How to support your animal to live a long, happy, pain-free life, at minimal financial cost

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This is incredible! Why?

Because your animal tells you what they need. There is no more “doing to them”. It is about respecting their intelligence and engaging them in their own healing.

Like I said, INCREDIBLE!

11.1 How It Works
All animals know what they need to heal themselves, this is called self-selection. By offering them a realm of the earth’s nutrients and scents from all kinds of plants, animals select what they need to heal their imbalances. They direct me to help them. I also train the caretaker how to continue this method of healing for the animal and all future animal’s lifetimes if interested. No need for pharmaceuticals and toxic pesticide applications ever.

What is soooo fabulous is we are honouring their innate intelligence. Animals must be so tired of not being listened to. They KNOW!!! But rarely are people truly engaging with them in their own healing. Here, this is what I do. And it is totally awesome!!!

Please find my animal’s selecting below…. the cats are working on a herb garden, with catnip, rosebuds, calendula / marigold petals, yarrow, lavender, peppermint and valerian herbs being offered. Sam, the black and white feline is choosing to eat valerian. He came to us with urinary / kidney issues as he was on dry food, and this is still healing. Cats may also choose this for stress. Cats may choose to eat, sit, roll or lie on the healing herbs. I watch and take notes, so I know how to proceed to help the healing process further. Dogs are initially offered minerals and oils to highlight any deficiencies they may be experiencing, to let me know if they have any parasites they wish to clear, or if they are in pain. Based on their direction, I then know how to proceed further to help them heal with the essential oils, either through smell, or application. They decide and direct always. I ONLY facilitate. I SERVE WITH HONOUR! (wink)

11.2 What does Ingraham Applied Zoopharmacognosey heal?
Zoopharmacognosey covers the following imbalances:

Anxiety, depression, fear [loud noises, vet, aggression,], trauma, shock, lack of confidence, bullying, over dominance, separation anxiety, loss

Protection, stimulants (not eating), upset, constipation, diarrhoea, purging toxins, liver and gall bladder problems, colitis, inflammatory bowel diseases, ulcers

Ear, eyes, gums, digestive, unidentified, and result of injury.

Burns, scares and external collagen damage, general wounds, internal collagen damage, puncture wounds, internal bleeding, weeping wounds

Mobility and Neuro:
Aches, sprains, joint and muscle pain; nerve damage, nerve pain, nerves trapped, nerve paralysis, inflammatory tissue pain, amputations, neuro / brain damage; seizures / epilepsy, cell regeneration, lameness


Skin Conditions:
Allergies & Itching; midges, insect bites, inflammation, growths, fatty lumps, dermatitis, ringworm, dry skin and psoriasis

Urinary / Neutering:
Antibacterial, Hormone support, spaying/neutering, urinary / bladder [incontinence]

11.3 About the Process
Sometimes the imbalance may be balanced in one session but more often than not, the session I do with the animal highlights the focus and the needs. This then becomes the program. It is then crucial the caretaker follow through DAILY with this program until the animal indicates the remedies are no longer needed. "Needed" being the CRUCIAL word. This is not as easy as it seems. There is definitely patience required, and an ability to watch and understand what your animal is communicating. Too often I believe, animals are requesting time, or perhaps less potency by shifting away – even going away and coming back to process the smell, yet this is being taken for a “no longer needed” signal. So, it is a bit of an art-form watching and following the animals’ direction.
To not follow through daily is to not support the healing process and potentially undo the work already started.

I have been using this process for at least 6 years and every time I am amazed at what can be accomplished by listening to the animal and following their direction. They tell you what you would never normally know.
And the healing process – phenomenal!!!!

Please find below a video of Caroline Ingraham healing a baby elephant:

And another experience with Zoopharmacognosey:

Real-Life Experience: Stabbed Eye – Cured!
This is just one of many examples of what is possible.

The brambles around here grow low to the ground and when walking through the forest I was pretty sure one of my dogs had her eye poked directly by one of them. She could not open it. I took her to the vet for a check for damage, they could not see anything and as I am against toxic remedies and pharma when not needed, they used her blood to mix a concoction to put in her eye daily. They were very helpful, but this did not heal anything. The eye remained closed and sore.

I then did a zoo session. She chose to ingest buckets of liquorice root powder mixed with a little water. She selected this several times over 3 days. The 4th day she no longer selected and the eye was healed. The eye was open and fully functional again. Very clear and happy. It was amazing how fast this worked, and all through ingestion. Nothing went into the eye directly.

Just fabulous!!

Real-Life Experience: Diabetic Cat – Blood Glucose dropped too low
We have been trying to heal our diabetic cat. It requires monitoring her closely and adjusting insulin accordingly. Unfortunately, one day she went hypoglycemic, her blood glucose level dropped too low [she is needing less and less insulin]. I moved quickly but there was definitely a neuro disconnect. Usually when she is low she recovers within an hour but this time she must have gone really low past what my meter said and I was dealing with vision impairment I believe and an animal who was constantly nodding and searching as a result of perhaps small seizures? She would not stop moving and was focused on the walls. Only when I picked her up she knew I was there, but there was this disconnect of not being able to reconnect with her surroundings. I contacted several vets about her recovery period and symptoms but no one could help and everyone said take her to emergency, where I knew she would just be pumped with drugs so this was not going to help her.

I then got out the oils, I used Ylang Ylang, Carrot Seed, Melissa, Jasmine and German Chamomile. As she was not really able to select at the time, so I chose what I thought based on Caroline Ingraham’s case studies she would need and left her secure to smell all the smells checking on her constantly.

After 4 hours she regained her sense of space and surroundings, I sensed her vision was beginning to return, so no more facing the wall and the nodding was less apparent. She wanted to go back up to her bed on top of the armoire. She still did not seem fully back yet so I placed all the cloths with the oils around her bed and she stretched out (which she never does) and placed her nose right on the Ylang Ylang cloth. After a few hours, she was able to stop moving her head, was able to make eye contact and finally settled into a deep sleep. She slept like this till the next morning and woke up back to her old self. Tired, but functionally back. I left the cloths out all day and she was still happy to smell them and back to being our Simba. An email was sent expressing our profound gratitude to Caroline.

