Eyes are a huge indicator of the overall health of the body.

When it comes to animals and their eyes, we always follow their lead.

Zoopharmacognosey may take you all the way.

Healing Glaucoma

My Lab has used coconut water heavily to heal her eyes.  Liquorice root in the past was selected for trauma, which was amazing to witness, and can be read about here https://animalsbodymindspirit.com/zoopharmacognosey/, and this is also being her remedy of choice to heal this issue.

Her eye pressure, glaucoma, is a system issue

she is indicating, and coconut water has been ingested at a bottle+ a day.  I think this is a result of the strain on the system from the back end being weak.

Her front end has been compensating so much for her back, that the pressure in the shoulders caused so much strain on her neck that this has impacted her eyes.

It would never have occurred to me this would be the case, but I can feel it all when I am working on her, the system is telling me it is heavily linked.

Coconut Oil

This issue, symptom, glaucoma, got me reading about the eyes and how to support them.  Stop Vision Loss Now! Prevent and Heal Cataracts, Glaucoma, Macular Degeneration and Other Common Eye Disorders by Bruce Fife, ND is an amazing read.

I think the coconut is magical, with immense healing powers.

As a result, coconut oil, is selected, a few drops placed directly in the eye, sometimes both eyes, liquified by placing a small amount in an egg cup and placing this inside a make shift double boiler using two small glass bowls, then using a sterilized glass dropper to drop into the eye.  We are always following her lead.  Pharma no longer required, the body is healing.

Important to Note about Coconut Oil and Coconut Water
Please note, no coconut oil or water in your animal’s food, this is to be selected only, as they use the oil for cleaning the body especially for purging bacteria in the gut, so it is not food to them, at all.  It is a medicinal tool only.

What else has been selected?

Carrot seed (cellular repair) was directed by her all over her head several times a day for weeks as well as German Chamomile (inflammation) or Yarrow (inflammation and bacteria).

Then came the request for Sandalwood all at the base of her ears, not so near her eyes, but of course connected.  And again, bowls of liquorice root again as I feel the system is healing and this is the final stage.

About Using Essential Oils

It is important to note when using essential oils, one is using the right part of the plant when it comes to our animals selecting, there are many different types of extractions from the same plant.  Therefore, please pay attention to the Latin name for distinction.  And where one sources from is critical, as most of what is available is adulterated.  More information here:  https://animalsbodymindspirit.com/resources-essential-oils/
And NEVER place anything in the eye, of course.

About Collodial Silver

For eye infections, colloidal silver has been very effective when pharmaceuticals have not been in humans.  This may be an excellent option if Zoopharmacognosey is not available to your animal.
Please note, this is not applicable to chronic eye issues as shown below, as these chronic issues are a symptom of a much larger issue inside the body.  One heals the body and the eyes follow.  I use the eyes as a massive indicator of the healing journey.

About Tear Stained Eyes

The condition of the eyes tells a lot about the body, what is going on internally.  The eyes should sparkle, be ultra-clear, and not leave any residue ever around them, morning, noon or night!


Any residue, tearing, or gooping, means the body inside is dealing most likely with a high toxic load and the liver and other organs are under a lot of stress.  This is a HUGE indicator the animal has a system problem.

This has got a lot to do primarily with industry diet and toxic load from chemicals, pharma, vaccinations, and chemical warfare, flea, tick and heartworm products I would imagine.  Take this very seriously, this is an early warning symptom saying, “help me now please” I am in trouble.

About Horses and Flies Around their Eyes
For horses, the toxic load is highlighted when flies surround their eyes.

Their system is terribly compromised and most likely the horse is not able to source the nutrients they need due to fences, and lack of vegetation which was at one time available to them.  By using Zoopharmacognosey, the horse will instruct what they need to heal their imbalance and the flies disappear.

Nature always preys on the weak, on the compromised.  Please book a session so they are no longer suffering.  You will be amazed at the results.


Animal Self-Selection by Caroline Ingraham
This explains in detail the process of self-selection by animals and how to support the healing process. An essential resource for any animal lover’s library.

Coconut Water for Health and Healing by Bruce Fife
Bruce Fife is a naturopath.  All his books are fabulous reads and resources.  The history and information about coconut water is amazing. The sourcing MATTERS massively, so not every product on the shelf is good to use.  It must be in its original form, and not have been exposed to high heat for processing, else it is useless.  I also drink glasses throughout the day and especially before I go to bed, my eyes feel amazing in the morning, ready for the day!

Heal Your Eye Problems by Max Crarer
This is for humans written in the 1970’s but with fabulous information and resources which can be investigated and applied to all animals.

Healing Glaucoma by Glen Swartwout
This is written for humans.  The fabulous information and resources can be investigated / applied easily to all animals.

Stop Vision Loss Now! Prevent and Heal Cataracts, Glaucoma, Macular Degeneration and Other Common Eye Disorders by Bruce Fife, ND
This is a must read for all, again for humans but information can be totally applied to animals.  There is so much cool information in the book.  Cataracts can be healed by placing coconut water – non-heated in the eyes, best to buy a coconut, (as all coconut water in the stores has most likely been heated) and then leaving a warm cloth on the eyes for 10 minutes.  Fabulous resource!

Heal your Pet, without Toxicity!
Understand the eyes are a strong indicator to what is going on in the body.
They should always be supersonic crystal clear with massive depth in the eye.
This is a healthy body.