We are all energy. Each living species on this planet has their own vibrational frequency.

Although, it may look unpleasant, what the needles are doing are unblocking stagnant energy in the body, allowing the energy, “the chi” to flow. This is ancient medicine and has helped the body cure itself of all kinds of ailments. It is very applicable to all the animal kingdom. When it is explained to the animals what the process is, the animals are very clear where they will allow the needles to be placed on the body, and where they are not.

All my animals have always been happy to participate. Again, it matters how it is presented to them, the practitioner’s energy and presence, their respect of the animal’s wishes, guidance, and of course, how relaxed I am. Each of us play an enormous part in our animal’s healing journeys.

Energy Systems
There are three types of energy flows through the body based on TCM principles:

  • JING | This is the physical energy flowing through the body including the blood.
  • CHI | This is our life force energy found in our Aura, Chakras, and Meridian Systems.
  • SHEN | This is our higher self, our spiritual energy.

All of the above systems need to be operating cleanly, efficiently in order for imbalance to not be presented. This includes all trauma healed, and cleared.

The Importance of the Pulse and the Tongue

What is important to know, as some practitioners are using needles but not according to the full spectrum of TCM principles, the practitioner should be:

1. Checking the PULSE of the animal; there are 17 different pulse types which all mean different things

2. Checking what the TONGUE looks like; the width, the colour

Based on these two factors, and information from the guardian, the acupuncturist will then place needles around the whole body to clear the energy fields, allowing the chi to flow. They will also tell you what they are finding regarding which organs are under stress as a result of the symptoms being presented, and how to balance the system if the following exists.

1. Too much WIND in the body (and no this is not just about gas) tied to the LIVER, wind may come from various sources

2. Too much DAMPNESS in the body (this could be a result of too many damp / warm/hot foods being fed) and can lead to too much PHLEGM and WATER in the body

3. Too much HEAT in the body – associated with too much FIRE in the body – hot tempers, irritability, restlessness, unable to sleep etc.

4. QI DEFICIENCY is associated with an organ not running optimally in the body

5. BLOOD DEFICIENCY where the blood needs help purifying – usually a result of poor nutrition and/or parasites. Note: Poor nutrition is a playground for parasites.

6. YIN DEFICIENCY is associated with the water element, not enough rest, nutritional imbalance

7. YANG DEFICIENCY is associated with the fire element, tired all the time, no energy, lack of get up and go

8. ESSENCE DEFICIENCY is associated with life – tied to the kidneys

The practitioner should provide information about the following:

1. If there are and where deficiencies are present in the body
2. Provide a plan to balance the organs if any are running low
3. Provide suggestions for changes in the diet
4. Suggest changes which may be implemented in the animal’s environment

And the body should be re-checked within a suitable time frame – usually a week or two to make sure the body is healing / rebalancing with the above implemented.

About Food Properties in TCM

All food in TCM, including herbs and spices shown below, have energetic properties which are either: hot, warm, neutral or cold and sweet, salty or bitter. This is very valuable information as to feed an animal, say a canine, food that is energetically HOT in a HOT climate could potentially make them very ill.

Therefore, where the animal lives geographically matters, the season matters, and how they “run” whether hot or cold, matters, when considering diet. As the diet, will have an impact on the organs and the overall whole functionality of the body.

This is one of many reasons why we cannot feed the same thing all the time to any animal.

Diet must flow with the planet’s seasons and the changes the animal is presenting as they age. Everything must be considered and adjusted accordingly, as everything moves in cycles, with the planet. And of course, food is always fresh from the Earth not from a processing plant.


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Diet is crucial to healing, and must be specific to the individual, as each being is unique.