How to support your animal to live a long, happy, pain-free life, at minimal financial cost

In addition to implementing a TOXIC-FREE environment, which has been explained in the TOXICITY Section in the Information Gallery, the following will help support the organic body to be healthy and connected to our magical planet, Earth.

Mainly dogs and cats are addressed here under diet and supplements, but the same concepts apply to all animals. Connection to the planet is critical, which does not include toxic industry products. Everything I list here I practise and have seen results. People ALWAYS say – “your animals are so amazing and happy!” and I respond, “I hope so, because my focus is always their body, their mind, and especially their spirit”. They are such gifts to my life, my journey “teachers”, how else could I possible reciprocate? How can I help your beautiful being?

What this Section Covers

Diet – Fresh and Alive     |     Supplements     |     Water – Filtered!     |     Detoxing – Do or Don’t?     |     Clean Mouth     |     Exercise and Sun     |     Natural Fiber Based Bedding     |     Music     |     Air Quality and Humidity in Your Home     |     Grounding    


We are all organic creatures of the earth and every being requires food that is fresh and alive directly from the earth.
This means the vital force of the planet is in the food, the energy is transmitted into our animals’ bodies, like ours, to help nourish, heal, and support their cells.
Every particle of a plant has a job function. Even the seeds on a strawberry. The earth’s medicines are designed specially to support us to be healthy. We are not meant to manipulate nature. This we know comes at a cost. We are seeing this with all the disease and early deaths now in humans and our beloved animals.

None of us are meant to process anything coming from a company’s production line. People may seem to think things are tightly controlled and monitored and “of course – nothing would be sold to the public which would harm your health”. But this is far, far from reality. Money and greed, lobbyists, board rooms, and shareholders control what goes into our food. Nothing is as it seems and nothing is safe. And the pet food industry is even worse.
So, what should your animal eat?
A daily variety, rotation of fresh raw meat and organs, fresh vegetables, fresh fruit, for some a little grain and starches. Every being is different and what we are running into now, is because the body has been exposed to so much toxicity, including waste product, and this includes the previous generations, the parents of your animal, the body is kicking back a lot of what it inherently used to eat before we started manipulating and playing with the food.

This is why “grains” are now an issue. Because the body I believe does not recognize what “these manipulated” grains are. And this is wreaking havoc on our animals’ internal systems. Yet grains have been eaten by all of our ancestors and our animals for centuries and they provide value to the body. They are good cleansers, they ground us to the planet, and they are full of nutrients, especially our Vitamin B’s.

So, what to feed becomes very specific to your animals and what they like too. As every animal is their “own “being and some might like apples and the other might prefer bananas. And this is because of what their body needs at that particular time.
As food is thy medicine.
So, when one wakes up in the morning, and assuming you are eating a clean diet with no industry sugar which promotes addiction to certain foods, you might feel like a banana or you might feel like some berries. This is your bodies innate intelligence telling you what it needs to run on to heal, to perhaps purge or cleanse that day or just top up nutrient wise. This is why what we “feel” like eating changes a lot, because food is our medicine. And our body’s cells are telling us “go get this, we need this” to do our job today!

And animals are no different. They are more in tune with their senses assuming they have not been exposed to sugar coated dry food and sugary canned food. As all this food is designed to keep them eating. The stench of it alone is so strong it is incredible. When an animal has been fed this type of diet, their senses have been manipulated, on purpose in laboratories, and there has to be a recalibration of the senses to identify again what innately they know. The tongue, their sense of smell – all this needs recalibration back to nature. The body needs to detox from industry garbage. Literally.

Conversion from Dead Industry Food to Real Life-Force Food
All animals on dry I have converted to fresh food instantly. Even the cats. I believe they are so nutrient deprived inside their bodies that they cannot get enough of the fresh, tasty beautiful food. And when I convert I use a lot of soft foods, not too much raw meat, so their stomach and the lining in the stomach and the intestines do not go into SHOCK. As this toxic food, has ruined their internal walls and their internal systems. So, when we start feeding the body what it knows, it begins to clean and detox so I am very conscious that we slowly give the body fresh food which can help clear out the gunk and bad bacteria without putting the body into SHOCK.

