Emit Electromagnetic Frequency Radiation Waves every second.
This is microwave radiation.

The Safety Standards set – are not safe.  They have been set at 1000x more dangerous than the level where one can develop a brain tumor.  Therefore, one can say the safety standards are bought and paid for.

The power companies will say they connect to the main source a few times a day.  But this is not true at all.  They are constantly emitting EMF’s around the clock.  And they are literally deadly.


People have reported immediate effects on their systems, from internal bleeding, to massive migraines to tumors.  It is radiation.  And these will most definitely be impacting your pets, your neighbours, and of course, all wildlife.

And yes, animals have migraines too.  They will rub their head a lot on things, or look dull in their eyes.  They will have symptoms.  You have just chalked them up to “them”.  But this will not be them – this may well be radiation poisoning.


The purpose of these meters is to monitor you and your family, friends.  To monitor what you use in your home, when you use what, and your movements around your house-based utilization – for example, light switches and appliances.  It is not as simple as just supplying electricity.  The word SMART was introduced so people would not question the technology.  But it is NOT SMART at all but actually really dangerous as it is about data collection and monitoring you.

Barrie Trower with Deborah Tavares:  The Cooking of Humanity
Barrie explains how the Smart Meter is deigned to invade your home, and monitor you, and your family.

EMF Radiation

The radiation is substantial and will be having an impact on all beings.  Please OPT OUT of these meters and replace them with the analog if possible.  So many towns, and pockets around the world have stopped the implementation of these.

Please make note where they are located on the outside of the house currently, and make sure all beings are away from them until they are removed.  Anyone on the other side of the wall in the house, or perhaps above a series of meters, will be heavily exposed to the radiation and be exhibiting symptoms.

Are the birds being impacted?
Actually, we have had a lot of birds hitting the deck glass this side of the house, close to the meter.  I thought it was the glass, since we have a lot of it – which we are addressing.  But I am now wondering if the RADIATION is disorientating the birds and this is contributing to them crashing as they are not doing this anywhere else around the house, only this side.  We shall monitor and see since the installation of the guard.

If replacing them is not an option, then please invest in a SMART METER GUARD.  Resources below are excellent as the companies provide videos, with readings, before and after.

Health Canada has placed the Safety Standard of 600 uW/cm2.  This makes them a “captured agency” as it makes no sense as people may develop symptoms starting at the 0.5 range. Please see radiation scale below.

The scale shows you where the SMART METER sits according to safety along with other products, and countries established Safety Standards.  What I am interested to know is Japan’s Safety Standard, as usually Japan blocks everything “bad” while North America allows industry to do as they please.

In the “Take Back Your Power” documentary, a little girl reported having a sharp spike of radiation go through her head every time she walked passed a particular house on her street once this was installed.  I cannot imagine how many drugs are being prescribed for undiagnosed EMF radiation and how many young brains and bodies are being impacted.


You may test the radiation using a Rad Meter: if you would like to investigate further.  There are a lot of testing meters out there, but it is important to go with one that is backed by the resources below I think. Ideally, removal of the SMART meter is the best option.

Below:  Smart Meter Covered to limit radiation


Take Back Your Power by Josh del Sol
This is a MUST WATCH by all.  This documentary prompted this webpage.  Thank you so much Josh.  On the website, one can download the guide: 7 Essential Ways to Make Your Home Safe from 5G & EMF Radiation

The 5G Summit” by Josh del Sol
Amazing amount of information.

Canadians for Safe Technology:

Please protect you, your family, your neighbours, your pet!