We are all organic beings. There is not much difference between an animal’s body and yours, apart from a few functional differences in processing food. Everything that is harming them is absolutely harming you, too. And vice versa. This is really important to understand.

Please filter all water provided to your pets, yourself, and your loved ones.
This is crucial for healing and maintaining good health for all organic bodies.
And please protect your body, your animal’s body and our planet, say ‘NO’ to plastic.

We are all 70% water.We need water to survive. However, the quality of our water is horrendous, to say the least, due to all the chemicals including pesticides, pharmaceuticals, and so on that is not being filtered out. Are you drinking filtered water?

This is a summary of what could potentially be (and probably is) in your tap water:

  • Bacteria
  • Parasites
  • Heavy Metals, including Arsenic
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • BPA
  • Perfluorochemicals
  • Chlorine
  • Chloramines
  • Fluoride
  • THMs – Trihalomethanes
  • Petroleum Contaminants
  • Perchlorate [oxidant in rocket fuel]
  • Radiological Contaminants
  • Herbicides and Pesticides

Animals know. Their sense of smell is at least 40 times better than ours. I can even smell the chemicals, so I can only imagine what they detect.

My animals will not touch the tap water.

We filter heavily in the house, using a Big Berkey specifically, for our drinking, cooking, and humidifier water. The water tastes fresh and the animals have no problem drinking it, they choose it over the tap water.  They are very clear.

A lot of people say to me “my animal does not drink water.” There could be a few reasons for this, assuming the body is medically sound.

1. They can smell the chemicals.
2. It is reverse osmosis water and this has no “life force.”
3. If they are fed a lot of raw fresh fruit and vegetables, then they are getting their water from these sources and their need to drink is minimal. In the summer, I assume they drink more water after exercise.

Please say “NO” to drinking “plastic water,” as well.The bottled water industry sold us 13.7 billion US dollars of plastic water in 2017 alone, so clearly the public has bought the message that bottled water is best. But drinking from plastic poses serious health threats. There is also, of course, the monumental environmental impact to consider, as shown below. Our oceans are drowning in plastic.

More Bottled Water Facts:

• Bottled water is not from organic clean sources, as they lead consumers to believe. There are many studies and reports about how filthy and corrupt the water is. This is just “greed in a bottle”. [Please stop supporting these corporations.]

• Most bottled water, if not all of it, has been in transit for a very long time. It has likely been exposed to high temperatures, then stored at high temperatures, so it has been cooking in the plastic you are drinking from for probably months and months.

• Plastic leaches into the water, so when you drink from a plastic water bottle, you are literally drinking “plastic water.”

• We know plastic contains BPA, unless this has been removed. BPA interferes with our endocrine systems [hormones] and sits in our body indefinitely. Time Magazine reports: The government’s National Toxicology Program has concluded that there is some concern about brain and behavioral effects on fetuses and young children at current exposure level.,28804,1976909_1976895_1976896,00.html

Please find below a link with more information:

Please do not give your animal (or yourself) any water out of any plastic source. Water and food dishes should not be plastic, either. Please carry bottles made from stainless steel or glass, lead-free, that do not pollute the water they are holding.
Please protect the environment and do not buy any water in plastic bottles ever. By doing so you are sending a message to corporations such as Nestle, that the world’s water resources are not to be corporately owned.

And with gratitude to Avaaz for highlighting the fact of Western non-recycled plastic dumping:

The world’s recycling is in chaos. Here’s what has to happen (Wired)

Norwegian proposal to place trade controls on waste plastics gains support (Resource)

America’s new recycling crisis, explained by an expert (Vox)

Bangun, a village built from imported waste (Jakarta Post)

EMF’s—Electromagnetic Fields
EMF’s are radiation.

These fields are reported to damage our DNA.They negatively impact our organic bodies, “by interfering with our own highly sensitive electrical system”, reports Dr. Jay Davidson. Everyone is different so the impact on each organic body differs. I believe, it is dependent on how toxic your body is, your “toxic load”. It is reported people suffer from the following symptoms:

  • Burning or warm sensations of the face, feeing sunburnt
  • Tingling or prickling sensations across body and face
  • Extreme dryness in the skin and mucous membranes, may include dry eye, throat and mouth
  • Swelling in mucous membranes around the nose, ears and eyes
  • Memory-loss, concentration, and dizziness
  • Feelings of the flu/cold that never surfaces
  • Nausea and headaches
  • Pains teeth, jaw, joints and muscles
  • Palpitations in heart and chest
  • Infertility and sexual changes
  • Miscarriage
  • Digestive issues
  • Ear, nose and throat issues
  • Depression and inability to focus
  • Eye blurriness and inability to focus
  • Neuro issues
  • Nervous system issues – sleep problems and fatigue
  • Linked to CANCER and AUTISM
Our bodies are not designed to be around these fields.
What I did not know was they accumulate in your body, just like a toxin.
Who knew? What can they do to our body?