The wet food conversion to fresh and real is a bit trickier because again the strong smell is designed purposely to have the animals hooked, addicted. The corporations have spent millions of dollars making sure this is how the product is manufactured to keep the animals eating and to keep you buying. So, the conversion has to be a little of the old and little of the new. If an animal is stubborn, dogs can go days without eating and be absolutely fine. Drinking just water [filtered, of course] is excellent for their health as their digestive system gets a break and can focus on cleaning. And I prefer to do this if the caretaker is able because it gives the body a break from the toxicity and allows the senses to re-calibrate. But I have not experienced a canine walking away from any food I have ever offered. Ever.

Now, cats can be a little trickier – it depends I find how nutrient starved they are I think which drives their hunger, need to eat. And if they think they rule the roost. Many cats are not eating a lot yet they are overweight. And again, I have not had a problem converting cats over to real food in a few days. And once they are converted their appetite soars! Because the body begins “running” properly and starts using all the nutrients to clean and power up the body. The urine output decreases, as does the smell, the body begins to slim and so on…..back to nature we go!
But the amount of internal repair the body has to do is extensive and takes at least 6 months I find, some up to a year.
I always explain to caretakers, when converting off industry onto fresh, their animal(s) most likely will be starving because no more weight is sitting in their system. The food is finally moving through the body properly now and the animals will feel emptier inside and be hungrier. So, more volume is fed until there is a little weight gain beyond their ideal weight and then the food volume is tapered off a little. And this volume then becomes the new norm and the animal establishes their ideal weight naturally.

And if the animal is overweight the same applies. Because the body starts purging the gunk, the weight on the system will begin to reduce with the fresh food. The animal also feels better and begins to move more, so usually they require more food. It is all about the individual being. We watch and adjust accordingly to each being's needs.

What deeply saddens me, is sooooooo many animals are starving for nutrients. They have food, they have been fed according to the corporations’ instructions on the bag – but they are starving inside. I know this, I can feel this.
When they start eating real food their whole demeanour, body, energy, face just goes into pure relief. Pure delight. It is a wonderful shift to witness.
Please reach out if you would like to get your animal eating real fresh food it is designed to eat and so desperately needs to run its body pain free. The changes you will witness will be really remarkable.

Below, please find a link to the famous Pottenger study on cats; the damage / chronic disease present in generations of cats when fed “cooked” animal protein. Many books are referenced in the Resources Section of the website regarding diet also.

Food Bowls
Please make sure food bowls are NEVER plastic, as plastic leaches (toxic), and are washed after each feeding. Bowls made of ceramic or glass, lead-free, are ideal. Please use stainless steel as a last resort. Stainless steel conducts electricity and changes the properties of minerals, the food, etc.

Food Temperature
Food MUST always be fed at room temperature. Never frozen and never hot. And no microwaving EVER (toxic). If you wish to heat up food, place bowl in sink or larger bowl of hot water and place a lid over it. It heats up pretty fast. Else leave on the counter for a few hours prior to feeding.

NO Free-Feeding EVER
An animal’s sense of smell is extremely powerful. Our Lab can bring back a banana peel left from a biker easily from 1 km away! So, to have food on the floor all the time means you, the human, are having your animal’s DIGESTIVE tract running all the time. When we smell food, our system begins preparing to eat. Everything is in motion to receive food. When food is left out, this puts an enormous amount of strain on your animal’s system as it never literally shuts down. This is very destructive as it goes against nature. Never would your animal be presented food in the wild all the time. They do not need it, and it would make them very ill to eat constantly. This contributes to a very sick animal. Food is always presented after exercise, and is offered and always picked up within a 20-minute time frame with regards to felines and canines.

Collage of Food
The following collage of fresh meat, vegetables, fruit and legumes is what your animals should be eating. Nothing in a package, nothing industry. Ingredients grown in rich soil, preferably locally, and animals pastured on land, who get to raise their young and have the sun their backs. Animals who are respected and connected to the planet. This is nature, this is what the body knows.

Very important – DO NOT feed:

  • No raw pork, raw trout or raw salmon, any raw fish to any animal due to debilitating / deadly parasites
  • Nothing artificial or from a packet
  • No onions / scallions (if your animal shows interest in onions, pay attention they have toxins they wish to clear; please read the Applied Zoopharmacognosey Section of this website)
  • Definitely NO SUGAR of any kind including xylitol; chocolate and definitely no ice cream (very carcinogenic for an animal)
  • No raisins/grapes
  • No macadamia nuts or peanuts (mold) and all nut butters
  • No to all drinks and caffeine
  • No bacon
  • No raw dough of any kind
  • No pits / stones from any fruit including avocados

All industry made products are not “real” food. They will do harm to the organic body, including yours. Anything in a packet, anything artificial – not acceptable – and most likely carcinogenic.

