These products are chemical soups, and are not designed to be ingested nor have they been designed with the organic body in mind.

Do your cosmetics / products contain any of these substances?

1. Butylated Hydroxy Anisole (BHA)
What It Is: An additive that preserves fats and oils in food and cosmetics
Found In: Chewing gum, snack foods, diaper creams
Health hazard: May promote cancer in lab animals
What You Should Know: BHA is hard to avoid in foods, but the government limits its levels

2. Phthalates
What They Are: Chemicals that give plastic its resilience and flexibility
Found In: Toys, raincoats, shower curtains, vinyl flooring, detergents, food packaging, shampoos
Health Hazards: Animal studies show reduced sperm counts and reproductive abnormalities; evidence of a link to liver cancer in humans
What You Should Know: Congress passed legislation in 2008 to ban six phthalates from toys and cosmetics

3. Parabens
What They Are: Synthetic preservative
Found in: Products like moisturizers and hair care and shaving products
Health Hazards: Causes hormone disruptions and cancer in animals
What You Should Know: The FDA has deemed current levels in cosmetics safe, but paraben-free products are available

4. Oxybenzone
What It Is: A chemical used in cosmetics
Found In: Sunscreens, lip balm, moisturizers
Health Hazards: Linked to hormone disruption and low-birthweight babies
What You Should Know: About 97% of Americans have the compound in their urine, but current exposure levels have been deemed safe
And all the above assumes companies are indeed reporting on the packaging what is exactly in the product.
Your animals are designed to be in contact with everything natural, not all the chemical-based products we are dousing ourselves in. This is wreaking havoc on our livers, hearts, hormones, etcetera. It is aging us, make no mistake, as anything you
r put on your skin reaches your heart in 40 seconds!

So, my advice is to please watch what you put on your body, and stay as chemical-free as possible for you and for your animals. They will be so pleased and so will your body’s cells!


8:H Flame Retardants - PBDE’s

Polybrominated diphenyl Ethers (PBDE’s) are lethal chemicals, which can be found in electronics [Decabromodiphenyl Ether (DECA)], furniture and carpets. The impact on our animals is extremely concerning, our wild life is showing heavy concentrations which is so alarming.

Once you release them in the environment, they stay out there for years and years,” says Marta Venier, a chemist in the School of Public and Environmental Affairs at Indiana University. They also travel far and wide through the air and water. “They become ubiquitous,” she says. “It’s become a worldwide problem.”

Dogs Naturally magazine has written a fabulous article about how these chemicals are even in the dog food! Another reason to stay away from industry food and how dogs and cats blood levels are showing extraordinary levels of the chemicals in their bloodstream which will undoubtedly be contributing to whole host of health issues no doubt.

The Government of Canada’s website states – “key health and ecological effects are neurodevelopment such are changes in movement and behaviour and contamination of wildlife as the chemicals are passed through the food chain.”

It is up to all of us to “buy” consciously” and ask the questions when purchasing products if they are contaminated with these chemicals so we can participate in protecting our ourselves, our animals, and the planet, and all her beautiful creatures.


8:I Cleaning Products, Including Laundry Detergent, Air Fresheners and Scented Candles

All chemical cleaning products are very toxic for any organic body. Not only is the application horrendous, but the smell alone is so toxic.
With our animals’ sense of smell at 40 times that of humans, these smells do even more damage to their bodies. We know when we encounter a smell we do not like, we have to leave. The animals, however, are stuck in our households, and do not have a lot of places to go to get away if we are liberally using toxic cleaning products. They suffer with these chemical odors, especially with their powerful sense of smell. Make no mistake they will be changing their chemistry in their body adding to their “toxic load”. And this includes all living creatures in your households, birds too!

Laundry Detergent Powder
What might be in your detergents, if you are buying directly off the shelf in any mainstream store:

1. Fragrances containing phthalates which have been linked to diabetes, obesity, and hormone disruption (affecting both development and fertility.)

2. Surfactants: irritants and toxic to aquatic life toxic-surfactants/

3. Bleach: irritation and breathing problems

4. 1, 4 Dioxane: known carcinogen – very, very, very dangerous to all organic bodies

5. Phosphates and EDA

6. SLS (Sodium Lauren Sulfate): Sodium Lauren Sulfate is so bad for us and the environment that it actually has 7+ different names, so it can be harder for the public to identify. Similar to what the corporations are doing with MSG…

7. NPE (Nonyl Phenol Ethoxylate): This is a known endocrine disruptor. How does the toxicity impact you and your loved ones? It is absorbed via all bedding, and clothing when one sweats. It travels into the environment and impacts the planet and her water resources exponentially.