• any being suffering from a chronic illness, EMF’s will exacerbate the body, overload the body, and make the condition worse. This is because it is toxic so we are overloading the organic system with more toxins.

• there is a link to Lyme disease with EMF’s. I personally think/believe the following with everything I have read and know: our bodies are not designed for how we are living. And if you have a virus dormant/being managed in your body, the weaker the body gets, the environment created will then allow the virus to thrive. We are literally creating through our decisions and purchasing power such an external and internal toxic environment, that we are unknowingly depleting our systems to the point where they cannot cope anymore, and viruses are then able to take hold. For example, Lyme. And this is before you have added the mind and stress patterns which people are processing every day. An organic being’s body is able to cope with a virus – but not 10 at once and on top of this – not toxins and stress.

Our animals are definitely not designed to be around these fields. As a result, animals are having terrible trouble with all the exposure.
If you live in a condensed neighbourhood or a high-rise building, you would potentially have 50 or more signals coming through your home constantly. For animals who never leave the house, such as cats and rodents, this will be extremely damaging to their biology.

Also, the Wi-Fi engages the microchips. This is important to understand. As most pet parents do not know what device is in their pet’s body, a lot of these devices do have antennas.I invite you to read the Microchip section under Toxicity, Section 6.0, if you have not already done so.

The Swedish Government has done a lot of investigation into EMF exposure with their research leading to laws dictating a health and safety limit for exposure.So, this is not something to be ignored.

When not in use, our routers and all electronics are shut down. We also use BluShield, which is reported to neutralize all negative impact on our systems. BluShield reports on their website that people will actually go through detox once this is introduced into the home environment. I have not experienced this, but we are adamant that all our animals are not exposed to the radiation of TVs, computers, cell phones, and such. Everything is switched off, especially when we are sleeping and leave the house. Another thought, we are then also not impacting our beloved wildlife, who would also be exposed to our constant EMF projections.

Another fabulous tool are the Tesla purple plates.These are reported to protect us from EMF radiation which can either be worn on the body and / or attached to all the devices in the house. On the website, purple plates can increase our energy, heal all kinds of ailments, remove pain when placed on area directly, heal ailing plants, to name a few possibilities.

To summarize:

Please turn off all routers, computers, TV’s, phones etc. when you are not using them and especially when you are sleeping and not in the house.
And please make sure none of your pet’s beds or sleeping areas are near any of these devices.
Electronics are warm which can be attractive to a cold body, but the fields they emit are very damaging to all organic bodies. Protect your pet!

Chronic Disease:
Dr. Thomas Cowan – so important to watch – how aluminum from vaccines are interacting with the EMF waves:

ADR Chips to be applied to all your electronics for protection from EMF.

Tesla’s Purple Energy Plates – purchased here:

To plug into your home and negate the emissions within a certain perimeter

No Contact with the Earth

If your animal is not ever in contact with the Earth, if they never ever put their paws on dirt or grass, then please consider investing in a grounding pad. This will help heal them, if they are not able to ground themselves naturally, and also help them be connected to the Earth’s healing energies.

This is essential for all of us organic beings; we need to be connected to the energies of the planet. This naturally comes through touch, feet on Earth, hoof on Earth, paws on Earth. When we wear shoes or do not allow our animals regular access to the ground, we are cut off from the balancing frequencies the planet provides our bodies. It is against nature to not be grounded to the planet.

I would encourage, at least weekly, taking your animal outside on harness, somewhere safe, where the ground has not been exposed to chemicals and allowing the animal to touch the grass, touch the ground.
This is crucial for healing and for their happiness.
We are all beings of the Earth and to not be able to make this connection, we suffer.

I have contacted Earthing Canada and their products have nothing magnetic in them so they will not interfere with microchips.

Cat Litter
Is your choice of Cat Litter hurting your cat?

First, I believe all cats’ paws should touch the Earth to feel the energy fields of nature and be connected to what they innately know. Therefore, business should be done outside, as nature intended, and litter boxes should be a last resort, but not the norm.