This is Simba on another day, happily – “topping up”. If she did not want to be anywhere near these oils, she would be “gone”. She is very clear. Animals must always have the freedom to choose the oil, to choose how long to participate, and nothing is ever to be forced on them or near them. This is unethical and will do damage.

Please note: Essential Oil Quality is CRUCIAL and MUST BE FOOD GRADE. There are only two sources I use from around the world and they are in France and the UK. Please check “Resource Section” in the Information Gallery for more information.

For more information about Applied Zoopharmacognosey please visit visit Caroline Ingraham’s site: Caroline has some fabulous videos of her healing animals with her methods and her books are a must have for any pet parent.
Please find here is one case study on Caroline’s website regarding a reactive dog: More case studies will be posted in the Case Study Section of this website regarding my client’s healing journeys using Caroline’s methods.

To further investigate this topic of self-selection, I invite you to read “Wild Health” by Cindy Engel. A fabulous book about how animals self-medicate. Also, all of Dr. Jane Goodall’s work supports many examples of the animals she studied self-medicating in the wild.

11.4 Domestic Animals Eating Grass – what does it mean?

What I have learned, if your animal eats anything, it is out of NECESSITY.
Do not disregard, or tell them “no”, or not allow them to do it. Animals have their innate intelligence and animals NEVER do anything that is not in their perception of NEED. In other words, there is meaning behind every action. Take notes and pay attention.

So, if you have an animal eating grass, if could mean one of these two things:

1. Completely natural.
The tips of the grass have chlorophyll and this is a requirement for the cells of their body to function. New spring grass = fresh pickings. Allow them to chomp away – stay off your phone and be present – this is their time. They have waited for you all day. Allow them this moment to self-select what they need.

2. They are full of toxins and need to purge.
Let them do this and then call me if it happens more than once! This is your indicator that their system is not okay and needs to get rid of GUNK!!! Most animals on dry food will try and toss. They have so much infection in their belly which they are trying to get rid of and have no resource at home to do so.

11.5 Collage of Wild Self-Selection, by Wild and Domestic Animals
We are all connected to nature. Nature has provided everything we need to be balanced and healthy. Animals constantly access nature’s medicine to heal. Our domestic animals know what they need. Here are just a few examples below:

• Wild roe deer eating acorns (most likely for de-worming, using the tannins)
• Horse sourcing rosehips (for collagen repair and vitamin C)

• Grizzly bear eating dandelions (for detoxification and nutrients)
• Young dog sourcing dog raspberries (for food and nutrients)

• Little puppy sourcing dandelions (for his liver – most likely due to vaccinations)
• Wild stallion horse eating leaves from a tree

• Rabbit eating leaves from an apple (for detoxification)
• Dog sourcing oranges (for Vitamin C, perhaps detoxification)

• Wild male chital deer sourcing fresh leaves, would be definitely healing something as the effort is being made, main diet is grasses
• Moose eating fresh nettles (for anaemia, kidney / urinary support and liver, toxins)

• Little kitten eating fresh catnip (for most likely stress, used as a sedative)
• Beaver eating an apple (for food, nutrients)
As food and nature’s plants are thy medicine.
For more information about what is possible, please subscribe to the Case Study Section of this website, thank you.


About the Energetic Body

We are all energy including all the planet’s wonderful creatures, all of nature, and much more than we realize I believe.

Our energy systems are comprised of 7 layers, all humans and animals, all beings, have these layers, and these layers have vibrations. Each layer protects us and gives us information about how we are living our lives. When we are out of balance with our destiny, our purpose, what makes our heart sing with joy, with honouring ourselves, this can eventually manifest as imbalance in the body.

The five inner basic layers are, from the most outward:

  • The Spiritual Body : conduit to our higher self
  • The Mental Body : our attitudes about life
  • The Emotional Body : where disease / imbalance originates; energy centers blocked here
  • The Etheric Body : vitalizes and energizes the physical body; chakras are located here; our connection to the earth’s rhythms and energy is here


  • The Physical Body

The above is also referenced as our AURA.

And within this aura, like us, the animals have a chakra system. They have 8 Major chakras, 21 Minor chakras and 6 Bud chakras. It is these chakras I work on to unblock, opening up the energy centers to get the energy flowing through the body. The canine is provided as an example below.


Blockages and Storing Negative Energy

Negative experiences are registered in our cells whether we like it or not. They are automatically recorded in our cellular memory. The same applies for animals, for all beings I believe.

The feelings associated with these experiences must then intentionally be cleared.

For instance, when their humans or environment is unstable, and/or the animals feel they are not being listened to, they can experience deep despair, deep sadness and these negative emotions are registered and may manifest in the physical body. Of course, any abuse is deep trauma. This all can be felt in their bodies by an energy worker and by some, by just seeing their aura.

The more I started working with energy, the more I felt, and the more I can now perceive and intuitively know. I think we all have this capability. It is about healing ourselves first and foremost, letting go of the ego, and all expectations, and allowing the being in front of us to truly express themselves. This is about opening up a channel of pure love and with this comes immense trust . And this is what animals respond to. As their intention is to always to live in the present and to live harmoniously.

They are here I believe to help us become conscious. To aid us every day in supporting us to be our best selves. To help us grow. I also believe they have their own journey, and assignment while they are here, to learn, and grow also as a being.

Here I am working on our lovely Sam. He has the freedom to leave at any time but he is choosing to absorb all the energy I am channelling to him.

Distant Healing
When I work on an animal, I prefer to do so from a distance. I feel more comes through from the animal, messages are passed through more freely. I can feel blockages in their energetic fields and work to release these along with the emotions associated. It is about asking permission, protecting all those around me and the being I am working on, and connecting with the pure intention of channelling love.

When I meet an animal, I have worked on from a distance for the first time, they instantly know me and much gratitude is exchanged from both of us, as well as massive hugs.
Each being is so special and is such a gift to this planet, and yes, this includes you, the reader.

