Is this being provided EVERY vet visit?

So, what is currently going into your animal’s body?  Have you ever been given informed consent by your medical pet professional ingredient by ingredient? And the pros and cons of EACH of these ingredients in your animal’s body? the potential damage?

I would assume not.  As this takes time.

To practise “do no harm” doctors / vets are REQUIRED to provide INFORMED CONSENT.  This means you are educated with the positive and negative attributes of everything that is suggested by the veterinarian.  This includes a full informed list of what is in each potion and the potential impacts.  They are there to SERVICE you and your animal, that is what you are paying them for.

When any PHARMA is suggested including VACCINES – I would suggest the following is asked, using vaccines as an example:

May you please list the ingredients in this product which you are proposing for my animal?

I would like to know – every ingredient, what it does to the body, and the amount of it in this product. I would like to know what harm it can cause my animal, and if, this practise is responsible for all costs if my animal is hurt by this product?

As I know the vaccine industry is legally not liable.

So, I ask again, can this practise be held accountable for any / all vaccine damage?

Actually, getting them to sign a document attesting to this would be brilliant.

If they cannot do this, then DO NOT PUT ANYTHING IN YOUR ANIMAL.  Walk away and do your homework or better yet, ask them to do theirs and come back to you.  They should know all this stuff, but I am pretty sure they do not.  Perhaps they ASSUME it is safe, because the PHARMA REP has told them so, or they do not really care.  This is ALL sales, this is again ALL REVENUE GENERATION, this is not safety, this is not protecting your animal, and this is NOT “do no harm” being practised.

These steps are CRUCIAL to your animal’s survival, their longevity, their health.

Apart from the deadly viruses and bacteria in vaccines – all the other ingredients, called ADJUVENTS, are literally contributing to our pet’s early deaths.  It is interesting. A lot of my clients trust vets so much that they do not understand or even question.

Clients often cannot explain why toxic vaccines and /or drugs/chemicals on their invoices went into their animal at all.

Again, this is not vet’s doing no harm, as all clients should be informed and consulted before anything goes into their animal. This is a vet’s obligation.  We must advocate for our animal and not be so trusting. Most of what I see on my clients’ vet bills is not necessary, has no healing effect, and yet is very toxic. Actually, I can usually map the animal’s system collapsing based on vet records.

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