However, if this is not possible, and litter is required, then it MUST meet the following criteria:

1. Nothing food based such as corn or wheat.

2. It must come from a SINGLE natural sourcewith no additives, such as pine pellets or bark. It therefore, will have minimal dust / residue and
will be recognizable by the organic body if ingested.The body will therefore, know how to process it out.

All this litter with the additives, the dust, and the chemicals (not to mention the crazy prices the pet industry is charging), I believe are also contributing to kidney failure in cats. This is just common sense to me. The cat’s and people’s homes are absolutely covered in it, and the cats are definitely ingesting it daily, because it is all over their coats.I would love to take a UV Wand and show people in the dark what they and their animals are living in. It would look like a CSI crime scene!

Are the products you are cleaning your litter box with carcinogenic to your cat?

Cleaning the litter box is another consideration when it comes to exposing the feline body to toxicity.Using bleach or any chemicals is harmful to your animal as they process far more than humans realize via smell. These products are carcinogenic to the body and completely unnecessary. Iuse Dr. Bronner’s Castile Rose or Unscented Soap to clean our litter boxes in the Winter when they are required, and the boxes have stayed smell-free and very much user friendly for years. All this information about having to rotate boxes because they smell, this is because of bad diet. Smelly urine and feces equal chemicals and waste product in your animals’ food, and thus, in your animal. If your cat is on a fresh raw or cooked diet, nothing smells, and their urine amount is small compared to cats having to drink volumes of water when on dry food, which is pressuring their kidneys.

Please empty the box after each use.Wash and clean the litter box at least once daily. No animal would EVER use the same patch of Earth to do their business on.And scooping is just completely gross. This is not healthy, clean or natural. Please keep the litter box in your home crystal clean and free of chemicals. They deserve it and so do you!

Artificial Bedding
Looks nice, but does it breathe?

Your animals bedding must breathe. It must be made of natural sources such as cotton or wool, where the body lying against it can breathe. Most animals are probably using synthetic bedding, as that’s what’s commonly available through the commercial pet care industry. As most animal’s systems are running hot, and many animals have skin issues, the artificial bedding is contributing to those issues by not allowing the body to breathe. Also, most of it is toxic, as some materials off-gas, and a lot of the products give off lint residue that is not always apparent to the naked eye.

When I offered my canines two beds, one made of microfiber velvet and the other hemp, they both chose the hemp, even when they had been sleeping in the microfiber velvet for years. Once again, nature knows. It has been hemp ever since in our house.

Cotton, hemp, flax, and wool fabrics and stuffing’s are all in tune with nature and allow the organic body to breathe.

My animals love BOWERS Donut Bed. They love to have their back supported and the “donut” style is much preferred to the rectangular style which is awkward to snuggle in. I send Bowsers Hemp fabric purchased here, and Bowsers makes up the beds and ships them accordingly. Other great sources for fabric can be found on

Location, Location, Location

This is important, as a lot of pet’s beds I see are not located for “good sleeps”. Good non-toxic sleeps.

Firstly, please make sure your animal’s beds are NO WHERE NEAR a router, a TV, a laptop or stand-alone computer, microwave oven, electric blankets or any cords what so ever.These devices will all be doing immense harm to their organic bodies. Cats tend to like the electronics due to warmth, but please do not allow them to entertain these spots as they will cause serious imbalance in the body. Cancer being one of them!!! And no electric blankets. These are extremely toxic with all the electricity running all over the organic body!

The best locations are TOXIC free, away from the flashing, noise and radiationof TV screens. Most people listen to their TV’s extremely loudly and watch horrible things on them which vibrationally is very toxic. If you go into another room and listen to what they are listening to – most of it is horrific. But also, animal’s beds are not placed in a quiet, dark place for them to be able to restore themselves and be away from our drama, and again all the loud activity that electronics expose them to. Please choose where they sleep wisely. So, they may rejuvenate and restore. Protect your pet!

Air Pollution
How toxic is the air in your home?

Depending on where you live, your air pollution levels will vary. It is my observation that a lot of people do not open their windows, but it is very important to do so to shift the energy and the air through the house. If you are on a major road or live in the city, an air purifier is a fabulous investment for the family and your pets. We noticed a massive difference in our breathing and sleeping when we introduced them to every floor of our house. The dirty filters said it all! Gross!

Resource: be found in most countries via Amazon)

 Perfume, Aftershave, Lotions, Deodorants, and Makeup
What Chemicals Are You Wearing and Sending to Your Heart within 40 seconds of Application?