I was originally exposed to energy work via Margrit Coates. Below is a link to her diagrams of the energetic bodies of animals and the associated feelings where energy can potentially be stuck. Sorry they are not free, but they are well worth the investment.

My studies then continued with the brilliant and lovely Elizabeth Whiter. I have referenced her books and website below for further exploration.

And also, please find here one of many YouTube videos to be found about the Chakra system by Andoea Judith. She is world re-known for her life work on the Chakra System. This is all about ALL BEINGS.

Energy work is extremely powerful with amazing results. If your animal is unbalanced in any way, energy work will help them immensely. Information and findings are always fed back to the caretaker and the animal will provide information too, you will see.

BOOKS about energy and animals:

The best energy healing books for animals are by Margrit Coates. They are a wonderful read with lots of case studies. Her layout of her books and her explanations are excellent and easy to follow. She is a huge inspiration to us all and was my first introduction into energy healing for horses in the Netherlands. With much gratitude to Margrit. Here is a beautiful video of her working on a horse named Essy. Make sure you have some tissues!

The book “The Animal Healer” by Elizabeth Whiter opened my eyes to what is possible. It is through her teachings in addition to Margrit’s I do what I do today. Elizabeth holds AMAZING courses which everyone should be so lucky to attend. Her books are a must read for all. Her second book, “How to Heal your Pet” provides detail about energy healing and pets. This is referenced in Resources. With much love and gratitude to Liz.

And for more energy references by iconic healers, these are books and some corresponding websites for humans, which I think are excellent and may help you understand this mode of healing and connection. All of them are well worth the investment.

Energy Medicine by Donna Eden

Hands of Light by Barbara Brennan

The Book of Chakras – Discover the Hidden Forces Within You by Ambika Wauters

Wheels of Life by Andoea Judith, PHD

The Healing Power of Your Aura by Barbara Y. Martin

Distant Healing by Jack Angelo

This is a fabulous document available for free online explaining energy healing, chakras and the meaning of each pertaining to your animal by Lynn McKenzie.

And this document explains just how powerful hands-on-healing is for your animal(s)


I believe all animals should receive regular chiropractic care. Ours and their entire nervous system runs along the spine, and being on four legs, their backs are exposed to a lot of every day wear and tear and potentially trauma. All it takes is a wrong turn or a slip on the floor or a young child to lean on their back and the animal’s spinal structure would be compromised. This translates to the body being out of alignment. When the bones are out of alignment, they may press into muscles, and nerves contributing to a whole system of problems which can actually be very deceiving. So, when one looks at a canine limping, where one might think the problem is – is usually not the “source”.

And when there is misalignment, be it an animal or human, the being will compensate and utilize their body differently, usually not in a beneficial way but one which allows them to keep going instead of addressing the issue. This could result in a whole host of issues some being headaches, migraines, lack of mobility of course, behavioural problems all because the skeletal structure has been impacted and needs to be set back into alignment. And most definitely, animals have headaches.

I have been going to a chiropractor since I was a child. My mom used to take us when she found we, as kids, would become a little unmanageable. Her mantra, “Right, time for an adjustment.” Of course, as kids we were doing all kinds of crazy things and this affects the growing structure including our emotions and how we respond to the world.

What I do know – after being exposed to many practitioners around the world is, ADJUSTMENTS MUST BE SUPER SONIC GENTLE. None of these major bone cracking adjustments. This is old school. The adjustments should be soft, gently manipulating the body back into alignment, NO FORCE ever! This is usually done over a course of weeks, if the being has never been for a tune up, as the body has been used to operating off kilter for some time. It is all about teaching the body to relax and go back to normal/alignment.

When it comes to animals, it should always be explained to them what the practitioner is there for, and consent should be ALWAYS given by them to touch their body. The practitioner should explain to the animal, “I am going to check you here, with a slight touch, do I have your permission?” And the practitioner should then explain in detail what they are going to do, so the animal knows, and feels acknowledged, most importantly respected, as they then know they have a say in the process.

If anyone has any questions about this please get in touch. This modality is very important for all of us to invest in, to keep ourselves and our animals structurally aligned.


We are all energy. And everything in our body is connected. Although, it looks unpleasant, what the needles are doing are unblocking stagnant energy in the body, allowing the energy, “the chi” to flow. This is ancient medicine and has cured people of all kinds of ailments. Animals are no different. When it is explained to them what the process is – they are VERY clear where they will allow the needles to be placed on the body and where they are not. All my animals have always been happy to participate. Again, it matters how it is presented to them, the practitioner’s energy and presence, and of course, how relaxed I am.

The Importance of the Pulse and the Tongue

What is important to know, as some practitioners are using needles but not according to full spectrum of TCM principles, the practitioner should be:

1. Checking the PULSE of the animal

2. Next, they should look at the TONGUE

Based on these two factors, and information from the guardian, the acupuncturist will then place needles around the WHOLE body to clear the energy fields, allowing the chi to flow. They will also tell you what they are finding regarding WHAT ORGANS are being compromised as a result of the symptoms being presented and how to balance the system if the following exists:

1. Too much WIND in the body (and not this is not just about gas) tied to the LIVER, wind may come from various sources

2. Too much DAMPNESS in the body (this could be a result of too many damp / warm/hot foods being fed) and can lead to too much PHLEGM and WATER in the body

3. Too much HEAT in the body – associated with too much FIRE in the body – hot tempers, irritability, restlessness, unable to sleep etc.

4. QI DEFICIENCY is associated with an organ not running optimally in the body

5. BLOOD DEFICIENCY where the blood needs help purifying – usually a result of poor nutrition and/or parasite. Note: Poor nutrition is a playground for parasites.

6. YIN DEFICIENCY is associated with the water element, not enough rest, nutritional imbalance

7. YANG DEFICIENCY is associated with the fire element, tired all the time, no energy, lack of get up and go

8. ESSENCE DEFICIENCY is associated with life – tied to the kidneys

The practitioner should provide information about:

1.The deficiencies present in the body

2.Provide a plan to balance the organs if any are running low

3.Provide suggestions for changes in the diet

4.Changes that perhaps could be implemented in the animal’s environment

And the body should be re-checked within a suitable time frame – usually a week or two to make sure the body is healing / rebalancing with the above implemented.