What are some of direct effects to the organic body?

• respiratory problems
• eye irritation
• neurotoxicity – biochemical and cellular changes
• cancer 
• hormone issues – developmental and reproductive

I invite you to read this article:

What do we use?
We use Dr. Bronner's soap, Rose and Eucalyptus depending on the load.  Everything comes out clean and lovely.  I do not find any off-gassing in the house during the washing and drying loads, so my animals and the external environment, the planet via the dirty water and air via the dryer hose are not being impacted.

Great info about conventional products and what is possible:

Great substitutes and recipes for making your own detergent and dryer sheets:

Air Fresheners
Not only are these products a huge environmental concern and waste because they will be dumped into landfill, they are ALL extremely TOXIC for any organic body.  Please do not buy them or use them.  They are just BAD. Just complete toxicity. And those cardboard Christmas trees hanging from the driver’s rear-view mirror, I see which are still around, TOXIC!

If you would like to freshen your house - use rose water.  It is beautiful, and good for every being's soul.  Make sure it is pure and not full of chemicals of course. It must be 100% pure organic rose water. One resource here:

Scented Candles
Scented candles are carcinogenic, absolutely lethal to the organic body. Please do not use any of them. They should not be allowed on the market.


Cleaning Products
Please use organic cleaners which are neutral in scent. Also, please read the label carefully before buying any product as many corporations are throwing this word “organic” or “green” on packaging which, has nothing to do with the ingredients in the actual product.

I help the animals heal with smell, so even the ones that smell lovely to you may impact your being’s physical body negatively, as every being is different.

Every essential oil’s scent has a role in healing the body, mind, and spirit, but they still need to be chosen by the being. For example, one day lavender might smell lovely to you, and another day terrible. This is because your body does not need healing with this plant’s properties on that particular day. The same applies to our animals. 

Therefore, please do not burn essential oils in spaces where your animal cannot escape the smell. You will potentially do damage to their systems, their health.  And do not clean with essential oils where your animal cannot escape from the smell or touch. I do not advocate cleaning with any essential oils as again you can impact the animal's internal cell structure.

Also, it is incredible that pet products, including the terrible food, is sold in the same aisle in the grocery store as the cleaning products. This is a red flag to all! The whole aisle is toxic and smells toxic, too. None of it should be in your household, much less ingested. 

We use the following, for example:

• Cleaning:  Baking soda and vinegar
• Windows:  Vinegar and water
• Toilet bowls:  Baking soda with Dr. Bronner
• Laundry:  Dr. Bronner or Sapadilla
• Dishwasher:  Seventh Generation dishwashing liquid
• Dishes, by hand:  Sapadilla
• Floors:  Dr. Bronner, unscented
• Kitchen counter spray:  Sapadilla

And based on the above, we are not paying huge amounts of money for toxic chemicals, as our product base is very small.

Resources: This is a great article about a woman who healed her cancer and then changed all her "products". And this is a great video about what may be in your home hurting ALL organic bodies:

10 Toxic Household Products found in your Home which Impact ALL Organic Beings

Other Resources – just a few of what is out there:

8:J Pesticides, Herbicides, and Fertilizers

The Impact

It is reported most dogs’ bloodwork contains fertilizer and or herbicides. It’s hard to imagine, since these are cancer-causing substances. Please limit all these chemicals around your home and ask your neighbours to do the same. There are a lot of organic lawn and garden care products on the market. We need to start supporting these companies so they then become the mainstream, and we are not poisoning our planet, all the Earth’s animals, and ourselves. This includes golf courses, too, which are some of the greenest, most TOXIC places for an animal to roam.

To Remove Pesticides from your Food

To remove pesticides from your food – one option is to use purple plates. These are made by Nikola Tesla and have amazing unknown powers, to purify and heal. By placing drinking water and food on the purple plates for a few minutes, this clears the chemicals and all toxicity. People have reported amazing things happening. Source:

The Damage:
Book: “A Silent Spring” by Rachel Carson (This is a must read by all. About how DDT was exposed in the 1950's causing so much damage to every organic being.) Yet DDT is still very much used today!

Greener and Planet Friendly Alternatives:

8:K Road Maintenance and Car Chemicals

What Is Your Animal Absorbing from the Road?
Cars and the roads are covered with chemicals. Oil, antifreeze, salt, brine, and so on. All this goes into our animals’ systems, which they are not designed to handle.