To summarize, all food should be in real-life force form, fresh from the earth, without any manipulation by mankind. This is ONLY what the body knows and can use to keep itself healthy.


Some people believe good food should be enough for the body and supplements are not required at all. Others suggest pounding supplements, because they believe the food supply is deficient in minerals and vitamins and/or maybe because it is in their best financial interest to do so. It is a tricky world we live in.

If the body is relatively healthy, but needs some support then I use Applied Zoopharmacognosey, and hair testing. Applied Zoopharmacognosey, is where the animal directs what they need to balance and replenish their body. The animal selects a few times daily unlimited quantity of nutrients until the system is topped up. The animal always dictates volume. The animal knows. The Applied Zoopharmacognosey section below explains what is possible. Hair testing provides a picture of what the animal is actually depleted off or off-balance with mineral wise with heavy metal imbalances showing up here also. This report can be used as a guide to balance foods which the animal may need more of. For example, low in iron – feed high iron vegetables.

About Oils?

Fish oil and salmon oil seem to be heavily marketed for our pets. The fact the bottles say “for animal consumption only” sends me running the other way. When I see this, I know the product is full of junk. The majority of these oils if not all – ARE RANCID. If you would like to give fish oil, the two resources I suggest are: Rosita and

We have to be concerned about heavy metals including mercury and strontium, fall out radioactivity from the Fukushima melt down. For the omegas, if you do not wish to go this route, the animals will select flax oil as an alternative. But this must be chosen, not placed in food directly. This is extremely important to understand.
The animals must choose their own quantities, we must not think “we know best”.
They know what they need and how much. Offer the bottle and if they go to lick it, then offer on a plate separately. Flax oil should be organic, first extraction and purchased in the refrigerated section of the store. Other oils which are offered only on a self-selection basis are: Coconut oil, hemp oil, and rice bran oil – to name a few. Each which have their own individual healing properties for the body.

The only oils that may go directly in the food are: Olive oil, garlic oil, sesame oil and pumpkin seed oil. Again, all other oils must be selected.

Garlic Oil – How to Prepare
Do not use the stove to make this, or any warmth, you will destroy important properties. Peel and cut bulb of garlic placing it in a dark jar and filling the jar with olive oil, cold pressed, first extraction, organic. Leave for 15 days in a dark, cool place. Filter the garlic out of the oil. Use the garlic for cooking. The garlic oil is good for 6 months stored in a dark, cool place. Give 2 teaspoons to each animal twice a week. When there is a full moon, give the garlic oil for three consecutive days, this clears all parasites!

And for when your animal is under the weather – nothing beats beautiful honey, manuka if your budget allows, and sambucas syrup, rich in Vitamin C from the Elderberry flower, to support the body.
The importance of Chlorophyll
All of our cells require chlorophyll to function. It is reported chlorophyll keeps worms and parasites out of the intestinal tract. Chlorophyll comes from all the greens. It is essential the greens are rotated in the diet, preferably given seasonally, and as close to raw as possible. Just flash cooked is ideal for those that are hard to process. Greens HIGH in chlorophyll:

Minerals high in chlorophyll which are SELF SELECTED by the animal using Applied Zoopharmacognosey: Chlorella, Spirulina, Barley Grass and Wheat Grass. Please note, these are not food and should not be added to any animal’s food. Images below are of barley grass, highly selected by animals run-down and perhaps needing to purge something from their systems.