About Food Properties in TCM

All food in TCM, including herbs and spices shown below, have energetic properties which are either: hot, warm, neutral or cold and sweet, salty or bitter. This is very valuable information as to feed an animal, say a canine, food that is energetically HOT in a HOT climate will make them very ill. Therefore, where the animal lives geographically matters, the season matters, and how they “run” whether hot or cold, matters, when considering diet. As the diet, will have an impact on the organs and the overall whole functionality of the body.

This is one reason WHY one cannot feed the same thing all the time to any animal.

Diet must flow with the planet’s seasons and the changes the animal is presenting as they age. Everything must be considered and adjusted accordingly, as everything moves in cycles, with the planet. And of course, food is always fresh from the Earth not from a processing plant.

Below are some resources to consider for identifying each food’s energetic properties.

Food charts:

Food information and explanation of TCM:

ABMS Food Chart: I will also have a food chart in the Case Study Section once this is section loaded on the main page.

Diet is crucial to healing and must be specific to the individual. As not one being is the same as another.


The 38 Flower Remedies

The beautiful 38 flower remedies, address the emotional state of the being. They are extremely powerful and extremely effective. Addressing emotional issues will indeed have positive physical implications. Rescue Remedy is used by many for trauma, shock and high stress as it helps the mind and body stabilize when needed. It is made up of 5 of the 38 flower essences. I always have a bottle with me in the car, in my handbag, and especially when I am walking my dogs as you never know who or what you might encounter. Many bottles have been given away throughout the years.

We use Bach Flower Rescue Cream for all stings, bites, infections and trauma to the body. It is my number one go to for all tick bites. It is a wonderful resource to have available.

How to Use:

Special specific remedies are mixed for every being to bring them back to balance based on their emotional symptoms. One uses a resource, like the books mentioned below, to investigate each flower remedies properties, to determine which flower essence the being-in-need of balancing may require. The more defined the remedy, the more powerful. It is advised, no more than 7 may be mixed in one bottle.

How to Mix:

· Buy an empty 30ml amber dropper bottle

· Add Mineral water or filtered water – not tap water

· Add 4 drops of each flower essence required – no more than 7 are recommended

· Give the being in question a minimum of 4 drops 4 times per day in the mouth, on the paws, on the snout or on the ears – it must sink into the skin.

I suggest using one of the three resources mentioned below as your guide, myself or hire a professional Bach practitioner. It may seem quite straight forward, but it is interesting how some remedies can be used for things one might not think of.

Before giving to an animal:

Always communicate to the animal what you are doing and why. It is important we always give them the opportunity to REFUSE. They know!!

This is a proposed dialogue to have with the animal PRIOR to doing anything – under all circumstances not just with giving Bach, “I would like to give this remedy to you. It is made from the energy of flowers and mixed with water. It is to help you with _____________ (fill in what you see the beings / imbalance/ challenge may be). It is non-toxic, completely in tune with nature and will not hurt your body in any way. If your body does not need it, it will flush it from your system. You do not have to worry about it hurting you, only helping you. May I proceed to give this to you?”

Bach flower remedies can be purchased on line and in most health food stores. Always invest in the Dr. Bach products – do not trust any knock offs.

Official Bach Website:

Bach Flowers Remedies for Animals by Helen Graham and Gregory Vlamis
Bach Flowers Remedies for Animals by Stefan Ball and Judy Ramsell Howard (this book has case studies which are very helpful and cool)



Homeopathy is fascinating.

It has been around for over 250 years much to pharma’s disdain! What makes it so fascinating, is that it is so simple, once the right remedy is found for that particular being. We are all conditioned to believe that to heal anything chronic there must be a monumental “fix” via science or surgery but this is marketing. This is just not true.

Homeopathy was established in the 1800’s by Samuel Hahnemann. It was tested on humans, voluntarily, so the science is defined based on real life human studies. Which hurt no one.

Please watch this video to provide you more understanding, and yes, it indeed, includes animals! Addressed by veterinarian Christopher Day, who has also written many books, one which I have referenced below in resources for this section.

And this is very human focused, but again the information is applicable to our beautiful beings, our animals.

What is it?
Homeopathy is the extreme dilution of plant and in some cases animal/sea life properties to extract the high potencies of their powers. It is energy medicine. And comes in the form of various dilutions. It is very, very powerful. Each of the individual remedy’s powers relate to a specific set of symptoms we organic beings may display if we took the solution. So, the idea is LIKE cures LIKE. What the remedy produces in the body will cure what is already present in the body.
It is therefore literally, one remedy that cures all symptoms at once.
This is called that being’s CONSTITUTIONAL REMEDY.
It is a process of watching, waiting and recording.
And again, the healing process follows the rules:
body heals
inside out,
top to bottom,
with symptoms presenting themselves most recent to original/oldest,
and this can go back to early years of development.
This is explained under The Healing Process Section in the Information Gallery. Symptoms which have been suppressed for decades will surface to clear, to be healed. It is incredible to experience.

It is nothing like pharma where many drugs are thrown in the body per symptom. Which is Russian Roulette as no one knows how all these drugs synergize in the body all together all at once. And of course, there are other effects of these drugs labelled “side effects’ which are really effects of the drugs, there is nothing “side” about them. And all these chemicals in these drugs MUST be intentionally cleared from the system at some point. And the gut will have to be repaired too.
Homeopathy has no side effects.
I invite you to reference the illustration below. This is how homeopathy works compared to the conventional method. This is a simplistic look. Please note, this is not a real-life case study demonstrated below. As in a real-life case study, the animal will go through many healing cycles and healing crises to repair the body to achieve homeostasis. And remember, anything suppressed with pharma has NOT cleared the body so will have to re-surface to be healed.

