We LOVE our animals.
And this is why there is a Pet Toy Industry worth over 1 Billion dollars. But what you are being sold is NOT SAFE and most likely CARCINOGENIC.

Some may blame China. But China is not the problem. We are. Manufactured in China means Western board room garbage protocols.  Everyone thinks the Chinese are responsible for the garbage landing in our stores.  What we all must understand is the Western Corporate Board Rooms are driving and paying for these toxic products to come into our countries based on what is selling – what everyone is buying and hence messaging this is acceptable.  Money talks!

In the process, the Chinese people are being exposed to toxic processes and products.  This is what our purchasing, non-questioning power is driving I believe.

Sickness, most likely in the people working in the facilities, sickness in our animals and ultimately, the planet as all these products go to landfill.

It is important to understand, the Chinese people are just a tool in the Western manufacturing system, where there is no safety protocols or regard for people, our animals much less our beautiful home, our planet.

All of these toys below are extremely TOXIC!

What LETHAL chemicals are they potentially covered in?

PVC’s, Phthalates, BPA – in all plastics, Lead, Chromium, Formaldehyde, Cadmium, Bromine, Arsenic, Mercury

And definitely NO to rawhide and ears etc.

Anything in buckets looking pretty in the pet food stores – walk on by! They are carcinogenic. Covered in the chemicals listed above – with formaldehyde and arsenic being the most preferred.

Referencing the bottom left photo – please look at the dog’s eyes.  This is the dog’s LIVER already signaling it is not okay, it is over loaded, full of toxins.  No dog should have tear stained eyes.  This means the TOXIC LOAD in the body is extreme and will be contributing to other symptoms including behavior.  So much damage these “treats” do to the body, the being.

Please go back to nature,
what the body knows!

If you would like to buy toys – make sure they are:

  1. Preferably manufactured for babies; you are then guaranteed they have been tested for mouths – as all toys are picked up by our animals with their mouth
  2. Are of organic materials, no plastic, no rubber, nothing shiny – organic materials, which can easily biodegrade, like cotton, hemp, flax
  3. They can easily be disposed of; the planet is not choking on all this garbage
  4. Give them RAW bones please, monitored, this is fun, clean their teeth, gets their jaw muscles working, strengthening, and burns energy!

It may sound complicated but it is not.  Dogs love sticks, and bones, and antlers.  You can easily find something natural which is not hurting any being which your animal will enjoy playing with and the earth with decompose naturally once it is no longer required.

Cats are easy.  They love catnip.  Grow it fresh in a pot in your house and allow them access. Dry it and wrap it in fabric – a cotton baby sock will do.  I have seen a lot of lovely hemp-based toys for cats which are not dyed, chemical free and well made.

There is an abundance of ways now to source and create real fun engaging products which do not leach deadly chemicals into your animals’ systems causing them, or at least contributing to a painful and untimely death.

The question must be –
Your choice and buying power matters!
Please message to redirect the planet’s resources into products which are good for all beings.
Not just Corporate Shareholders bank accounts.
Your purchasing power – has real POWER.
Please use it!
Protect the planet’s pets, your pet,
and ultimately, the planet herself.
Wooten, K. J., & Smith, P. N. (2013). Canine toys and training devices as sources of exposure to phthalates and bisphenol A: quantitation of chemicals in leachate and in vitro screening for endocrine activity. Chemosphere, 93(10), 2245–2253.
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Image Below:  Dog chewing on ‘nature’; nothing toxic added, no chemicals, nothing carcinogenic