If you are buying from mainstream stores, or purchasing mainstream product lines, you are most likely buying chemicals. These chemicals stay suspended in the air, where you’ll keep breathing them in for hours. Also, when you put them all over yourself and your animal comes in contact with you—especially if you let them lick you—this is an enormous amount of toxicity for their systems. These products are chemical soups, and are not designed to be ingested nor have they been designed with the organic body in mind.

Do your cosmetics / products contain any of these substances?

1. Butylated Hydroxy Anisole (BHA)
What It Is:An additive that preserves fats and oils in food and cosmetics
Found In:Chewing gum, snack foods, diaper creams
Health hazard:May promote cancer in lab animals
What You Should Know:BHA is hard to avoid in foods, but the government limits its levels

2. Phthalates
What They Are:Chemicals that give plastic its resilience and flexibility
Found In:Toys, raincoats, shower curtains, vinyl flooring, detergents, food packaging, shampoos
Health Hazards:Animal studies show reduced sperm counts and reproductive abnormalities; evidence of a link to liver cancer in humans
What You Should Know:Congress passed legislation in 2008 to ban six phthalates from toys and cosmetics

3. Parabens
What They Are:Synthetic preservative
Found in:Products like moisturizers and hair care and shaving products
Health Hazards:Causes hormone disruptions and cancer in animals
What You Should Know:The FDA has deemed current levels in cosmetics safe, but paraben-free products are available

4. Oxybenzone
What It Is:A chemical used in cosmetics
Found in:Sunscreens, lip balm, moisturizers
Health Hazards:Linked to hormone disruption and low-birthweight babies
What You Should Know:About 97% of Americans have the compound in their urine, but current exposure levels have been deemed safe

And all the above assumes companies are indeed reporting on the packaging what is exactly in the product.

Your animals are designed to be in contact with everything natural, not all the chemical-based products we are dousing ourselves in. This is wreaking havoc on our livers, hearts, hormones, etcetera. It is aging us, make no mistake, as anything your put on your skin reaches your heart in 40 seconds!

So, my advice is to please watch what you put on your body, and stay as chemical-free as possible for you and for your animals. They will be so pleased and so will your body’s cells!

Toxic Beauty: How Cosmetics and Personal-Care Products Endanger Your Health… and What You Can Do About It by Samuel S. Epstein with Randall Fitzgerald
There’s Lead in Your Lipstick: Toxins In Our Everyday Body Care And How To Avoid Them Paperback by Gillian Deacon

Flame Retardants – PBDE’s

Polybrominated diphenyl Ethers (PBDE’s) are lethal chemicals, which can be found in electronics [Decabromodiphenyl Ether (DECA)], furniture and carpets. The impact on our animals is extremely concerning, our wild life is showing heavy concentrations which is so alarming.

Once you release them in the environment, they stay out there for years and years,” says Marta Venier, a chemist in the School of Public and Environmental Affairs at Indiana University. They also travel far and wide through the air and water. “They become ubiquitous,” she says. “It’s become a worldwide problem.”

Dogs Naturally magazine has written a fabulous article about how these chemicals are even in the dog food! Another reason to stay away from industry food and how dogs and cats blood levels are showing extraordinary levels of the chemicals in their bloodstream which will undoubtedly be contributing to whole host of health issues no doubt.

The Government of Canada’s website states – “key health and ecological effects are neurodevelopment such are changes in movement and behaviour and contamination of wildlife as the chemicals are passed through the food chain.”

It is up to all of us to “buy” consciously” and ask the questions when purchasing products if they are contaminated with these chemicals so we can participate in protecting our ourselves, our animals, and the planet, and all her beautiful creatures.



Perfluorooctanoic Acid (PFOA), Teflon, and Related Chemicals
All non-stick cookware needs to be checked whether they have these chemicals.  These are lethal to the body, they are literally poisoning you.  This is TEFLON and similar chemicals.  We all assume what is on the market is safe, but this is not the case. We must constantly be skeptical of anything new and really easy because companies are trying to impress stockholders, so the limits appear endless when it comes to health and safety.  New is not always better.  And corporations constantly lie.

Please check your cookware and make sure none of these products are in your household, you will be poisoning yourself and whoever you are feeding.  Please also pass the word on.  All of these items should have been recalled, but they were not. Unbelievable really!

Aluminum in your Kitchen
Aluminum is a heavy metal and has been linked to Alzheimer’s disease, as people with this imbalance have reported high levels of this heavy metal in their body.  Also note, this heavy metal is placed in beauty products too such as dandruff shampoo etc., check all your labels.