Acute versus Chronic
Homeopathy deals with ACUTE and CHRONIC cases. Acute are easier to deal with as there is a cause – effect relationship and one can easily see the patient getting better with the remedy immediately.

Real-Life Experience: ACUTE CASE - Poisoning

I came home one day and my dog had annihilated the house via vomiting and diarrhea. She was fine when I left the house 3 hours prior. It was the kind of moment where you look at the damage and amount of work and say “don’t get upset, it is not her fault, it just is, put on some old clothes and take one step at a time”.

It had to have been poison.

I gave her a remedy, NUX VOMICA 30C immediately and placed her on broth for 3 days. This allowed the system to repair and clean. (Note: You do not want to put food in the body because then the energy will go to the digestive system and we do not want that. We want the body to clean, have minerals and support but to not redirect resources to digestion. Therefore, broth supplies nutrients but does not tax the system with a heavy digestive responsibility.)

She was fine. The system kicked whatever it was as it is designed to do.

No more episodes, no vet visit, no toxicity and she was back to processing food properly 3 days later. Much to her extreme DELIGHT! Did I mention she was a Lab? :)

Chronic is tricky because the condition has been festering for some years, a lot of pharma has usually gone into the body, suppressed a lot of symptoms and hence, information. Also, perhaps the animal has changed hands a few times too so no one really knows what has happened to the lovely being. This becomes a layered problem. This is where Zoopharmacognosey can help here to deal with trauma as the animal tells us, directs us to supporting their own healing, magnificent!

How is a remedy determined?

What is important to know:

Homeopathy is a science, it takes years to know how to use each remedy and apply it to an individual being. So, an experienced professional for chronic cases is a must.

All symptoms of the being are listed and become part of the drilling down to the right remedy. For example:

• Behavioural symptoms: likes and dislikes, reactions to things and perhaps people, light and darkness implications, habits which seem unbalanced

• Physical symptoms – sound, colour, size, change in body, stool, urine etc.; eating habits, vomiting, diarrhea, itching – where on body?

• Interaction with others, humans and animals

• Weather impact on the above

• Time of day things occur on the above

• Accidents, injury, trauma – history which could have impacted permanent imbalance on the being

• EVERYTHING tells a story and is very important info to how this being is currently operating and perceiving the world around him/her from the inside out

This is how one looks at the body to determine a remedy.

Real-Life Experience: CHRONIC: Cat not eating, peeing huge amounts, urine stinks, losing whiskers and drops back when stroked

Sam came to us around 3 years old. He is a tiny cat, was underweight and peeing his guts out. He was not a big eater and was on dry food. His previous owner said he would sit and just look at his food. And the smell of his urine was just sooo wrong! And I felt his body hurt.

So, this has been the process:

1. Diet: We needed to get weight onto him and get him eating. He was switched onto raw diet in 3 days from arriving in our house. This was how long it took to convert him. He was eager to eat but I felt he was sore inside and there was a reluctance to eat.

Slippery elm paste, was made on the stove top, and was used to help heal the gut and soothe the system prior to eating. Swiping a little on his gums 15 minutes prior to food offered.

Enzymes were used to also start building up the body.

Lots of notes were taken as I knew his kidneys were under a lot of strain so I needed to watch him carefully.

2. Consistently I worked with Zoopharmacognosey to help heal him. He chose almost everything – digestion, antibacterials were massive as well as cellular repair, all kidney and hormone remedies and trauma to the body were absorbed daily.

3. It took 6 months for his body to heal his kidneys. The volume of liquid coming out of him, reduced 85%. Finally, I felt the kidneys were back to normal as I could touch his sides easily too but I still felt he had structural issues. And this was confirmed when he broke his toe. What cat breaks their toe at 3 yrs. of age?

At this point – I felt I needed help to go deeper in the body to help him heal.

4. I reached out to the homeopathic vet and provided my list of symptoms:

a. Jumpy

b. Not so secure in his body

c. Back hurts when I touch him

d. Broken toe, should not have happened, has skeletal issues I believe from so much pharma and vaccinations at such a young age when he was developing his frame

e. Losing hair, 80 percent improvement but still losing too much for my liking and he was dropping whiskers. This was a BIG deal for me as I thought the skeleton was again, just not strong enough

f. Stalked our other cat – behaviour was not rational

g. Sometimes bit you out of no where

h. Had trouble learning from past mistakes

i. Overall, very loving but not comfortable in his body

5. Based on the symptom list above, one remedy was prescribed. After the first dose, I touched his back the next morning and no buckling. Fabulous! And no more stalking! Fabulous! These were immediate changes. I am now watching to see what else surfaces as his system was so pummelled at an early age, that the body must have suppressed more symptoms which I was not around to witness. So, he may need another dose or another remedy. It is about allowing the body to process and heal and taking a lot of notes. But I can tell, he already feels much better inside his own skin. Time will tell….it is all about patience.

June 2019

To summarize, nothing toxic has gone into the body, do no harm is present and being practised, and we are working WITH the being not DOING to the being. We are also honouring the planet, and her gifts.

How cool is that?

Homeopathy’s Power
What can homeopathy heal?
Everything – yes, including cancer
Here is a link explaining how brain cancer, which evolved to seizures and vision loss as well, was healed which was a result of suppression of original skin issues.

How to use?
Give remedy and watch and wait
Changes could be instant within 24 hours else may take 2 weeks
If no change in a month, then need a different remedy
It is crucial good documentation is taken / recorded, daily with the time of day. All changes, behavioural and physical mean something, so do not filter, take photos too if they are helpful.

How to Store Homeopathic Remedies:
Store in cool, dry, dark place
No sun exposure, or bright lights
No EMF exposure or heat from electronics or appliances esp. cell phones
Away from other drugs, essential oils and anything strong smelling. Store in “their own place”.

How long do they last?
Dry doses – forever, with care
Wet doses – check the liquid – any cloudiness – throw out; but should last a very long time

Using with other modalities?
No matter who I talk to, I receive a different answer. Some say not to use homeopathy with Acupuncture or Herbs as this can confuse the vital force. It is best one modality is chosen so the vital force can be watched and the direction is clear. The practitioner will want to know what the messages are from the body, the symptoms, in order to know how help the whole being. By placing a lot of different modalities in the system at once, the picture, the vital force’s expression, may become a little fuzzy.