Resources / Stores: Products I trust:

Dogs: Dr. Peter Dobias: FeelGoodOmega:
Dogs and Cats: Rosita Cod Liver Oil: (the only fish oil I will buy)

Probiotics and Enzymes:
Dogs: GutSense:
Dogs: Enzymes: Royal Tropics Papaya Digestive Aid: or
Cats: Dr. Goodpet-Feline Enzymes:
Dogs and Cats: Mercola Pets:

Dr. Peter Dobias: SoulFood and GreenMin:
Dog Greens:
Dr. Gary Richter:

Dogs, Cats and Horses: Riva Remedies - Vitamin C, Magnesium, B12, Slippery Elm - all found here:

TC Feline Mineral Mix to add to raw meat: or here
Dr. Gary Richter:

For both – Herbal included:

Trace Minerals, the importance of:

Dogs and Cats and Humans: – for helping the body repair; skin, hair loss, mobility


As mentioned in the Toxicity section about water, most tap water is lethal. It contains an abundance of toxic chemicals, some added by the water supply company under old outdated mandates, plus heavy metals and pharma!!! Fluoride and chlorine are very toxic to the body and cancer causing so do not blow this off as a non-issue in your household.

It is in your animals’ best interest to provide filtered water. If your kitchen tap is not filtered then use a Berkey Water filtering system with the fluoride filters. I would also invest in shower filters if possible so your skin and head are not absorbing all this toxicity. Both types are found on this site. Also, what is so wonderful about this system is that it is transportable. It can travel in the car so you always have fresh clean water on your vacation. Please reference here:

Distilled water is also an option, and is recommended for the body if the animal is fasting or on a broth diet for clearing the body of toxins and healing. Some models found here below, from countertops to full house systems. Good for all organic bodies!

For your hose outside, your water can be filtered also for your plants, vegetables cleaning your car, etc., even for farm animals and horses potentially. These filters hook on to the exterior water source of your house/building and can be stored during the winter if you live in freezing cold climates. We have these all around our house. This is just one example: .

Water Bowls
Please make sure water bowls are NEVER plastic, as plastic leaches. Bowls must be washed and changed at least once daily. Preferably, where suitable, bowls should be ceramic or glass, lead-free, else stainless steel. However, please keep in mind dogs have been known to be shocked from stainless steel bowls as a result of lightening currents. Therefore, I do not promote the use of them.


The body automatically detoxes once the right nutrition is fed to the body.
This is why I am so careful when we switch any being’s body from a toxic industry diet to a fresh, alive diet prepared by nature, because the body says “finally I recognize these ingredients and can do my job” and the body begins to cleanse and repair immediately!!! And yes, lots of greens are indeed involved. Four fabulous detoxers are: parsley, cilantro, celery and fennel.

If your animal is ill?
However, when there is a really sick animal who has been to the vet office a lot, and the body has been exposed to a lot of pharma, I do suggest supporting the liver and the kidneys in a purposeful detox. As usually both these organs are under such a lot of strain from all the toxicity, they need the extra TLC. This can also be supported via Applied Zoopharmacognosey.

The tonics I suggest caretakers give their dogs are found here: Under ingredients look for the Liver and Kidney cleaners. These are herb based and taste quite strong. I mix them with a little kefir and syringe in the mouth as directed. It is about just getting the tonics into your animal and rewarding them afterwards, no muss no fuss. It needs to be explained to them to what you are doing and why without apologizing and then matter-of-factly getting them into the body. The website provides a step by step method on how to do this.
Please know, you are literally saving your animals life doing this.
If there is any sorrow, or any fear, get rid of these emotions and replace with love, strength and a matter-of-fact mindset with “we are going to help you heal my lovely being” putting the tonics in the body with a big hug given afterwards!

Else, use Zoopharmacognosey to clean their systems and follow the animals lead. This might not always be available to you perhaps hence the suggestion of using of the tonics above. And the tonic route maybe a lot faster if you are short on time.

Article about whether to detox or not:

And yes, cats need detoxing too. Please read article here:

It is interesting, I have heard from some vets that cats cannot fast, but this made no sense to me what so ever. As we are all, humans and animals, designed to stop eating when we are ill. This is fasting, this is cleaning, getting the body back to balance. Finally, it was explained to me that any cat on “industry garbage” that is fasted – the toxic load becomes too much for the animal, their organs, and they get extremely ill. So, this tells us all HOW detrimental the industry food is to the body – the body absolutely collapses when it tries to do the job of cleaning. Meaning your animal is very sick inside. Carefully – the body must transition back to nature – back to “the natural state” it was born into. Diet is changed and then the organs are supported during their natural process of detoxing the body.