It is a very, very toxic material and should not be in your kitchen anywhere.  The issue is foods high in acid will oxidize the metal causing it to leach into your food.  Literally, you are eating heavy metals, slowly poisoning your brain.  It is not a safe material to be used in your kitchen.  And this applies to aluminum foil also.

Animals cells are no different than ours.  They will most definitely be impacted if you are feeding them via these vehicles in your kitchen.  Heavy metal toxicity is burdening their bodies, including their brains immensely.

Movie:  DARK WATERS – watch this – this is incredible – what DUPONT knew and still continued to keep the public in the dark poisoning so many people, in test studies too, their own employees!

The Government of Canada says – the food absorbs the aluminum! And to not store any food in aluminum.  Very interesting what it says about other materials as well.

Healthiest type of cookware:

Cleaning Products, Including Laundry Detergent, Air Fresheners and Scented Candles
All chemical cleaning products are very toxic for any organic body. Not only is the application horrendous, but the smell alone is so toxic

With our animals’ sense of smell at 40 times that of humans, these smells do even more damage to their bodies. We know when we encounter a smell we do not like, we have to leave. The animals, however, are stuck in our households, and do not have a lot of places to go to get away if we are liberally using toxic cleaning products. They suffer with these chemical odors, especially with their powerful sense of smell. Make no mistake TOXIC PRODUCTS change their chemistry in their body primarily affecting the liver, spleen, kidneys and heart, adding to their “toxic load”. This includes all living creatures in your households, birds too!

Ingested through SKIN and via SMELL:
Laundry Detergent Powder

What might be in your detergents, if you are buying directly off the shelf in any mainstream store:

1. Fragrances containing phthalates which have been linked to diabetes, obesity, and hormone disruption (affecting both development and fertility.)

2. Surfactants: irritants and toxic to aquatic life toxic-surfactants/

3. Bleach: irritation and breathing problems

4. 1, 4 Dioxane: known carcinogen – very, very, very dangerous to all organic bodies

5. Phosphates and EDA

6. SLS (Sodium Lauren Sulfate): Sodium Lauren Sulfate is so bad for us and the environment that it actually has 7+ different names, so it can be harder for the public to identify. Similar to what the corporations are doing with MSG…

7. NPE (Nonyl Phenol Ethoxylate): This is a known endocrine disruptor. How does the toxicity impact you and your loved ones? It is absorbed via all bedding, and clothing when one sweats. It travels into the environment and impacts the planet and her water resources exponentially.

What are some of direct effects to the organic body?

• respiratory problems
• eye irritation
• neurotoxicity – biochemical and cellular changes
• cancer
• hormone issues – developmental and reproductive

I invite you to read this article:

What do we use?
We use Dr. Bronner’s soap, Rose and Eucalyptus depending on the load.  Everything comes out clean and lovely.  I do not find any off-gassing in the house during the washing and drying loads, so my animals and the external environment, the planet via the dirty water and air via the dryer hose are not being impacted.

Great info about conventional products and what is possible:

Great substitutes and recipes for making your own detergent and dryer sheets:

Ingested through SKIN and via SMELL: Hand Sanitizer
This stuff is LETHAL. It is killing your gut microbiome.

It is incredible how FEAR can market such a deadly product with it being made available now all through hospitals, even at bank tellers I see it. These are harsh chemicals which literally travel to your heart in 40 seconds. Please stop using this stuff. It kills all good, friendly bacteria in your body and increases your toxic load on all your organs. Good old soap and water will do the trick. Check all the info out on the web, children and pets will be heavily impacted. I cannot even imagine if pets are licking this off your hands!!

Resources worth reading:

Ingested via SMELL: Air Fresheners

Not only are these products a huge environmental concern and waste because they will be dumped into landfill, they are ALL extremely TOXIC for any organic body.  Please do not buy them or use them.  They are just BAD. Just complete toxicity. And those cardboard Christmas trees hanging from the driver’s rear-view mirror, I see which are still around, TOXIC!

If you would like to freshen your house – use rose water.  It is beautiful, and good for every being’s soul.  Make sure it is pure and not full of chemicals of course. It must be 100% pure organic rose water. One resource here:

Ingested via SMELL: Scented Candles

Scented candles are carcinogenic, absolutely lethal to the organic body. Please do not use any of them. They should not be allowed on the market.


Affecting SKIN, ingested via SMELL and PAWS: Cleaning Products
The words “Organic” and “Green” and “Natural” mean NOTHING. Read the ingredients please and look for certifications.