Beware of Combo Remedies

Homeopathy is a science. Each homeopathic remedy has been tested and proven singularly. Combos have not been tested all together in a human body – synergistically. Meaning, they have not been “proven” and therefore, there is no data on them. When one is offered these combo’s, this is not accurate diagnosis. This is taking the “conventional ideology” route. This will confuse the body as the body will have to respond in some way making it harder to properly diagnose the original imbalance.

Dr. Will Falconer, reports, “ The use of these remedies is palliation. And what palliation does is suppress symptoms for a while but the chronic issue remains. It has not been dealt with at all. As soon as the combo remedy is stopped then all the symptoms will return and probably in a much stronger force.”

This is actually really dangerous because as palliation is being practised the chronic issue GROWS!!!

And crucial time is being lost in the healing process as the being will indeed be getting sicker.

So, beware of remedies labeled based on symptoms such as ITCH remedies and ALOPEA remedies. This is not how homeopathy is supposed to be utilized. Every being is different and every being will require a professional homeopath to find “that being’s constitutional remedy”.

I suggest one finds an experienced homeopath vet and always take notes, keep history against a time line about each of your animals. It is your responsibility to keep track of your animals’ symptoms and progress and then follow up. The more information provided the better. Always keep in mind, as there are good doctors and not so good doctors this too applies to homeopaths. So, seek the professional who works for you, who you feel comfortable with. Who practises 100% homeopathy, no dabbling while practising conventional as this is not going to help your animal. I have listed ones I have worked with and trust in the Resource Section of the Information Gallery.

Homeopathy versus Applied Zoopharmacognosey

I have been exposed to homeopathy for a lot longer than Applied Zoopharmacognosey. What I like about Zoopharmacognosey, is there is no guessing. You support the process but you do not dictate the remedies, the animal does. And by doing so, there is 100% accuracy.

With homeopathy, this is a skill set. And the homeopath has to know how to drill down into your animal’s symptoms and then come up with the right remedy. And the most important thing is, a lot of symptoms are not visible to any human. However, when practising Zoopharmacognosey, they surface as information during a self-selection session. It is really, really interesting what comes up as issues for the animal, which no one knows.

Time is also a factor. While both methods can provide immediate results, the homeopathic remedy does sometimes take time to work. Applied Zoopharmacognosey, the results are usually more immediate I find. It all depends on the being and the imbalance.

I have witnessed remarkable things with both methods. What I feel though is Applied Zoopharmacognosey is more accurate with animals because the human ego is not involved and I find some vet homeopaths prescribing based on ailment versus constitution. It should never be given based on symptoms in a chronic case – the imbalance must always be diagnosed based on the whole being. But again, this is not what I am coming across. So, keep this in mind when working with anyone if you go this route.

I hope this helps. Please call me if you have any questions. I would be happy to discuss further.


Dr. Pitcairn's Complete Guide to Natural Health for Dogs & Cats (4th Edition)
In the new edition above, Dr. Pitcairn now promotes a vegan diet for dogs and cats which people are upset about.

Dr. Pitcairn's Complete Guide to Natural Health for Dogs & Cats (2005)
This is the older edition which I have used for many years, some people like this version better:

Homeopathic Care for Cats and Dogs, Revised Edition: Small Doses for Small Animals by Don Hamilton, DVM

Practical Handbook of Veterinary Homeopathy, Healing Our Animals Inside Out by Wendy Thacher Jensen, DVM

Homeopathic Treatment of Small Animals Principles and Practice by Christopher Day, MA, VetMB, VetFFHom, MRCVS

Cats Homeopathic Remedies by George MacLeod, MRCVS, DVSM, VetFFHom

Boericke’s New Manual of Homeopathic MATERIA MEDICA with REPERATORY by William Boericke

New World Veterinary Repertory, by Richard H. Pitcairn and Wendy Jensen

Homeopathy for the First Aider by Dr. Dorothy Shepherd

Magic of the Minimum Dose, Impressive Case Histories by a World-Famous Homeopath Demonstrating the Superiority of Homeopathy by Dr. Dorothy Shepard


Fabulous information here from Dr. Will Falconer, Vital Animal – a homeopathic vet for 30+ years.

YouTube: School of Homeopathy

Remedies of low potency can be used without homeopathic advice. High dosing must be via a professional’s instruction as damage could be caused. Always use one remedy at a time and wait and document changes. Give 2 weeks to a month to see what the response is. Pay attention. Detail is everything.

Please see Resource section in the Information Gallery ad you may use this link also:!directory/map

Cell Salts are amazing too!

I have been using cell salts for years on myself and with all our animals. They are taken on the tongue and literally dissolve. No taste and no harm to your body.

They are the 12 essential minerals in your cells. Your cells and your animals’ cells literally run on these cell salts. These salts make up the fuel for your cells. Hence, the name. They address the following location and functionality of the whole body.

The 12 Salts
1. Calcium Fluoride (Calc Fluor)
2. Calcium Phosphate (Cal Phos)
3. Calcium Sulphate (Calc Sulph)
4. Iron Phosphate (Ferr Phos)
5. Potassium Chloride (Kali Mur)
6. Potassium Phosphate (Kali Phos)
7. Potassium Sulphate (Kali Sulph)
8. Magnesium Phosphate (Mag Phos)
9. Sodium Chloride (Nat Mur)
10. Sodium Phosphate (Nat Phos)
11. Sodium Sulphate (Nat Sulph)
12. Silicon Dioxide (Silica)

The Astro-Chemical Physiological Chromatic Chart by Inez Eudora Perry
This science goes way back and it is so interesting as one can diagnosis oneself and their animal based on this chart using one’s birth date.


This chart can be purchased here: This article also on the same site has fabulous information- expanding on what I have spoken briefly about below:

How to Use the Chart

The chart is devised into twelve months, with the twelve zodiac signs, and each salt is assigned a month. The chart is used counter clockwise. The idea is human beings are in gestation for 9 months, therefore a being will automatically be short 3-4 salts as they missed the other months inside the womb.

