Please also find a tonne of resources listed under each topic in the Information Gallery on the website.  These are just a few more which I find are essential to one’s library.


Dr. Pitcairn’s Complete Guide to Natural Health for Dogs and Cats by Richard H. Pitcairn, DVM, PHD and Susan Hubble Pitcairn

Four Paws, Five Directions, A Guide to Chinese Medicine for Cats and Dogs by Cheryl Schwarz, DVM

Fresh Food & Ancient Wisdom, Preparing Healthy & Balanced Meals for Your Dogs by Ihor Basko DVM, CA

The Nature of Animal Healing, The Definitive Holistic Medicine Guide to Caring for Your Dog and Cat by Dr. Martin Goldstein, DVM

Dr. Khalsa’s Natural Dog, 2nd Edition by Deva Khalsa, VMD

The Ultimate Pet Healthcare Guide, Breakthrough Nutrition and Integrative Care for Cats and Dogs by Gary Richter, MS, DVM Video by Gary Richter – what every canine owner should know:

Les valeurs requises de l’alimentation de l’HOMME et de ses ANIMAUX DOMESTIQUES by Eric Vanden Eynde DVM

Holistic Guide for a Healthy Dog by Wendy Volhard and Kerry Brown, DVM

Canine Nutrigenomics, and The Canine Thyroid Epidemic by W. Jean Dodds, DVM and Diana R. Laverdure

Ruined by Excess Perfected by Lack, The Paradox of Pet Nutrition by Richard S Patton, PhD

The Naturally Healthy Dog, Real Dogs Don’t Eat Kibble! By Sandra Bailey
Sandra’s book is an easy, concise, and very informative read about the pet food industry, what is happening to canines due to current pet care protocols and why it is so important to feed your dog naturally with real food.  She also provides information about the canine body and stresses the importance of journaling.

See Spot Live Longer, How to Help Your Dog Live A Longer and Healthier Life! by Steve Brown and Beth Taylor

Unlocking the Canine Ancestral Diet, Healthier Dog Food the ABC Way by Steve Brown
Steve Brown is the founder of Steve’s Real Foods.  What I am not in agreement with is the mixing of animal proteins, and the addition of medicine in the food, and fruit with the meat.

Animal Self-Medication, How Animals Heal Themselves and Help Your Dog Heal Itself by Caroline Ingraham

The Animal Healer: A Unique Insight into the Healing, Care and Well-being of Animals by Elizabeth Whiter

You Can Heal Your Pet by Elizabeth Whiter and Rohini Sathish

Healing Dogs Their Way, The Real Solutions Your Dog Deserves by Marijke van de Water

Coconut Therapy for Pets by Bruce Fife, ND

The Holistic Animal Handbook, A Guide to Nutrition, Health and Communication by Kate Solisti-Mattelon and Patrice Mattelon

There are so many books and resources out there on BEHAVIOUR, but by far, these are the three people I believe know canines, respect canines, and speak canine.

The Dog Listener and The Puppy Listener by Jan Fennell ***
Jan Fennell’s e-books are also excellent to listen to, over and over again.  They may be found here:

Cesar’s Way: The Natural, Everyday Guide to Understanding and Correcting Common Dog Problems by Cesar Milan

Be the Pack Leader: Use Cesar’s Way to Transform Your Dog…and Your Life by Cesar Milan
Pack leadership is essential to understand when one is honoured to live with a canine or two.  It is NOT about dominance, it is about ENERGY and signaling the canine in canine-language that they are safe under your leadership.  People are often misunderstand the difference.  Cesar is all about “follow me, I got your back”.  He is about signaling to the canine that they are safe in the human world, that they do not need to manage their humans, but instead be part of the pack, because their human “has their back” at all times.

Without the correct information passed to the canine, in canine language, they are “in their world” then forced to take a role which they are not equipped to manage, as someone MUST do the job.  This then can lead to STRESS and a whole host of behavioral and physical problems.  It is not something to take lightly.

Are you your canine’s leader from their perspective?

On Talking Terms with Dogs: Calming Signals by Turid Rugaas
I love this book, for its simplicity and photos.  Turid is very clear in her teachings.

Barking, The Sound of Language by Turid Rugaas

My Dog Pulls.  What Do I Do? by Turid Rugaas

Calming Signals What Your Dog Tells You by Turid Rugaas


Advocates for Canine Health
This is a fabulous site with a wealth of information established by Catherine Driscoll. Catherine has written a few books about the harm of vaccination and also microchipping which I have referenced under these sections under Toxicity in the Information Gallery. She has been a long-time advocate for our lovely animals. Please take the time to read through her site.

Caroline Ingraham
Caroline Ingraham is the founder of Applied Zoopharmacognosey. Her on-line videos are a fabulous source of information as well as her beautifully laid out books. She also offers seminars around the world and her on—line store provides all the ingredients I use for the animals to provide this wonderful healing process. I began using her method 5-6 years ago and continue to use her beautiful work daily to heal all 2 and 4 legged beings.

Jan Fennell, Canine Behavourist
Jan Fennell offers an abundance of information on her website with the option to do some courses, on-line and in person.

No More Vet Bills by Nora Lenz 
This site is specific to raw feeding for both cats and dogs, rotating the diet and fasting for a few days. Nora has an e-book which explains her methodology. Nora also provides insight into vaccination and sites which support the lack of evidence behind all this misinformation coming towards the pet consumer in the name of fear and the damage being done.

Tigger Poz
This is a fabulous read. The site owner’s Rottweiler ruptured both ligaments and they healed naturally. During this process, Trevor investigated heavily to make sure he was making the best decision for his animal. His website is about his findings and research.

Side Note:
If an ACL is torn – and not through trauma like a car accident, just through living life, then this is a SYMPTOM. If you repair this surgically, the other side will rupture too. It is almost guaranteed. Because the issue has not been addressed. The body is providing a SYMPTOM away from the organs, at the back end of the body to tell everyone, the body is in trouble. This is not a LIGAMENT issue. This is a whole-body issue. Therefore, attention to the entire being is required for healing. By focusing on the whole body, the ligament will then repair itself and the other side will not rupture. This is very important to understand. 

The Truth About Pet Food by Susan Thixton 
Susan Thixton runs a non-profit website supported by its subscribers, pet parents. Susan provides feedback about the pet food companies to the consumers about ingredients and compliance. She also provides a detailed look at the FDA and its participation in the industry. One may look up the brand of dog food to see what list Susan has placed it on and why. Her site is a must read for all.