It is interesting that so many people want their dog to sit on the curb at traffic lights. I imagine the thought is a “good” dog sits beside their owner. My goal for my animals is keep them as far as possible from all traffic fumes and potential chemicals coming from the cars and the roadway until it is time to cross. I also keep them always standing on their feet, so they have less contact with the pavement, regardless of surface-type, than if they were sitting as I assume all curbside pavement is also covered in chemicals. They are safer this way, too, if you have to move quickly.

In some countries, I could literally feel the exhaust and smog on my animal’s coats after a walk. I would come home and wipe them down daily with a soapy wet rag to get as much residue off them as possible. Of course, they would get bathed more often too.

Joints and Paved Surfaces?

It’s also best for their joints and ligaments to keep them off pavement period. Their bodies are designed for yielding surfaces, like dirt, not for hard surfaces. So, while you wear shoes when walking, they are in bare feet and this impacts their structure. I imagine it hurts for those with any joint pain, especially if their entire walk is on pavement of any kind. Please try and walk your beautiful canine on dirt as much as possible.


We all emit energy.

We all have an internal radar that tells us when something is not okay, even though we might not be able to explain it. We all know when someone walks into the room what state they are in, based on their energy. Of course, there are other clues, too, but the energy we emit, based on how we are perceiving the world, matters.

It really matters to our animals, because they are stuck in our energy fields and in our homes. They cannot escape our negative energy, and this is a horrible situation for them to be in.

I know this; I have experienced this, as I have had to shift myself. I am now fully aware and accountable for my emotions and my energy. My animals come first, and I will take myself out of their space, out of the house if I am “not okay” inside. Because I want to make sure they always feel safe and are safe in their home and surroundings. I am not exposing them to any energetic toxicity.

Real-Life Experience with Seizures:

I am not proud of it, but years ago, I believe. I know, I was causing my beloved Golden Retriever to have seizures. They started out of the blue, and I checked the ground, the air, the food, the water—you name it, I checked it.

Then it dawned on me, that it must be me! I am not sure how I came to that realization, as I was not working and thinking the way I do now, but I was sure then, that I was the problem.

Around that time period, I was emanating lots of negative emotions like anger, upset, and so on. This was impacting her as she lived in my energy field and she loved me.

I placed an enormous amount of stress on her, because I was not honouring myself and living responsibly, accountably.

A lot of us go through life blaming everything that is coming to us as if we have no influence on the outcome, but this is far from the truth.

We know how we are operating in the world based on what we are attracting.

This I know for sure, as I had to shift quickly so she would survive. As I worked on myself and shifted my emotional patterns, my thoughts, the seizures stopped.

This is how POWERFUL we are.

Uncontrollable, negative emotions

have a deadly impact on your lovely

beings and all those around you.

If anyone is interested, the catalyst to helping me shift was Eckhart Tolle. I devoured his book, "A New Earth", in a matter of hours. He explained exactly how I was operating in and perceiving the world, as well as what I had to do to change my thought patterns. I indeed had an extraordinary amount of work to do. I will always be eternally grateful to him for this gift.

Another similar story:I had a call from a lady about her dog having seizures. They had just recently started. I asked a lot of questions and, of course, the dog started having seizures the same month when the lady found out her husband was leaving the family. This was a shock for them all and sent the family into turmoil. Digging a little deeper, I found out that the teenage daughter was allowed to scream and yell daily about the situation.

Now, of course, everyone must deal with their pain, but we must all be conscious of what this kind of emotional “melt down” does to the animals around us. This is unstable energy, and if they could, they would choose to not be around this. This is not how animals live. I provided information to the client about how to deal with the loss in another setting and how to protect the animal during this crisis, but unfortunately, they ended up putting the animal down instead.

Side Bar:
Many dogs have seizures for other reasons, such as flea and tick applications, anesthesia, parasites, etc. These are just two cases where energy in the environment was affecting the animal.

Please invest in yourself and learn how be aware of your thoughts. How they impact your behaviour, your body, your life, what you are attracting, your loved ones, especially your super sensitive animals, including fish, reptiles – every being around you.

Most of our thoughts are not true, they are patterns we have adopted during our life time journey. It is said the average person thinks the same thoughts every single day.

I invite you to ‘break the cycle’. What will you choose to create today which will fill you with joy?
Blessings to you all.