A lot of animals have terrible mouth hygiene.
This is why:

1. Not enough exercise and too much food

If the body is not moving, it is not cleaning as efficiently and using the food’s energy. Animals must work for their food, this is how nature is designed. They move, they hunt then they eat and rest. When we constantly feed the body via our love – we over feed a system that is usually not moving enough and this leaves to an overfed body sitting, fermenting. Hence, the gunk on the teeth. A clean body does not leave residue anywhere.
Always walk, work the body, then feed. Never feed without walking first.

2. All pet Industry food and treats STICK

Fresh food eaters rarely have anything on their teeth. All pet industry no matter what you are told, yes, definitely the dry food – as this is all marketing to get you to buy yet another product – sticks to the teeth. It is sugar and horrendous for the body. It coats the teeth and it is coating all the internal organs too. From the pet food industry perspective, this is fabulous as they then can then offer another line of products under “teeth cleaning”. These toxic chews are available for you to spend your hard-earned money on. I just saw a box of “dental chews’ being paid for and the price was 65.00!!! None of which will do the job just hurt your animal as they are filled with “fillers and junk”.
The message on all of this is, by staying away from ALL industry products – the teeth will remain clean.

3.Lack of Vitamin C

If you do have an animal that is fed well, exercised well, is not exposed to industry, yet a problem with debris on the teeth a.k.a gingivitis exists, then this could be a sign the body is lacking in Vitamin C. Another symptom the body might also be presenting may be constipation. If both of these are symptoms are present, then try adding Vitamin C to your animals’ diet and see if this clears up. A little at a time as too much will cause diarrhea. Your goal will be to see what their level of need is. Loose stool tells you to back off to a smaller dose. Sourcing from the resources mentioned under supplements is the best idea so you know the product is not full of filler and is quality. If the body is presenting other symptoms beyond these two, then the animal definitely needs Zoopharmacognosey support and / or homeopathic support.

How to Keep Your Animal’s Mouth Clean
People are big on brushing their animal’s teeth. You do what works for you and what works for your animal. We use large RAW buffalo knuckles weekly to clean our canine’s teeth and chicken bones to clean our cat’s teeth.
Cooked bones cause internal damage – never feed cooked bones to any animal. Raw lamb shanks are another fabulous alternative. When you give a bone, always be around to supervise, allow the animal to chew for 1-2 hours then take away.

To clean up really bad teeth, foregoing anesthesia and a high vet bill, LEBA III works well with a change in diet. I do not advise giving long term though, use the product to get the job done then switch to bones.

Beware Vet Teeth Cleaning Notices and Specials
This is another “service creation” which the vet community is cashing in on. The LARGER ISSUE is the ANESTHESIA and the trauma of the experience to your animal. Animals should only be exposed to anesthesia in do or die situations NEVER annually much less more. Again, no one asks what type of anesthesia is being used, how much is being given and the side effects which are really the other effects of the drug. Many animals come out with seizures and a whole host of issues from going under. Teeth cleaning under anesthesia should be a one-off extraordinary procedure when an animal is in really dire straits. It should not be a regular practise. But I see mails sent out monthly with teeth cleaning specials by veterinarians. This is not practising “do no harm”. This is pure revenue generation.

A safer method is gas. Apparently, this does not have ill effects on the body. Again, please do your homework before agreeing to do any procedure on your animal. Take the time. Please do not feel pressured into anything.


Your animal is designed to MOVE and GROOVE and have the SUN on their backs!
No being including us are designed to be stagnant, to sit all day and not move the body intentionally. We are all designed to move and use our bodies. This is how the lymphatic system drains, gets rid of toxins, no movement – no drainage. Animals are designed to cover vast areas of terrain for hunting and for survival. To be stuck within four walls, be this a fence, stables, backyard, or a house, is against their very nature. It is confining and boring.

When we move, we ALWAYS travel forward, we feel better, our system calibrates from head to toe, our spirits lift, and usually we give our mind a rest especially if we are in nature and surrounded by all that she has to offer. Assuming we are not on our phones chatting or checking in on them.

During this process too, it is essential all animals’ feet, hooves, paws etc., touch the earth, the dirt. In doing so, they calibrate with the earth’s energies, her rhythms providing balancing and healing properties beyond our knowing. They also use their sense of smell to heal themselves. Access to nature and all she offers is critical to providing balance in the body, mind and spirit.