Please use cleaners which are neutral in scent and are made from the earth’s organic compounds. Also, please read the label carefully before buying any product as many corporations are throwing this word “organic” or “green” on packaging which, has nothing to do with the ingredients in the actual product.

I help the animals heal with smell, so even the ones that smell lovely to you may impact your being’s physical body negatively, as every being is different.

Using Essential Oils to Clean

Every essential oil’s scent has a role in healing the body, mind, and spirit, but they still need to be chosen by the being. For example, one day lavender might smell lovely to you, and another day terrible. This is because your body does not need healing with this plant’s properties on that particular day. The same applies to our animals.

Therefore, please do not burn essential oils in spaces where your animal cannot escape the smell. You will potentially do damage to their systems, their health.  And do not clean with essential oils where your animal cannot escape from the smell or touch. I do not advocate cleaning with any essential oils as again you can impact the animal’s internal cell structure.

Also, it is incredible that pet products, including the terrible food, is sold in the same aisle in the grocery store as the cleaning products. This is a red flag to all! The whole aisle is toxic and smells toxic, too. None of it should be in your household, much less ingested. 


We use the following, for example:

• Cleaning:  Baking soda and vinegar
• Windows:  Vinegar and water
• Toilet bowls:  Baking soda with Dr. Bronner
• Laundry:  Dr. Bronner or Sapadilla
• Dishwasher:  Seventh Generation dishwashing liquid
• Dishes, by hand:  Sapadilla
• Floors:  Dr. Bronner, unscented – THIS IS A BIG, BIG DEAL – as our animals are on our floors all the time and whatever you use will be going directly to their organs, their heart
• Kitchen counter spray:  Sapadilla

And based on the above, we are not paying huge amounts of money for toxic chemicals, as our product base is very small. Please find great resources are provided below to source from.

Resources: This is a great article about a woman who healed her cancer and then changed all her “products”. And this is a great video about what may be in your home hurting ALL organic bodies:

10 Toxic Household Products found in your Home which Impact ALL Organic Beings

Other Resources – just a few of what is out there:

Vinegar by Vicki Lansky
Baking Soda by Vicki Lansky
101 Amazing Uses for Apple Cider Vinegar by Susan Branson

Pesticides, Herbicides, and Fertilizers
The Impact

It is reported most dogs’ bloodwork contains fertilizer and or herbicides. It’s hard to imagine, since these are cancer-causing substances. Please limit all these chemicals around your home and ask your neighbours to do the same. There are a lot of organic lawn and garden care products on the market. We need to start supporting these companies so they then become the mainstream, and we are not poisoning our planet, all the Earth’s animals, and ourselves. This includes golf courses, too, which are some of the greenest, most TOXIC places for an animal to roam.

To Remove Pesticides from your Food

To remove pesticides from your food – one option is to use purple plates. These are made by Nikola Tesla and have amazing unknown powers, to purify and heal. By placing drinking water and food on the purple plates for a few minutes, this clears the chemicals and all toxicity. People have reported amazing things happening. Source:

The Damage:
Book: “A Silent Spring” by Rachel Carson (This is a must read by all. About how DDT was exposed in the 1950’s causing so much damage to every organic being.) Yet DDT is still very much used today!

Greener and Planet Friendly Alternatives:

Road Maintenance and Car Chemicals
What Is Your Animal Absorbing from the Road?

Cars and the roads are covered with chemicals. Oil, antifreeze, salt, brine, and so on. All this goes into our animals’ systems, which they are not designed to handle.

It is interesting that so many people want their dog to sit on the curb at traffic lights. I imagine the thought is a “good” dog sits beside their owner. My goal for my animals is keep them as far as possible from all traffic fumes and potential chemicals coming from the cars and the roadway until it is time to cross. I also keep them always standing on their feet, so they have less contact with the pavement, regardless of surface-type, than if they were sitting as I assume all curbside pavement is also covered in chemicals. They are safer this way, too, if you have to move quickly.

In some countries, I could literally feel the exhaust and smog on my animal’s coats after a walk. I would come home and wipe them down daily with a soapy wet rag to get as much residue off them as possible. Of course, they would get bathed more often too.

Joints and Paved Surfaces?

It’s also best for their joints and ligaments to keep them off pavement period. Their bodies are designed for yielding surfaces, like dirt, not for hard surfaces. So, while you wear shoes when walking, they are in bare feet and this impacts their structure. I imagine it hurts for those with any joint pain, especially if their entire walk is on pavement of any kind. Please try and walk your beautiful canine on dirt as much as possible.