PICA, for humans, is an eating disorder, where people eat odd things which are not food. For animals, PICA is about one of the following:

Boredom: Where the animal, usually young, does not have an avenue to expend their energy. Therefore, this energy is then diverted into chewing something – anything, as they are restless and would normally be using this energy to move forward in nature, not lie around within a box, be it, a room, house, stable, etc. How much exercise is your animal receiving daily? To move is to move the body, which then cleans the body but also engages the mind. We are all designed to move.

Teething: Where the animal needs something to chew on to relieve the pain. In these cases, the animal should be monitored or perhaps crated so they are safe when they cannot be watched 24/7. It is wise a vet looks at their mouths too to make sure nothing is amiss. Trust your instincts. here are also natural remedies which may be selected by the young animal to relive the pain, this should also be considered.

Nutrient Deficient: Found in all ages actually, usually over a year in age. Where the animal is trying to source nutrients, which are not being met in their current diet. This applies to ALL animals fed on pet industry food and who have been exposed to the ‘pet healthcare regime’ for the first year or two of their lives.

Pain: THIS IS THE MOST COMMON. Usually the animal is in a tonne of pain and they are trying to dull / deal with the pain in their gut and elsewhere in their body. Some may have headaches or joint / spinal pain or even pain residue from being neutered. For a lot, their gut is literally on fire and they are trying to cool their system down. Regardless, the goal is to find something to deal with the pain in their body.
Animals NEVER do anything without a reason. They are always communicating how they are feeling. Please do not dismiss “the messages” by attaching the behaviour to their personality. This is “not them”, this is them communicating


Please reach out, it would be an honour to help your animal heal.

How can I help?