Direct sunlight is of course an essential part of the process. We all require, need, sunlight directly on our bodies, on our skin to absorb all the nutrients. We do not obtain this through glass. Direct exposure is essential for a healthy being. Please make sure your animals have access to the sun and her healing powers directly. It is so necessary.

May I ask you to please – spend time with your animal. Be with this fabulous being. They see their walk as an opportunity to connect with you and nature so please do not be on your phone.
Be engaged and present with them and nature, spending the time in gratitude. Don’t waste a second!

Canines – Leashes, Collars, and Harnesses
The thyroid is located in the neck area under the chin. The collar of course sits here, so yanking on a collar with a leash could and most likely does do a lot of damage. Vets report spinal issues in some dogs due to humans yanking on the collar. Please, never yank on your animal's neck. And please make sure your children understand this too, as I see children do this regularly "walking the dog".

Spike Collars, Shock Collars, and Spray Collars

The spike collars, shock collars, and anything similar should be illegal.
Please do not use them.
Also, spraying an animal in the face when they bark, these collars which automatically do this, should also be illegal!

If your dog does not listen to you, then you MUST seek humane help. And this does come through these horrific devices. These collars that spray or shock when an animal barks is so damaging to the psyche of the animal, as the dog is doing what they naturally know to do. I am guessing the spray itself is toxic also. Why the animal is barking has to be balanced out. You do not punish them, and cause physical trauma by spraying them with any substance or shocking their body. No being deserves to be treated this way. Most likely any behaviour issues / imbalances are a result of human interference. This comes in the form of vaccination, over vaccination, toxic diet, and pesticide application in the name of flea and tick, to name a few. Some animals are in so much pain from neutering they act out. All the above damage the beautiful being’s body. And this includes the brain. Lack of leadership in the pack also contributes to unbalance. Please seek humane professional help. Call me!

Extendable Leashes
The other issue are these extendable leashes. Please do not use them. They are so dangerous and this constant pulling on the dog’s neck is horrendous. I see people walking with their arms moving back and forth with the leash in their hand and this movement / force is consistently impacting the neck of their dog. And some of these dogs are tiny! I suggest anyone who uses these leashes, literally put a collar on, attach this leash and have someone pull back and forth on it. Feel the pressure. This is without a doubt impacting the structure of the canine’s body. These leashes are detrimental to your animal. They are a convenience tool for the human, but again, not at all made with your animal's structural health and safety concerned. I suggest a light leash long enough where the animal remains at your side consistently. This way they are not out in front of you, and are safe.

Weight of the Collar and Leash
People love their animals to look good. However, a lot of this "looking good" weighs a lot and some of the collars are really wide and heavy. They must be sooo uncomfortable to wear. And hot. I am always looking to have the least amount of stuff on the body as possible; minimal weight, breathable, and light. Please make sure your animal is not being made to wear heavy, thick, wide, collars and then having to support these heavy leashes. All this impacts the structure of the body. Also, I do not agree with all these bells and whistles dangling from collars making a racket when the animal moves. This is just not fun! They are also constantly hitting the body. The whole "less is more" approach works best here. Put your phone number on the collar, there are companies who will embroider them on, and keep the body as free as possible.

Harnesses are a solution to not having pressure around the neck area, but please be very careful on what design you choose. I can see canines using their body differently to compensate for the harness rubbing against their body and impacting their elbows and joints. I remember seeing a lovely little Pit bull running with his owner, I presume, and he was literally running down the street sideways trying to compensate for this contraption on him and the runner was oblivious. The dog needed him to stop and help him, but the owner was not checking in on him, just moving forward with headphones. Before buying anything, have another person or you watch your dog moving. And please make sure no front attaching leashes are hitting the body! Not sure who came up with that idea!

Once Home - Gear Free
The animals need to feel free from our contraptions. We think they look nice and pretty, but please remove this gear from them so the body can breathe, and they can move without being restricted. They also can therefore, never get caught on anything in the house. Your pet will sleep better and feel better. As soon as we are home, collars off! Contraption free!
Please choose your tools wisely for your pets.
Watch them and make sure they are not impacting them physically.
Any emotional imbalance - please call me!!!
Do not hurt your animal in the name of "control".
There is always a reason ANY animal exhibits imbalance.
It is never "just because". It is never "this is who they are".


