Eyes are a huge indicator of the overall health of the body.

Please find below some fabulous resources about healing the eyes, and eye health which I have found invaluable.


Animal Self-Selection by Caroline Ingraham
This explains in detail the process of self-selection by animals and how to support the healing process. An essential resource for any animal lover’s library.

Coconut Water for Health and Healing by Bruce Fife
Bruce Fife is a naturopath.  All his books are fabulous reads and resources.  The history and information about coconut water is amazing. The sourcing MATTERS massively, so not every product on the shelf is good to use.  It must be in its original form, and not have been exposed to high heat for processing, else it is useless.  I also drink glasses throughout the day and especially before I go to bed, my eyes feel amazing in the morning, ready for the day!

Heal Your Eye Problems by Max Crarer
This is for humans written in the 1970’s but with fabulous information and resources which can be investigated and applied to all animals.

Healing Glaucoma by Glen Swartwout
This is written for humans.  The fabulous information and resources can be investigated / applied easily to all animals.

Stop Vision Loss Now! Prevent and Heal Cataracts, Glaucoma, Macular Degeneration and Other Common Eye Disorders by Bruce Fife, ND
This is a must read for all, again for humans but information can be totally applied to animals.  There is so much cool information in the book.  Cataracts can be healed by placing coconut water – non-heated in the eyes, best to buy a coconut, (as all coconut water in the stores has most likely been heated) and then leaving a warm cloth on the eyes for 10 minutes.  Fabulous resource!