EMF’s are radiation.
They are microwaving you, literally.

They are classified by the World Health Organization in the same category as lead, chloroform and car exhaust fumes.

These fields damage our DNA, including your animals.  They negatively impact our organic bodies, “by interfering with our own highly sensitive electrical system”, reports Dr. Jay Davidson. Everyone is different so the impact on each organic body differs. I believe, it is dependent on how toxic your body is, your “toxic load”. It is reported people suffer from the following symptoms:

  • Burning or warm sensations of the face, feeing sunburnt
  • Tingling or prickling sensations across body and face
  • Extreme dryness in the skin and mucous membranes, may include dry eye, throat and mouth
  • Swelling in mucous membranes around the nose, ears and eyes
  • Memory-loss, concentration, and dizziness
  • Feelings of the flu/cold that never surfaces
  • Nausea and headaches
  • Pains teeth, jaw, joints and muscles
  • Palpitations in heart and chest
  • Infertility and sexual changes
  • Miscarriage
  • Digestive issues
  • Ear, nose and throat issues
  • Depression and inability to focus
  • Eye blurriness and inability to focus
  • Neuro issues
  • Nervous system issues – sleep problems and fatigue
  • Linked to CANCER and AUTISM

Barrie Trower with Deborah Tavares:  The Cooking of Humanity
The above symptoms, a result of microwave radiation, have been known about since 1976, it is about industrial profits and control.

Our bodies are not designed to be around these fields, this pollution.
What I did not know was they accumulate in your body, just like a toxin.
They literally add to your toxic load.

Chronic Illness
• any being suffering from a chronic illness, EMF’s will exacerbate the body, overload the body, and make the condition worse. This is because it is toxic so we are overloading the organic system with more toxins.

Lyme Disease
• there is a link to Lyme disease with EMF’s. I personally think/believe the following with everything I have read and know: our bodies are not designed for how we are living. And if you have a virus dormant/being managed in your body, the weaker the body gets, the environment created will then allow the virus to thrive. We are literally creating through our decisions and purchasing power such an external and internal toxic environment, that we are unknowingly depleting our systems to the point where they cannot cope anymore, and viruses are then able to take hold. For example, Lyme. And this is before you have added the mind and stress patterns which people are processing every day. An organic being’s body is able to cope with a virus – but not 10 at once and on top of this – not toxins and stress.

All Animals

Our animals are definitely not designed to be around these fields. As a result, animals are having terrible trouble with all the exposure. If you live in a condensed neighbourhood or a high-rise building, you would potentially have 50 or more signals coming through your home constantly. For animals who never leave the house, such as cats and rodents, this will be extremely damaging to their biology

Also, the Wi-Fi engages the microchips. This is important to understand. As most pet parents do not know what device is in their pet’s body, a lot of these devices do have antennas. I invite you to read the Microchip section under Toxicity, if you have not already done so.

How to Make Your Home Safe

7 Essential Ways to Make Your Home Safe from 5G & EMF Radiation by Josh del Sol
Please test your radiation exposure in your home / office / coffee shop:

Wireless wake-up call | Jeromy Johnson | TEDxBerkeley

How to Protect Your Children and Family

WiFi should never be in schools & definitely never near any babies, please take the time to watch this.  Protect everyone as much as possible.  Already, seeing the implications on generations of animals (unfortunately tested on by humans).

Barrie Trower: The Real Dangers of 5G and Wi-Fi Technologies

Swedish Government

The Swedish Government has done a lot of investigation into EMF exposure with their research leading to laws dictating a health and safety limit for exposure. So, this is not something to be ignored.  They had to do this independently as the industry is not concerned or allocating any resources to safety.

Is Not Being Practised

Safety not Studied or Planned to Study by Industry
We are literally test subjects.  Have you heard of the experiment by some young children where they placed two plants in separate spaces with one having a cell phone beside it?  The one plant grew healthy, the one with cell phone struggled to survive.  The kids were amazed, enough so they stopped sleeping with their cell phone beside their beds at night

There are No SAFETY STUDIES / DATA on any of this technology by the companies producing it. And no such studies are planned.