Artificial bedding may look very pretty but it DOES NOT breathe.
The animals are connected to nature and nature breathes. They are not designed for synthetic exposure especially since most animals’ fabrics and products STINK! And the stink is the chemicals. With animals heightened sense of smell this toxicity can do a lot of damage to their body. Just through smell.

But also, the organic body needs to breathe. Especially since a lot of animals are fed dry dog food which festers inside them and makes them soooo uncomfortably hot.

Purchase products and fabrics which are preferably organic materials such as cotton, hemp, flax, wool etc. With the internet today, there is so many wonderful choices and small businesses providing beautiful products which can easily be shipped to your door.

Resources: These are just some examples:

CATS - Hemp Bed

DOGS - Hemp Bed

Hemp Duvet for your Animals

Hemp Fabric with Buckwheat Hulls


BOWSERS – Purchase organic cotton, or hemp fabric and send in to Bowers located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. They will make the bed for you in your own fabric and ship it to your door! Fabulous for both cats and dogs.


Animals LOVE tranquil music.
All my animals have their playlists and music I know they love. When I put on certain sounds, they know it means either – go to sleep, I am going out and will be home later, or just chill. How my home vibrates – matters. To all of us. It is my intention to constantly provide a space that is relaxing, safe and supportive of healing. A safe place. A place of restoration. And music is definitely part of this equation. Some of the artists I love and the animals love are:

Chris Botti is a massive favourite in our house. He sings our house to sleep on most nights. It feels like settling into one’s skin before a deep sleep.

Kate Carbano is lovely too as is Stacey Kent and Eva Cassidy. Of course, there are so many artists out there that are wonderful.

Margrit Coates with Perry Woods and Stuart Jones has made these wonderful compilations specifically with the animals in mind. They did a fabulous job.

And a few more to investigate: Diane Arkenstone, David Arkenstone, Richard Bone, Peter Chapman, Jonathan Goldman, Llewellyn, Stuart Jones, Greg Maroney, Trine Opsahl.

Wholetones is vibrational music which intentionally heals the organic body. Fabulous for all beings. We play it the house and all of us just feel the vibration. Magical!

Please find a sample below:


Air Quality
Air quality is extremely important. On average – when I look around neighbourhoods, no one is airing their house out. Regardless if you have an air exchanger in your house, open your windows and get the air circulating through your house. Get a flow going through to clean out all the stagnant energy and potential toxicity sitting in the atmosphere within each room. It is very important to bring new energy in and clear out old.

Air Purifiers
I am a BIG fan of these in cities. Our lab was coughing at night, couldn’t sleep – we invested in one of these on every level of the house and all that ended. And the filters said it all. So please do not underestimate how much the air quality is impacting your beautiful beings. And your family.

This is a HUGE issue too. Most of our houses are too dry. I can hear the furniture creaking sometimes due to the dryness. We run two humidifiers around the clock in our living area and one in our bedroom at night. It never feels too damp and the settings are at 60% humidity. We all sleep really well and feel so much better as the humidifiers are also cleaning air during the process.

Our canines used to cough at night and sleep restlessly as we moved to a drier climate. Once the humidifier was installed in the bedroom, all this ceased.

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Air Purifier:


A lot of animals I imagine do not get to put their paws on the earth. I mean dirt and grass. Their bodies just must be craving this sensation, this connection as this is what they are designed for.

My cats just LOVE rolling in the dirt. And the dogs LOVE rolling in the grass. Both love lying in the sun grabbing all that Vitamin D. It feels so good on their body and coat and I know they are intentionally connecting to the earth, the beautiful planet. And they smell so good too! Just like nature, and all her rhythms. Please find the time to allow your animal to connect. It is so good for their body and so good for healing their entirety, the body, mind and spirit.

Benefits of earthing are explained here:

Please find here a video about grounding to the planet:

Earthing Canada states on their website, earthing addresses inflammation which is linked to the following, many of what is listed are present in our animals: allergies, Alzheimer’s, anemia, asthma, Arthritis, cancer, cardiovascular disease, diabetes 1 and 2, kidney failure, Lou Gehrig’s disease, multiple sclerosis, pancreatitis, psoriasis and eczema.

Earthing provides the following benefits to ALL organic beings:relief from PMS and menopause, improved sleep and vitality, reduces stress, balances hormone levels, acute headaches, improved bone density, maintain healthy blood pressure and circulation.

So very powerful.

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