Therefore, most animals, cats and dogs will be short on salts as their gestation period is only 58-68 days, 8-9 weeks. I would suggest your animal be offered the BIO VII, which is a combination of all the salts together to see if they select them. My Lab took them several times a day for over a week and then said “no”. So, do not assume they do not know, they know! However, one may also use the chart to determine what cell salt the body is short on and give separately.

It is important to watch and take notes. Once the being is balanced, the cells are topped up and the salts should be stopped.

For Humans: (just for interest)

If the birth date falls within the 2 red lines, then one counts back 3 months, 3 pies – as this would then be the month of conception. These 4 months including the birth month are the 4 cell salts the body is short on.

If the birth date in on the red line, then you count back 3 months and this represents the 3 cell salts the being is short on. So, one is either short on 3 or 4 salts depending one when one was born.

I invite you to watch these videos. They are short and very well done. It is very, very, cool and very, very easy:

Video 1:

Video 2:

Video 3:

Real-Life Experience: Trouble Walking
My mom came to visit and could not walk properly. She had hurt her hip/leg playing golf. We sat down and I took all her symptoms, I did not concentrate on just her leg/hip, we concentrated on all imbalances in the body. And we then set her up on a regime where she took a number of cell salts every 4 hours. She did this for 3 days, and CURED! Walking normally, no pain, and quite amazed. And did I mention she had to go up and down 3 flights of stairs to get to her bedroom, all the time.

She is an avid cell salt taker now! When symptoms arise. They are not to be taken “just in case”. They are to be taken when your system presents symptoms, meaning your body needs topping up.

When needed, I will call the dogs and say “come get you cell salts” and they arrive in the kitchen and take them all on the tongue. “I have explained previously what they are and that they cannot hurt them, if the body does not need them it will flush the balance out.” We must always explain and provide the information to our animals so they can choose. We must stop “doing” to them, thinking we know best. This is invasive and we would never wanted to be treated this way. They are no different than us, and require words to be spoken in a comprehensive manner, with our intention positive, respectful and present. Only are we truly then taking the time to address their body, mind and spirit.

How else could it possibly be?

I have used this book for years before I found the chart above:
Homeopathic Cell Salt Remedies, Healing with Nature’s Compounds by Nigey Lennon and Lionel Rolfe

Another good read:
The Healing Echo: Discovering Homeopathic Cell Salt Remedies by Vinton McCabe

This is interesting as the deficiencies are on each of our faces and can be read:
Facial Diagnosis of Cell Salt Deficiencies by David R. Card

And from Santos Bonacci – who explains how he uses the facial diagnosis book above:


Titer Testing

Titer testing is about testing your animal’s blood to see if they have the antibodies present in their system to fight off the particular disease / bacteria you are concerned about. This is more of a double check than anything as any animal vaccinated would have the antibodies. HOWEVER, it is important to note:

the more vaccinated an animal is – the less the body is actually “vaccinated”.
All this over vaccination does not protect your animal more – it actually weakens them more by exposing them more to the actual virus / bacteria you are trying to prevent.

If you would like to know if your animals have the antibodies in their blood work, then find a vet who will have them TITER TESTED. These tests will tell you, they are okay and are covered. However, if the bloodwork shows they are on the low side, I still advise to not vaccinate as this could be a result of the system dealing with something that day or the fact the animal is at the vet office. If you take an animal’s blood work at home, you would see a BIG, BIG difference in the results, as the vet’s is usually a scary place for all animals.

One resource for testing:

Here are a few articles to read:


Nosodes are tiny white pellets that contain ultra-diluted forms of diseased tissues and bodily fluids. For animals, "nosodes are specialized homeopathic remedies that are prepared by taking actual diseased matter from a sick animal such as diseased tissue or nasal discharge,” reported by Dogs Naturally Magazine.

What the nosode is doing is exposing the animal to the disease minutely and allowing the body to respond naturally. The fact nosodes are taken orally is a BIG plus. Because they are entering the body the natural route via the mouth. Therefore, the intelligent body is prepared to deal with the exposure in "natural exposure form". Whereas vaccination is very deadly to the body because it bypasses the natural route the body would normally be exposed, the mouth and nose, the route the virus would normally enter the body, and is injected through the skin. Therefore, the virus has literally by-passed the body’s intelligent security system" and purposely been allowed to jump write in . This causes unknown chaos inside the body with devastating results, which we are seeing in debilitating disease and early death in all species of animals.

Nosodes are available for all the CORE vaccinated viruses and heartworm. They do not do damage to the body yet they allow the body to build natural immunity as the being would if they came across the virus in nature.

How much sense does this make? A lot!!! His much does it cost? Next to nothing! See the connection? Pharma > Vet > Vaccination = $$$$$$! Protect your Pet!


Hair testing is a fabulous tool to find out what your animal is over and short on mineral wise and how these short falls are impacting the body’s organs . And what the heavy metal content is in the body. Any imbalance shown on these reports would be contributing to a less than optimal system.

What is addressed?

  • Level of heavy metal toxicity
  • Status of many organs and glands, including liver, kidneys, thyroid, pituitary and adrenal imbalances
  • Digestive disturbances, blood sugar imbalances, anemia and inflammation also reported

Each service will explain what to do. Basically, you cut the hair close to the skin around the neck area and send in the sample stating the date and area of the animal where the sample was taken from. A full-scale report is then sent to you via email with the professional’s suggested plan of action.

Two professionals which provide this service and which I have used are:
For dogs:
For dogs and cats:

Applications of Any Kind May Impact Results

It is said some hair testing may not be accurate because of what the coat has been exposed to. Shampoo, especially if they are chemical based, flea and tick, essential oil sprays etc., anything that is regularly going on the animal could impact the testing results . So be very clear on your timeline what the animal is and has been exposed to when submitting your sample. It may be in your best interest to ask the service prior to investing any funds.