The only protection we have is our VOICE and listening to and supporting independent studies. They are many of them proving how damaging EMF emissions are. We must educate ourselves and not be so trusting or dismissive.

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. shares a story of when he went to visit Allan Shope, famous architect, at his house in Millbrook, NY.  Mr. Shope has a lot of bee hives.  He took Mr. Kennedy’s cell phone and his cell phone and placed them on a bee hive and called his phone.  The bees and the Queen! immediately came out of the hive.  It is incredible.  The visual shows all the bees floating around in unison around the phone on the ground, keeping a very clear perimeter.  Very disturbing.

Industry not Insurable

There is enough data via third party sources that INSURANCE companies refuse to insure damage as they know there would be no money made from the coverage, the liability long term would be too great.

This technology and nuclear technology are both uninsurable industries.  This is WALL STREET saying this. This is a MASSIVE red flag to all of us.

Stop Exposure to All Your Animals – Please Protect Them

When not in use, our routers and all electronics are shut down. We also use BlueShield, which is reported to neutralize all negative impact on our systems. BluShield reports on their website that people will actually go through detox once this is introduced into the home environment. I have not experienced this, but we are adamant that all our animals are not exposed to the radiation of TVs, computers, cell phones, and such. Everything is switched off, especially when we are sleeping and leave the house. We also turn off the breaker.

Another thought, we are then also not impacting our beloved wildlife, who would also be exposed to our constant EMF projections. Birds and migration are being massively impacted.  I can only imagine how all life is being impacted around us.

Other fabulous tools are the Tesla purple plates and Harmoni pendants. These are reported to protect us from EMF radiation which can either be worn on the body and / or attached to all the devices in the house. On the website www.purpleplates.com, purple plates can increase our energy, heal all kinds of ailments, remove pain when placed on an area directly, heal ailing plants, to name a few possibilities.  Harmoni pendants are EMF blocking devices and can be investigated here:  https://www.harmonipendant.com.

Please turn off all routers, computers, TV’s, phones etc. when you are not using them and especially when you are sleeping and not in the house.

Turn your breaker off at night.

Electronics are warm which can be attractive to a cold body, but the fields they emit are very damaging to your animals. Please make sure none of your pet’s beds or sleeping areas are near any of these devices or near any appliances.

Disconnect all SMART technology, this is lethal for all organic bodies, and say “no” to SMART meters.

Place your phone on AIRPLANE mode when not using it. Or turn it off.

Electronics are warm which can be attractive to a cold body, but the fields they emit are very damaging to your animals.

Invest in a HARMONI PENDANT for your pet!

Protect your pet!

Explore 5G.
This is EMF on steroids.
This is a radiation experimentation on all life.
Please become informed and participate in protecting all of us, all life.

7 Essential Ways to Make Your Home Safe from 5G & EMF Radiation by Josh del Sol

5 Simple Ways to Protect Yourself from Cell Phone Radiation by Lloyd Burrell

Exposure to GSM & TETRA Base-station Radiation can Adversely Affect Humans

Websites – Information

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Dr. Thomas Cowan – so important to watch – how aluminum from vaccines are interacting with the EMF waves:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pbGnaWiKqZI&feature=youtu.be

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ADR Chips:
ADR Chips to be applied to all your electronics for protection from EMF.

Myers Detox – Harmoni Pendant:

To repair EMF Damage:

  1. Harmoni Pendant
  2. Magnesium Supplement daily
  3. PEMF Therapy – helps counter EMF toxicity and restore cell to cell communication.
  4. Infrared Saunas – regenerates body tissue
  5. Ground yourself daily

Source:  Myers Detox – Top 10 Ways to Protect Against EMF Damage

Protect Your Vibes Pendant

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