Resources for animals and humans:

Diabetes in majority of cases is about food.  A change the diet, monitoring the blood glucose level, and the body heals, goes back to normal.  This is all about toxicity.  How does one clean the system and support the healing process along the way.?  Below are great sites to read, as they are more up to date than anything written I have read regarding managing diabetes under tight regulation.


What is not mentioned is cleaning the body, this is something I highly recommend.

I have not experienced a diabetic canine. But I would follow the same protocols as the diabetic cat. Tight Regulation with a species appropriate diet implemented ASAP. Checking Blood Glucose regularly.

Things I have come across while reading, about glaucoma in Max Crarer’s book, “Heal Your Eye Problems with Herbs, Minerals and Vitamins” (great book to invest in, easy, quick, read, as healing he eyes one is healing the body), which I would consider:

B6:  It is reported that a lack of B6 can throw the body into a diabetic state, rebalancing this mineral will balance insulin in the body.

Vanadium and Chromium:  August 1957 American Journal of Science reported that diabetes could be prevented and cured in animals with the use of vanadium and chromium.

The Goal? Should be to HEAL – to balance the BODY not balance a CURVE
The goal is to have the body receiving enough insulin in a timely matter, based on the insulin structure, to keep the body within the “normal range” as much as possible. The goal is to teach the body what normal is and get the body back off insulin. If the body has been fed dry food or high carb wet food, then diet is a massive component here. A change in diet may very well get the body back into balance relatively quickly. To do this you will need to chart and test the blood ALWAYS before giving insulin. Insulin is not tied to food in tight regulation. The reason food is usually tied to giving insulin is because insulin is being given to the body blindly. And it may very well be that the body is in the normal range. Hence, giving the body insulin in this range with food prevents, hopefully, the body from crashing and potential death. This is not a healing process. This keeps the body on insulin forever. For more info, reference Diabetes under Case Studies.

Father John Vailevski
This website, explained under “Cancer” above – also has case studies of curing Diabetes.  So, I would follow these protocols first and foremost with a close look at changing diet and current healthcare practises for your animal.

John McMahon was very over weight with Type II Diabetes. He produced a live documentary of his journey getting well. He wanted to know WHY he was so over weight and sick. The diabetes was reversed and he is now a major health advocate for all those who follow him.
One experience during John’s journey was checking into True North. He fasted for an incredible number of days under their care and revamped his entire daily menu. Diabetes gone.

Mastering Diabetes
Fabulous website about how to heal by two brothers who have experienced diabetes from a young stage in life.

True North Heath Center
World renowned clinic healing human clients of diabetes from inside out with good food and fasting. Located in California, USA.