The Codes

The Codes and tapping are based on the same premise - removing unwanted and/or negative energy / memory from the cells.

We are all energy. And regardless whether we wish to store negative experiences, once they are experienced they are stored. And we can inherit energy/memory from past lives I believe and from our family passing it along.

Therefore, it is with INTENTION we clear these negative vibrations from our cells.
Our animal’s life experiences and cellular memory is no different. Their systems too can be overloaded with negative experiences, stress in the household they live in, and from their parents. For most animals being purposely BRED is a negative experience, as their FREEDOM, and CHOICE whether to do so has been taken away from them. All this accumulates and needs to be cleared from their cells.
You may do this for your animals and your family. And yes, it indeed is VERY POWERFUL.

The Healing Code

The founder of the code Dr. Alexander Lloyd, was diagnosed by five different doctors with ALS. On top of this his wife had been suffering from severe clinical depression. They together have five children. At the time their kids were really young, so being diagnosed with ALS was “just not acceptable”.

The code was downloaded from the universe (I know - you are going to shake your head - but keep reading). Dr. Lloyd was on a plane and he received this info to just write and write and write. And out came the code. He was asking for help for his wife at the time and this was what came. He practised the code every day for I believe three hours a day. His ALS never progressed, it reversed, and he has never had any symptoms SINCE! His wife is also cured via the same practise. Apparently, she had a library of books about depression trying to find the answer, but this was what cured her.

What the code does is release negative emotions and beliefs trapped in your cells as negative energy. You can do this for yourself and for a loved one, for anyone actually who needs help.

INTENTION is everything.

The premise is negative energy debilitates the physical body and this then manifests as disease, imbalance. If your animal is in trouble and needs your help, do the CODE. It will make you feel good and definitely it will change the health and state of your animal. We have used the Code massively in our house and there is a HUGE sense of SERENITY when you do it. There is this wave of connectedness and peace that is established.

The Healing Code is explained and demonstrated here:

The Healing Code by Alexander Lloyd and Dr. Ben Johnson


The Emotion Code

This is established by Bradley Nelson. It is very similar. An emotion code or body code worker will tap into your system - your subconscious guides them to see what you have established internally to protect yourself from the world. This is called the Heart Wall. It is fascinating. When my heart wall was dismantled, I felt later that day - massive shaking. My husband thought I just needed to eat, but I knew it was my heart wall disintegrating.

Because the Emotion Code Worker follows the sub-conscious - there is always surprises. In our cat, we discovered she encountered a coyote and fright was removed from her system amongst a lot of other stuff, and from our Lab, the deep sadness of someone she encountered on one of her walks. Not a lot of depth is given if the sub-conscious does not wish to share. It is truly about honouring the being and the boundaries the being is willing to expose, deal with at that time.

We have hired emotion code workers for all our animals to clear negative experiences from their cells several times. I am always looking at the cellular level and thinking ‘how we can we make you cells SUPER HAPPY!!!!!’

How it works:

Process of Releasing Trapped Emotion:


Tapping / Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)

This is just another form of the codes. One is telling the cells in one's body to release and reinstall the positive via tapping on the cell communication control centres of the body and speaking an affirmation. It is a very powerful technique to release programming in the cells. You may also do this for your animal. This is a video by Nick Ortner demonstrating the technique who wrote The Tapping Solution:



We are all connected.
We constantly emanate energy.

So, my question to you is:

What is your ripple effect on those you love, humans, animals, plants, all living creatures, the entire planet, daily?

I believe there are three premises which we must all aspire to understand:
Everything is constantly changing energy.

You are not separate from the world around you.

Everything has consciousness.

A few things to ponder:
How Are You Living?

This is one of my favourite people in the world and this is a fabulous YouTube video to watch: Choices that can Change your Life | Caroline Myss | TEDxFindhornSalon

Meditate Every Morning - Get into Positive Thought - Your Vortex
These videos will help you align your thoughts with your wishes; what you wish to attract in your life at the start of every day. They will help you create a day of "attracting the positive" with regards to well-being, financial abundance, and helping you understand how the relationships you are attracting are matching YOUR vibration, forcing you to grow.
Well Being

Financial Abundance


For more fabulous information about the Law of Attraction - your power - please visit here:

Thought Patterns of the Mind
Dr. Bruce Lipton addresses thought patterns and how to reprogram your mind: Top 3 Strategies to Reprogram Your Mind:

The Ego
And this is about one man’s awakening from his deep despair only to be given so much love from a little girl and dog: TEDx Talk: About the Ego and Molly the Dog

The Awakening of Consciousness
And the lovely Eckhart Tolle talks about the endless cycle of ego-thinking. Are you running a constant recording in your head that does not change? Are you on repeat, repeat, repeat?
Please follow this link here:

What Animals Are Thinking and Why It Should Matter
I wish this to be viewed by every human being: TEDxMidAtlantic: What animals are thinking and feeling, and why it should matter | Carl Safina

How did your animal come to be in your life?

Nothing is accidental I believe. How and why did they come to you? And what did you hope to learn and heal with their presence?

I believe NO being is below another. We are all here to learn and grow and the animal kingdom has been given a tremendous assignment. To help us be better human beings I believe. They are constantly trying to help us grow, be more centered, more present, and ultimately happy. And of course, to become enlightened. Gosh – the LOVE they give. Just MAGICAL! How can we not reciprocate by growing?

The questions become, are we all listening? Engaging? Are we present? Are we really living the life that supports us and helps us become the being we wish to be? Are we contributing with “oneness” in mind? With the human consciousness in mind? With the planet and all her offerings considered? As Oprah offers in her speech on YouTube:
Oprah shares the following:

"Our Legacy is Every Life We Touch.
How Do We Service ALL LIFE?"

Ultimately, I believe it is where we need to go, to get to. Our animals are here to guide us.

They are indeed our angels.
Below our beautiful Yantha, 10+ years old and looking fabulous!
We are all connected.
Everything is connected.
Everything has a vibration.
Every choice you make and everything you do MATTERS.
What will you CHOOSE to create today?